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Agnew, S; McFarlane, B; (2021) The Nature of Trusts and the Conflict of Laws. The Law Quarterly Review (In press).

Amini, C; (2021) FDI and Property Rights in Resource Rich Economies. In: International Business, Institutions and Performance After the Financial Crisis. Palgrave Macmillan (In press).

Anders, J; Has, S; Jerrim, J; Shure, D; Zieger, L; (2021) Is Canada really an education superpower? The impact of exclusions and non-response on results from PISA 2015. Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability (In press).

Arenas Pingarron, A; Brennan, P; Corr, H; (2021) Efficient Path Estimation through Parallel Media for Wide-Beam Ice-Sounding Radar. IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation (In press).

Arifoğlu, K; Tang, CS; (2021) A Two-sided Incentive Program for Coordinating the Influenza Vaccine Supply Chain. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (In press). Green open access

Awan, S; Esteve, M; Van Witteloostuijn, A; (2021) Talking the talk, but not walking the walk: a comparison of self-reported and observed prosocial behavior. Public Administration 10.1111/padm.12664. (In press).


Bezemer, J; (2021) Social Semiotics: Theorising Meaning Making. In: Nestel, D and Reedy, G and McKenna, L and Gough, S, (eds.) Clinical Education for the Health Professions Theory and Practice. Springer: Singapore, Singapore. (In press).

Bollington, L; (2021) Landscapes of desapropiación: Necropolitics and Hydropoetics in Recent Mexican Documentary Film. Journal of Romance Studies (In press).

Borelli, JL; Ensink, K; GIllespie, ML; Falasiri, E; Bernazzani, O; Fonagy, P; Berthelot, N; (2021) Mothers’ self-focused reflective functioning interacts with childhood experiences of rejection to predict romantic relationship quality and insensitive parenting. Family Process (In press).

Bradford, B; Yesberg, J; Jackson, J; (2021) Live Facial Recognition: Trust and Legitimacy as Predictors of Public Support for Police Use of New Technology. The British Journal of Criminology (In press).

Brown, N; (2021) Conclusion: Disability imaginary of the future. In: Brown, N, (ed.) Lived Experiences of Ableism in Academia: Strategies for Inclusion in Higher Education. Policy Press: Bristol, UK. (In press).

Brown, N; (2021) Deafness and hearing loss in higher education. In: Brown, N, (ed.) Lived Experiences of Ableism in Academia: Strategies for Inclusion in Higher Education. Policy Press: Bristol, UK. (In press).

Brown, N; (2021) Introduction: Being "different" in academia. In: Brown, N, (ed.) Lived Experiences of Ableism in Academia: Strategies for Inclusion in Higher Education. Policy Press: Bristol, UK. (In press).

Brown, N; (2021) Lived Experiences of Ableism in Academia: Strategies for Inclusion in Higher Education. [Book]. Policy Press: Bristol, UK. (In press).


Cain, J; (2021) Publications produced by the Francis Galton Laboratory for National Eugenics. The Library (In press).

Callender, C; Dougherty, K; (2021) Comparing And Learning From English And American Higher Education Access And Completion Policies. Policy Reviews in Higher Education 10.1080/23322969.2020.1737959. (In press).

Chetty, K; Bocus, M; Li, W; Paulavicius, J; McConville, R; Santos-Rodriguez, R; Piechocki, R; (2021) Translation Resilient Opportunistic WiFi Sensing. In: Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. (In press).

Chiu, H-Y; Lim, EWK; (2021) Technology vs Ideology: How Far will Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledger Technology Transform Corporate Governance and Business? Berkeley Business Law Journal (In press).

Cirasola, A; Midgley, N; Fonagy, P; IMPACT Consortium, ; Martin, P; (2021) The factor structure of the Working Alliance Inventory Short-form in youth psychotherapy: an empirical investigation. Psychotherapy Research (In press).


Deserti, A; Rizzo, F; Smallman, M; (2021) Experimenting with Codesign in STI policymaking. Policy Design and Practice 10.1080/25741292.2020.1764692. (In press). Green open access


Ferm, J; Raco, M; (2021) Viability planning, value capture and the geographies of market-led planning reform in England. Planning Theory and Practice (In press).

Fhima, I; (2021) Technical functionality in trade mark law. The Law Quarterly Review (In press).

Fisher, S; Guralnik, T; Fonagy, P; Zilcha-Mano, S; (2021) Let’s Face it: Video Conferencing Psychotherapy Requires the Extensive Use of Ostensive Cues. Counselling Psychology Quarterly 10.1080/09515070.2020.1777535. (In press).

Fonagy, P; Bateman, A; Lorenzini, N; Luyten, P; Campbell, C; (2021) Development, Attachment and Childhood Experiences: A Mentalization Perspective. In: Oldham, JM and Skodol, AE, (eds.) American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Personality Disorders. American Psychiatric Association Publishing: Washington, DC, USA. (In press).


Giacomini, R; Gaglianone, W; Issler, J; Skreta, V; (2021) Incentive-driven Inattention. Journal of Econometrics (In press).

Gibson, W; (2021) Aesthetics, verisimilitude and user-engagement: reporting findings through fictional accounts in qualitative inquiry. Qualitative Research (In press). Green open access

Gilbert, S; Posel, D; (2021) The Holocaust, Apartheid, and Contemporary South African Jewish Perspectives on Victimhood. Journal of Jewish Identities (In press). Green open access

Gilbert, S; Posel, D; (2021) Israel, apartheid, and a South African Jewish dilemma. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies (In press).

Graham, A; (2021) The global politics of medical reform in Britain and Jamaica in the early nineteenth century. Social History of Medicine (In press).

Grashoff, U; (2021) Gefahr von innen. [Book]. Wallstein Verlag: Göttingen, Germany. (In press).

Grashoff, U; (2021) Political Taboos in the GDR. German History (In press).

Greenberg, A; (2021) Alexander Sarch, Criminally Ignorant: Why the Law Pretends We Know What We Don’t, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019), 282 pages. ISBN: 9780190056575 (hbk.). Hardback: $85.00. [Review]. Journal of Moral Philosophy (In press).


Harvey, S; Mueller, J; (2021) Staying alive: Towards a diverging consensus model of overcoming a bias against novelty in groups. Organization Science (In press).

Hermans, T; (2021) De wereld binnen taalbereik. Vertalen in de Lage Landen 1550-1700. In: Hermans, T and Koster, C and Leemans, I and Naaijkens, T and Schoenaers, D, (eds.) Vertalen in de Lage Landen. Boom (In press). Green open access


Ibrahim, R; Bassamboo, A; (2021) A General Framework to Compare Announcement Accuracy: Static vs LES-based Announcement. Management Science (In press).


Jones, J; Isaacs, T; (2021) Assessing second language pronunciation. In: Research questions in language education: A reference guide for teachers. Springer: Cham, Switzerland. (In press).

Jones, LP; Turvey, ST; Massimino, D; Papworth, SK; (2021) Investigating the implications of Shifting Baseline Syndrome on conservation. People and Nature (In press).


Kneale, J; Randalls, S; (2021) Making climate risks work: Governmentality and ‘foreign residence’ in British life assurance, 1840‐1940. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 10.1111/tran.12385. (In press).

Kowalski, K; Esteve, M; Mikhaylov, SJ; (2021) Improving Public Services by Mining Citizen Feedback: An Application of Natural Language Processing. Public Administration 10.1111/padm.12656. (In press). Green open access

Ku, H; (2021) Does Minimum Wage Increase Labor Productivity? Evidence from Piece Rate Workers. Journal of Labor Economics (In press).


Lassri, D; Desatnik, A; (2021) Losing and regaining reflective functioning in the times of Covid-19: Clinical risks and opportunities from a mentalizing approach. Psychological Trauma: theory, research, and practice 10.1037/tra0000760. (In press). Green open access

Ledeneva, A; Horak, S; Afiouni, F; Bian, Y; Muratbekova-Touron, M; Fey, CF; (2021) Informal Networks: Dark Sides, Bright Sides, and Unexplored Dimensions. Management and Organization Review (In press).

Lee, DT; Dornyei, Z; Pellicer Sanchez, A; (2021) Increasing the effectiveness of teaching L2 formulaic sequences through motivational strategies and mental imagery: A classroom experiment. Language Teaching Research (In press).

Leutritz, AL; Colic, L; Borchardt, V; Cheng, X; Zhang, B; Lison, S; Frommer, J; ... Walter, M; + view all (2021) Attachment-specific speech patterns induce dysphoric mood changes in the listener as a function of individual differences in attachment characteristics and psychopathology. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice 10.1111/papt.12258. (In press). Green open access

Li, X; Chang, D; Ma, Z; Tan, Z-H; Xue, J; Cao, J; Guo, J; (2021) Deep InterBoost Networks for Small-sample Image Classification. Neurocomputing (In press).

Li, X; Sun, Z; Xue, J; Ma, Z; (2021) A Concise Review of Recent Few-shot Meta-learning Methods. Neurocomputing (In press).

Liu, N; Xu, L; Han, L; Huang, G; Ciric, L; (2021) Microbiological safety and antibiotic resistance risks at a sustainable farm under large-scale open-air composting and composting toilet systems. Journal of Hazardous Materials , 401 , Article 123391. 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2020.123391.

Luyten, P; Malcorps, S; Fonagy, P; (2021) Adolescent brain development and the development of mentalizing. In: Rossouw, T and Wiwe, M and Vrouva, I, (eds.) Mentalization-based treatment for adolescents: A clinician’s guide. Routledge: London, UK. (In press).


Makrinos, A; (2021) Paraphrasing Homer: In search of Demosthenes Thrax. In: Manolea, C, (ed.) Companion to the Reception of Homer, from the Hellenistic Age to Late Antiquity. Brill: Leiden, The Netherlands. (In press).

Medby, I; Dittmer, J; (2021) From Death in the Ice to Life in the Museum: Absence, affect, and mystery in the Arctic. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (In press). Green open access

Middlebrook, K; Bensusán, G; (2021) Political Change from the Outside In: U.S. Trade Leverage and Labor Rights Reform in Mexico. Foro Internacional (In press). Green open access

Milcheva, S; Yildirim, Y; Zhu, B; (2021) Distance to Headquarter and Real Estate Equity Performance. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (In press).


Neeleman, A; Van de Koot, H; (2021) PP Extraposition and Precedence. Linguistic Inquiry (In press). Green open access

Nijssens, L; Vliegen, N; Luyten, P; (2021) The mediating role of parental reflective functioning in child social-emotional development. International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies (In press).


Qian, J; Mills, M; Ma, H; Turvey, ST; (2021) Assessing the effectiveness of public awareness-raising initiatives for the Hainan gibbon Nomascus hainanus. Oryx (In press).


Randalls, S; (2021) A pioneering use of early computers in weather and mortality research: Ellsworth Huntington's work with New York life insurance companies in the 1920s. Annals of the American Association of Geographers (In press).

Randalls, S; Kneale, J; (2021) A fragile network: effecting hail insurance in Britain, 1840-1900. Enterprise and Society: the international journal of business and history (In press).

Rasul, I; McConnell, B; (2021) Contagious Animosity in the Field: Evidence from the Federal Criminal Justice System. Journal of Labor Economics (In press).

Reuven-Krispin, H; Lassri, D; Luyten, P; Shahar, G; (2021) Consequences of divorce-based father absence during childhood for young adult well-being and romantic relationships. Family Relations (In press).


Sanderson, D; Read, D; (2021) Obstacles to Comprehensive Real Estate Asset Management. Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction 10.1108/JFMPC-05-2020-0036. (In press).

Sanderson, D; Read, D; (2021) Recognizing and Realizing the Value of Customer-Focused Property Management. Property Management 10.1108/PM-04-2020-0029. (In press).

Showunmi, V; Gooden, M; (2021) Race and Educational Leadership. In: Courtney, S and Gunter, H and Trujillo, T, (eds.) Understanding Educational Leadership; Critical perspectives and approaches. Bloomsbury Academic: London, UK. (In press).

Sim, D; (2021) The United States in an Age of Global Integration, 1865-1897. In: Hoganson, K and Sexton, J, (eds.) Cambridge History of America and the World. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK. (In press).

Smits, ML; Feenstra, DJ; Bales, DL; Blankers, M; Dekker, JJM; Lucas, Z; Kamphuis, JH; ... Luyten, P; + view all (2021) Day hospital versus intensive outpatient mentalization-based treatment: 3-year follow-up of patients treated for borderline personality disorder in a multicentre randomized clinical trial. Psychological Medicine (In press).

Sze, WP; Hameau, S; Warren, J; Best, W; (2021) Identifying the components of a successful spoken naming therapy: A meta-analysis of word-finding interventions for adults with aphasia. Aphasiology (In press).


Tapley, B; Turvey, ST; Chen, S; Wei, G; Xie, F; Yang, J; Liang, Z; ... Cunningham, AA; + view all (2021) Range-wide decline of Chinese giant salamanders Andrias spp. from suitable habitat. Oryx: journal of fauna and flora international (In press).


Woodcraft, S; (2021) Show apartments as ‘aesthetic traps’: Risk, enchantment and illusory homes in London’s Olympic Park. Home Cultures (In press).

Wright, J; Mata, T; (2021) Epistemic consultants and the regulation of policy knowledge in the Obama administration. Minerva: a review of science, learning and policy (In press).


Young, S; (2021) Deferred Senses and Distanced Spaces: Embodying the Boundaries of Dostoevsky’s Realism. In: Bowers, K and Holland, K, (eds.) Dostoevsky at 200: The Novel in Modernity. University of Toronto Press: Toronto, Canada. (In press).


Zechenter, K; (2021) From “Poland’s Genius” to the World as “a living, single entity:” World, Literature and Writer’s Duty in Lectures of Polish Laureates of Nobel Prize in Literature (1905-2019). The Polish Review (In press).

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