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Agar, Jonathan; (2023) Margaret Hilda Thatcher. 13 October 1925—8 April 2013. Biographical Memoirs of Fellows- Royal Society 10.1098/rsbm.2022.0036. (In press). Green open access

Aguti, Sara; Guirguis, Fady; Bonnemann, Carsten; Muntoni, Francesco; Bolduc, Veronique; Zhou, Haiyan; (2023) Exon-Skipping for a pathogenic COL6A1 variant in Ullrich CMD. In: Methods in Molecular Biology. Springer Nature (In press).

Albarenda Sanz, Adria; Saz-Carranza, Angel; Van Acoleyen, Michiel; Coen, David; (2023) Business Lobbying in the Executive Branch: Unpacking access to political heads, political advisers, and civil servants. Business and Politics (In press). Green open access

Albeverio, S; Marinelli, C; Mastrogiacomo, E; (2023) Singular perturbations and asymptotic expansions for SPDEs with an application to term structure models. Journal of Differential Equations , 342 pp. 282-324. 10.1016/j.jde.2022.09.037. Green open access

Anastasiou, Andreas; Barp, Alessandro; Briol, François-Xavier; Ebner, Bruno; Gaunt, Robert E; Ghaderinezhad, Fatemeh; Gorham, Jackson; ... Swan, Yvik; + view all (2023) Stein's method meets computational statistics: A review of some recent developments. Statistical Science (In press).

Anders, Jacob; Macmillan, Lindsey; Sturgis, Patrick; Wyness, Gillian; (2023) Inequalities in late adolescents’ educational experiences and wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Oxford Review of Education (In press).

Andres, Lauren; John R, Bryson; Bill, Graves; Barney, Warf; (2023) Urban Value Chains and re-framing agglomeration-centric conceptions of urban theory. Urban Geography (In press).

Archer, Louise; Francis, Becky; Moote, Julie; Watson, E; Henderson, Morag; Holmegaard, Henriette T; Macleod, Emily; (2023) Reasons for Not/Choosing Chemistry: Why Advanced Level Chemistry Students in England Do/ Not Pursue Chemistry Undergraduate Degrees. Journal of Research in Science Teaching (In press).

Axmacher, Jan; Clilverd, H; Thompson, Julian; Sayer, C; Heppell, Catherine M; Stratford, Charlie; Burningham, Helene; (2023) Simulated effects of floodplain restoration on plant community types. Applied Vegetation Science (In press).


Bai, Z; Jiang, XZ; Luo, KH; (2023) Reactive force field molecular dynamics simulation of pyridine combustion assisted by an electric field. Fuel , 333 (2) , Article 126455. 10.1016/j.fuel.2022.126455. Green open access

Barker, Edmund; Pervez, Aneza; Wahome, Michel; McKinlay, Alison; Al Haj Sleiman, Nidel; Harniess, Phillip; Puskas, Nikolett; ... Love Soper, Jake; + view all (2023) A Collaborative Research Manifesto! An Early Career Response to Uncertainties. International Jornal of Social Research Methodology (In press).

Becerra, Marcos; Pol, Diego; Porro, Laura; Paulina-Carabajal, Ariana; Rauhut, Oliver; (2023) Craniomandibular osteology of Manidens condorensis (Ornithischia: Heterodontosauridae) from the late Early Jurassic of Argentina. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

Beebeejaun, Yasminah; Modarres, Ali; (2023) An invitation to discourse on race, ethnicity and the city. Journal of race, ethnicity and the city (In press).

Black, Isra; Forsberg, Lisa; Skelton, Anthony; (2023) Transformative Choice and Decision-Making Capacity. The Law Quarterly Review (In press).

Blanchflower, David G; Bryson, Alex; (2023) The Economics of Walking About and Predicting Unemployment in the United States. National Institute Economic Review (In press). Green open access

Blankers, Matthijs; Smits, Maaike L; Feenstra, Dine J; Horn, Eva K; Kamphuis, Jan Henk; Bales, Dawn L; Lucas, Zwaan; ... Luyten, Patrick; + view all (2023) Economic evaluation of day hospital versus intensive outpatient mentalization-based treatment alongside a randomized controlled trial with 36-month follow-up. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment (In press). Green open access

Blumenau, Jack; Hicks, Timothy; Pahontu, Raluca L; (2023) Risk and Health Policy Preferences: Evidence from the UK COVID-19 Crisis. British Journal of Political Science (In press). Green open access

Bountziouka, Vasiliki; Johnson, Samantha; Manktelow, Bradley N; (2023) Methods for constructing normalised reference scores: an application for assessing child development. Multivariate Behavioral Research (In press).

Brewin, Christopher; Ehlers, Anke; (2023) Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. In: Kahana, M and Wagner, A, (eds.) Handbook of Human Memory: Foundations and Applications. Oxford University Press (In press). Green open access

Brooks, Clare; McIntyre, Joanna; Mutton, Trevor; (2023) Learning to think, perform and act with integrity: does teacher education have a signature pedagogy, and why does this matter? London Review of Education (In press).

Bruun, Andrea; WHITE, Nicola; Oostendorp, Linda; Vickerstaff, Victoria; Harris, Adam; Tomlinson, Christopher; Bloch, Steven; (2023) An online randomised controlled trial of prognosticating imminent death in advanced cancer patients: clinicians give greater weight to advice from a prognostic algorithm than from another clinician with a different profession. Cancer Medicine (In press).

Bryson, Alexander; Artz, Benjamin; Blanchflower, David; (2023) Unions Increase Job Satisfaction in the United States. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (In press).

Bryson, Alexander; Blanchflower, David G; (2023) The Female Happiness Paradox. Journal of Population Economics (In press).

Bryson, Alexander; Blanchflower, David G; (2023) Union membership and job satisfaction over the life course. Industrial Relations Journal (In press).

Bulutgil, H Zeynep; Neeraj, Prasad; (2023) Inequality, Elections, and Communal Riots in India. Journal of Peace Research (In press). Green open access

Burman, Erik; Hansbo, Peter; Larson, Mats G; Larsson, Karl; (2023) Extension operators for trimmed spline spaces. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering , 403 (Part A) , Article 115707. 10.1016/j.cma.2022.115707. Green open access

Button, David; Porro, Laura; Lautenschlager, Stephan; Jones, Marc; Barrett, Paul; (2023) Multiple pathways to herbivory underpinned deep divergences in ornithischian evolution. Current Biology (In press).

Button, Timothy; (2023) Symmetric relations, symmetric theories, and Pythagrapheanism. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (In press).


Campbell, Chloe; Fonagy, Peter; (2023) Epistemic trust and unchanging personal narratives. Behavioral and Brain Sciences (In press).

Carston, Robyn; (2023) No Unleashed Expression Without Language. Behavioral and Brain Sciences (In press).

Chen, H; Zhang, T; Costanza, R; Kubiszewski, I; (2023) Review of the approaches for assessing protected areas' effectiveness. Environmental Impact Assessment Review , 98 , Article 106929. 10.1016/j.eiar.2022.106929. Green open access

Chiu, Hse-Yu; Hofmann, Christian; (2023) Unlimited Central Bank Digital Currency: The Case for a Public Good in the Euro-area and its Regulatory (and Deregulatory) Implications for Modern Finance. North Carolina Journal of International Law (In press).

Chong, sin wang; Isaacs, Talia; (2023) An ecological perspective on classroom-based assessment. TESOL Quarterly: a journal for teachers of English to speakers of other languages and of standard English as a second dialect (In press).

Chong, Sin Wang; Isaacs, Talia; McKinley, Jim; (2023) Research timeline: Ecological Systems Theory and L2 research. Language Teaching (In press).

Christensen, Timothy; (2023) Counterfactual Sensitivity and Robustness. Econometrica: journal of the Econometric Society (In press).

Christie, Nicola; Ward, Heather; (2023) Delivering hot food on motorcycles: A mixed method study of the impact of business model on rider behaviour and safety. Safety Science , 158 , Article 105991. 10.1016/j.ssci.2022.105991. Green open access

Constante-Amores, C Ricardo; Chergui, J; Shin, S; Juric, D; Castrejon Pita, Rafael; Castrejon-Pita, Alfonso Arturo; (2023) Role of surfactant-induced Marangoni stresses in retracting liquid sheets. Journal of Fluid Mechanics (In press).

Contreras, M; Van Hout, E; Farquhar, M; McCracken, LM; Gould, R; Hornberger, M; Richmond, E; (2023) Internet-delivered guided self-help Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for family carers of people with dementia (iACT4CARERS): A qualitative study of carer views and acceptability. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being , 17 (1) , Article 2066255. 10.1080/17482631.2022.2066255. Green open access

Crees, Jennifer J; Oxley, Victoria A; Schreve, Danielle C; Turvey, Samuel T; (2023) Challenges for incorporating long-term baselines into biodiversity restoration: a case study of the Dalmatian Pelican Pelecanus crispus in Britain. IBIS: The International Journal of Avian Science (In press).

Crymble, Adam; (2023) The Impact of Military Demobilisation on Rising Irish Migration to London, c. 1750-1850. Irish Historical Studies (In press).


Darzi, Atefe; Halldorsson, Benedikt; Hrafnkelsson, Birgir; Ebrahimian, Hossein; Jalayer, Fatemeh; Vogfjoro, Kristin S; (2023) Calibration of a Bayesian spatio-temporal ETAS model to the June 2000 South Iceland seismic sequence. Geophysical Journal International , 232 (2) pp. 1236-1258. 10.1093/gji/ggac387. Green open access

Datta, Ayona; (2023) The digitalising state: Governing the dynamics of digitalisation-as-urbanisation in the global south. Progress in Human Geography (In press). Green open access

Davies, Paul; (2023) Freezing Orders: Casting off the Shackles of The Siskina? In: Elliott, S and McFarlane, B, (eds.) Equity Today: 150 Years After the Judicature Reforms. Hart (In press).

De Meulemeester, Celine; Lowyck, Benedicte; Boets, Bart; Van der Donck, Stephanie; Verhaest, Yannic; Luyten, Patrick; (2023) "Feeling invisible": Individuals with borderline personality disorder underestimate the transparency of their emotions. Journal of Personality Disorders (In press).

de Pablo, Gonzalo Salazar; Pascual-Sánchez, Ana; Panchal, Urvashi; Clark, Bruce; Krebs, Georgina; (2023) Efficacy of remotely-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder: An updated meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Journal of Affective Disorders , 322 pp. 289-299. 10.1016/j.jad.2022.11.007. Green open access

Deng, Yiting; Jiang, Min; Jiang, Xiaodong; (2023) How Does Vehicle Sales Tax Affect Television Advertising Strategies? Modeling Advertising Intensity Around Emissions-Related Tax Changes. Journal of Advertising Research (In press).

Denoon Stevens, Stuart; Andres, Lauren; Nel, Verna; Jones, Phil; (2023) Unpacking planners' views of the success and failure of planning in post-apartheid South Africa. Cities (In press).

Diana, Alex; Matechou, Eleni; Griffin, James; Jhala, Yadvendradev; Qureshi, Qamar; (2023) A vector of point processes for modelling interactions between and within species using capture-recapture data. Environmetrics (In press).

Diana, Alex; Matechou, Eleni; Griffin, Jim; Arnold, Todd; Tenan, Simone; Volponi, Stefano; (2023) A general modelling framework for open wildlife populations based on the Polya Tree prior. Biometrics (In press).

Dix, jayde; Fornells-Ambrojo, Miriam; (2023) Therapists’ experience of the lifeline in narrative exposure therapy. Journal of Traumatic Stress (In press).

Dsouza, Mark; (2023) Why Ivey was a Mistake (a.k.a. Two Times I flirted with Theft). In: Simester, AP, (ed.) Modern Criminal Law: Essays in Honour of GR Sullivan. Hart Publishing: Oxford, UK. (In press).

Dsouza, Mark; Ormerod, David; (2023) Reforming the insanity defence in England and Wales. In: Mackay, Ronnie and Brookbanks, Warren, (eds.) The insanity defence: international and comparative perspectives. Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK. (In press).

Duncan, Samantha; (2023) Reflections and conversations on the expertise of adult literacy practitioners. Research and Practice in Adult Literacy (In press).

Dustmann, Christian; Ku, Hyejin; Surovtseva, Tanya; (2023) Real Exchange Rates and the Earnings of Immigrants. The Economic Journal (In press).

Dyer, Alexander J; Griffin, Lewis D; (2023) Inferring the location of neurons within an artificial network from their activity. Neural Networks , 157 pp. 160-175. 10.1016/j.neunet.2022.10.012. Green open access


Ellis, Viv; Dias Filipe Pancada Correia, Ana; Turvey, Keith; Childs, Ann; Andon, Nick; Harrison, Chris; Jones, Jane; (2023) Redefinition /redirection and incremental change: A systematic review of innovation in teacher education research. Teaching and Teacher Education , 121 , Article 103918. 10.1016/j.tate.2022.103918. Green open access


Fayaz, J; Medalla, M; Torres-Rodas, P; Galasso, C; (2023) A recurrent-neural-network-based generalized ground-motion model for the Chilean subduction seismic environment. Structural Safety , 100 , Article 102282. 10.1016/j.strusafe.2022.102282. Green open access

Felstead, cerne; Perkins, luke; Stott, Joshua; Hui, esther; Spector, aimee; (2023) A systematic literature review of group-based training interventions for informal carers: impact on the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD). Aging and Mental Health (In press). Green open access

Fernández-Cabanás, Víctor M; Pérez-Marín, Dolores C; Fearn, Tom; Gonçalves de Abreu, Joadil; (2023) Optimisation of the predictive ability of NIR models to estimate nutritional parameters in elephant grass through LOCAL algorithms. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy , 285 , Article 121922. 10.1016/j.saa.2022.121922. Green open access

Fisher, Matthew; (2023) The Statute of Monopolies and Modern Patent Law: Foundation or Elaborate Folly? Intellectual Property Quarterly (In press).

Fonagy, Peter; Drozek, Robert P; Unrih, Brandon T; Bateman, Anthony W; (2023) Foreword. In: Mentalization-based Treatment for Pathological Narcissism: A Handbook. Oxford University Press (In press). Green open access

Fonagy, Peter; Malberg, Norka; Jurist, Elliot; Bate, Jordan; Dangerfield, Mark; (2023) Foreword. In: Working With Parents in Therapy: A Mentalization-Based Approach. American Psychological Association (In press).

Foster, David; (2023) Historical Conceptions of the Express Trust, c 1600–1900. In: Degeling, Simone and Hudson, Jessica and Samet, Irit, (eds.) Philosophical Foundations of the Law of Trusts. Oxford University Press (In press). Green open access


Galera Zarco, Carlos; Floros, Goulielmos; (2023) A deep learning approach to improve built asset operations and disaster management in critical events: an integrative simulation model for quicker decision making. Annals of Operations Research (In press).

Gallent, Nicholas; (2023) The contribution of affordable housing to rural quality of life in England. In: Johansen, Pia Heike and Tietjen, Anne and Iversen, Evald Bundgård and Lolle, Henrik Lauridsen and Fisker, Jens Kaae, (eds.) Rural Quality of life. University of Manchester Press: Manchester. (In press).

Gallent, Nick; Stirling, Phoebe; Hamiduddin, Iqbal; (2023) Pandemic mobility, second homes and housing market change in a rural amenity area during Covid 19 - The Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales. Progress in Planning (In press).

Gao, Zaihan; Bao, Yue; (2023) An investigation of market reaction differences between mega-deals and non–mega deals considering industry concentration. Finance Research Letters , 51 , Article 103441. 10.1016/j.frl.2022.103441.

Garfias Royo, Margarita; Parikh, Priti; Walker, Julian; Belur, Jyoti; (2023) The response to violence against women and fear of violence and the coping strategies of women in Corregidora, Mexico. Cities , 132 , Article 104113. 10.1016/j.cities.2022.104113. Green open access

Ghanbari, Sajad; Turvey, Samuel T; (2023) Local ecological knowledge provides novel evidence on threats and declines for the Caucasian grouse (Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi) in Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve, Iran. People and Nature (In press).

Gilbert, J; (2023) The Manuscript as Property and as Apparatus: Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley 264. In: Kugle, K, (ed.) The Networked Court. TBC (In press).

Gilbert, Jane; Putter, Ad; (2023) Matters of form: experiments in verse and prose romance. In: Krueger, Roberta L, (ed.) New Companion to Medieval Romance. Cambridge University Press (In press).

Gkartzios, Menelaos; Gallent, Nicholas; Scott, Mark; (2023) A capitals framework for rural areas: 'place planning' the global countryside. Habitat International (In press).

Gonis, Nikolaos; Gascou, Jean; (2023) Three documents from the demosion logisterion of Hermopolis. Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete (In press).

Gorelkina, Olga; Grypari, Ioanna; Hengel, Erin; (2023) The theory of straight ticket voting. Social Choice and Welfare 10.1007/s00355-022-01418-2. (In press). Green open access

Gould, Rebecca; Thompson, BJ; Rawlinson, C; Kumar, P; White, D; Serfaty, MA; Graham, CD; ... McDermott, CJ; + view all (2023) A randomised controlled trial of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy plus usual care compared to usual care alone for improving psychological health in people with motor neuron disease (COMMEND): Study protocol. BMC Neurology (In press).

Grace, Bola; Shawe, Jill; Barrett, Geraldine; Usman, Nafisat Ohunene; Stephenson, Judith; (2023) What does family building mean? A qualitative exploration and a new definition: a UK-based study. Reproductive Health , 19 (1) , Article 203. 10.1186/s12978-022-01511-w. Green open access

Graham, Aaron; (2023) Fortification, engineering and empire in mid-eighteenth century Jamaica. In: Luengo, Pedro and Smith, Gene Allen, (eds.) A fortified sea: the defence of the Caribbean in the long eighteenth century. University of Alabama Press (In press).

Grassie, D; Dong, J; Schwartz, Y; Karakas, F; Milner, J; Bagkeris, E; Chalabi, Z; ... Mumovic, D; + view all (2023) Dynamic modelling of indoor environmental conditions for future energy retrofit scenarios across the UK school building stock. Journal of Building Engineering , 63 (A) , Article 105536. 10.1016/j.jobe.2022.105536. Green open access

Green, Andy; Kaye, Neil; (2023) The effects of system type and characteristics on skills inequalities during upper secondary education: a quasi-cohort analysis of OECD data. Research Papers in Education (In press).

Greenhough, Christopher; Smith, tom; (2023) Hydrokinetic energy recovery in wind-assisted warships. In: Proceedings of the International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition 2022. Institute of Marine: Engineering,Science & Technology (In press).

Griffin, James; Hinoveanu, Laurentiu; Hopker, James; (2023) Bayesian modelling of elite sporting performance with large databases. Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports (In press).

Guo, Liping; Wang, Hongze; Liu, Hanjie; Huang, Yuze; Wei, Qianglong; Alex Leung, Chu Lun; Wu, Yi; (2023) Understanding keyhole induced-porosities in laser powder bed fusion of aluminum and elimination strategy. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture , 184 , Article 103977. 10.1016/j.ijmachtools.2022.103977.


Hamilton, OS; Steptoe, A; (2023) Socioeconomic determinants of inflammation and neuroendocrine activity: A longitudinal analysis of compositional and contextual effects. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity , 107 pp. 276-285. 10.1016/j.bbi.2022.10.010. Green open access

Hammad, M; Angel, S; Al-Kamal, AK; Asghar, A; Said Amin, A; Kräenbring, MA; Wiedemann, HTA; ... Wiggers, H; + view all (2023) Synthesis of novel LaCoO3/graphene catalysts as highly efficient peroxymonosulfate activator for the degradation of organic pollutants. Chemical Engineering Journal , 454 , Article 139900. 10.1016/j.cej.2022.139900. (In press).

Han, Shuihua; Mo, Yudi; Liu, Zhenyuan; Lei, Cheng; Ye, Zhen; (2023) The Impact of Public Climate Change Concern on Sustainable Product Consumption - A Case Study of New Energy Vehicles in China. Annals of Operations Research (In press).

Hengel, Erin; Phythian-Adams, Sarah Louisa; (2023) An historical portrait of female economists' co-authorship networks. History of Political Economy (In press). Green open access

Hogarth, LM; Saintonge, A; Davis, TA; (2023) Kinematics of molecular gas in star-forming galaxies with large-scale ionized outflows. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , 518 (1) pp. 13-29. 10.1093/mnras/stac3083. Green open access

Hook, H; De Vos, J; Van Acker, V; Witlox, F; (2023) A comparative analysis of determinants, characteristics, and experiences of four daily trip types. Travel Behaviour and Society , 30 pp. 335-343. 10.1016/j.tbs.2022.10.013. Green open access

Hunter-Henin, Myriam; (2023) Religious Neutrality at Europe’s Highest Courts: Shifting Strategies. Oxford Journal of Law and Religion (In press).


Iannello, Stefano; Macrì, Domenico; Materazzi, Massimiliano; (2023) A comprehensive assessment of endogenous bubbles properties in fluidized bed reactors via X-ray imaging. Powder Technology , Article 118013. 10.1016/j.powtec.2022.118013. (In press). Green open access

Isaacs, Talia; (2023) Critiquing the “intrinsic validity” argument for comparative judgement: A call for evidence. Assessment in Education 10.1080/0969594X.2022.2147901. (In press). Green open access


Jacob, Joseph; (2023) Intrapulmonary Shunt and Alveolar Dead Space in a Cohort of Patients with Acute COVID-19 Pneumonitis and Early Recovery. European Respiratory Journal (In press).

Jacob, Joseph; (2023) Radiologic and histologic correlates of early interstitial lung changes in explant lungs. Radiology (In press).

Jacob, Joseph; (2023) Utilisation of deep learning for COVID-19 diagnosis: a review. Clinical Radiology (In press).

Jamal-Hanjani, Mariam; (2023) Body composition and lung cancer-associated cachexia in TRACERx. Nature Medicine (In press).

Jamal-Hanjani, Mariam; (2023) The evolution of lung cancer and impact of subclonal selection in TRACERx. Nature (In press).

Jamal-Hanjani, Mariam; (2023) Evolutionary characterisation of lung adenocarcinoma morphology in TRACERx. Nature Medicine (In press).

Jamal-Hanjani, Mariam; (2023) High resolution phylogenetic ctDNA tracking predicts relapse risk and metastatic dissemination patterns in early-stage lung cancer. Nature (In press).

Jamal-Hanjani, Mariam; (2023) Lung Adenocarcinoma Promotion by Air Pollutants. Nature (In press).

Jamal-Hanjani, Mariam; (2023) TRACERx: The evolution of metastases in non-small cell lung cancer. Nature (In press).

Jenkins, Andrew; (2023) Cumulative Advantage and Learning in Mid-Life. Studies in Continuing Education 10.1080/0158037X.2022.2151583. (In press).

Jensen, MA; (2023) Gendering Experiences of Anti-Semitism: A Quantitative Analysis of Discrimination in Europe. European Journal of Jewish Studies 10.1163/1872471X-bja10043. (In press). Green open access

Jeon, Mina; Esposito, Gianluca; Halstead, Elizabeth; Haghighatfard, Arvin; Dimitriou, Dagmara; Neoh, Michelle Jin Yee; (2023) Cross-country comparison of parental reports and objective measures of sleep patterns of typically developing children and autistic children between the UK and South Korea. Sleep Medicine , 101 pp. 162-177. 10.1016/j.sleep.2022.10.024. Green open access

Jones, Gareth; Eaton, Simon; Orford, Michael; Ray, Samiran; Wiley, Daisy; Ramnarayan, P; Inwald, D; ... Peters, M; + view all (2023) Randomisation to a Liberal versus Conservative Oxygenation Target: Redox Responses in Critically ill Children. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (In press).

Jordan, Timothy; Richterich, Annika; (2023) Researching the digital economy and the creative economy: free gaming shards and commercialised making at the intersection of digitality and creativity. European Journal of Cultural Studies (In press). Green open access


Kaplan, Benjamin; (2023) “Quietly in His Own Home”: The Language of Privacy in Early Modern Freedom of Conscience Laws. In: Bruun, Mette Birkedal and Kafer, Natacha Klein and Nauman, Sari, (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Privacy. Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK. (In press).

Kastaun, Sabrina; Garnett, Claire; Wilm, Stefan; Kotz, Daniel; (2023) Prevalence and characteristics of hazardous and harmful drinkers receiving general practitioners’ brief advice on and support with alcohol consumption in Germany: results of a population survey. BMJ Open (In press).

Khalid, M; Murphy, D; Shoai, M; George-William, JN; Al-ebini, Y; (2023) Geographical distribution of host's specific SARS-CoV-2 mutations in the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gene , 851 , Article 147020. 10.1016/j.gene.2022.147020. Green open access

Klautke, Egbert; (2023) Zwischen Wundt und Hellpach: Völkerpsychologie in der Zwischenkriegszeit. cultura & psyche: Journal of Cultural Psychology , 3 (2) (In press).

Knorr, Ulla; Simonsen, Anja Hviid; Engström, Eva Letty Susanne; Zetterberg, Henrik; Blennow, Kaj; Willkan, Mira; Forman, Julie; ... Kessing, Lars Vedel; + view all (2023) Associations between sleep quality and biomarkers for neurodegeneration - A longitudinal one-year case-control study of patients with bipolar disorder and healthy control individuals. Neuroscience Applied , 2 , Article 101011. 10.1016/j.nsa.2022.101011. Green open access

Kok, Xiu Ling Florence; Newton, J Timothy; Jones, Elinor M; Cunningham, Susan J; (2023) Social support and pre-operative anxiety in patients undergoing elective surgical procedures: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Health Psychology (In press). Green open access

Komporozos-Athanasiou, Aris; (2023) The Qanon conspiracy fantasy, collective creativity, and the (ab)uses of enchantment: an interview with Wu Ming 1. Theory, Culture and Society: explorations in critical social science (In press).

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Kuldkepp, Mart; (2023) Mälukoht Sigtuna. Vikerkaar (In press).


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Letsas, George; (2023) Offences Against Status. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (In press).

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Letzter, Shoham; Girão, António; (2023) Immersion of complete digraphs in Eulerian digraphs. Israel Journal of Mathematics (In press). Green open access

Levy, Rachael; (2023) Home-School Communication: what we have learned from the pandemic. Education 3-13 (In press).

Li, Elizabeth; Midgley, Nick; Luyten, Patrick; Sprecher, Eva; Campbell, Chloe; (2023) Mapping the journey from epistemic mistrust in depressed adolescents receiving psychotherapy. Journal of Counseling Psychology (In press). Green open access

Li, Ming; Chen, Yu-Ting; Huang, Chang-Qin; Hwang, Gwo-Jen; Cukurova, Mutlu; (2023) From motivational experience to creative writing: A motivational AR-based learning approach to promoting Chinese writing performance and positive writing behaviours. Computers and Education (In press).

Li, Xiaofan Amy; (2023) Risky Masquerades: The Play of Masks in Yukio Mishima's Confessions and Qiu Miaojin's Crocodile. Comparative Literature Studies (In press).

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