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Archer, L; Calabrese Barton, A; Dawson, E; Godec, S; Mau, A; Patel, U; (2022) Fun moments or consequential experiences? A model for conceptualising and researching equitable youth outcomes from informal STEM learning. Cultural Studies in Science Education (In press).

Auton, LC; Pramanik, S; Dalwadi, MP; MacMinn, CW; Griffiths, IM; (2022) A homogenised model for flow, transport and sorption in a heterogeneous porous medium. Journal of Fluid Mechanics (In press).

Canzani, Y; Galkowski, J; (2022) Improvements for eigenfunction averages: An application of geodesic beams. Journal of Differential Geometry (In press). Green open access

Chen, B; Hu, C; Mills, BJW; He, T; Andersen, MB; Chen, X; Liu, P; ... Zhu, M; + view all (2022) A short-lived oxidation event during the early Ediacaran and delayed oxygenation of the Proterozoic ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters , 577 , Article 117274. 10.1016/j.epsl.2021.117274. (In press).

Cong, Q; Xu, J; Ren, L; Jin, J; Chen, T; Choy, KL; (2022) Changes of Water/Ice Morphological, Thermodynamic, and Mechanical Parameters During the Freezing Process. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering , 46 (11) pp. 10631-10639. 10.1007/s13369-021-05502-0.

Dawson, G; Landy, J; Tsamados, M; Komarov, AS; Howell, S; Heorton, H; Krumpen, T; (2022) A 10-year record of Arctic summer sea ice freeboard from CryoSat-2. Remote Sensing of Environment , 268 , Article 112744. 10.1016/j.rse.2021.112744. Green open access

Dellaportas, P; Alexopoulos, A; Papaspiliopoulos, O; (2022) Bayesian prediction of jumps in large panels of time series data. Bayesian Analysis 10.1214/21-BA1268. (In press). Green open access

Dellaportas, P; Titsias, M; Petrova, K; Plataniotis, A; (2022) Scalable inference for a full multivariate stochastic volatility model. Journal of Econometrics (In press).

Diana, A; Matechou, E; Griffin, J; Buxton, A; Griffiths, R; (2022) An Rshiny app for modelling environmental DNA data: accounting for false positive and false negative observation error. Ecography (In press).

Habermann, M; (2022) Homological mirror symmetry for invertible polynomials in two variables. Quantum Topology (In press).

Hammad, M; Alkan, B; Al-kamal, AK; Kim, C; Ali, MY; Angel, S; Wiedemann, HTA; ... Wiggers, H; + view all (2022) Enhanced heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate by Ruddlesden-Popper-type La<inf>2</inf>CoO<inf>4+δ</inf> nanoparticles for bisphenol A degradation. Chemical Engineering Journal , 429 , Article 131447. 10.1016/j.cej.2021.131447.

Ioffe, Y; (2022) The Right to Family Reunification of Children Seeking International Protection under the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Misplaced Reliance on Travaux? International Journal of Refugee Law (In press).

Jackson, CH; Baio, G; Heath, A; Strong, M; Welton, NJ; Wilson, ECF; (2022) Value of Information Analysis in Models to Inform Health Policy. Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application , 9 (2022) 10.1146/annurev-statistics-040120-010730. (In press).

Moura, RC; Cassinelli, A; Da Silva, AFC; Burman, E; Sherwin, SJ; (2022) Gradient jump penalty stabilisation of spectral/hp element discretisation for under-resolved turbulence simulations. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering , 388 , Article 114200. 10.1016/j.cma.2021.114200.

Pagani, A; Wei, Z; Silva, R; Guo, W; (2022) Neural Network Approximation of Graph Fourier Transform for Sparse Sampling of Networked Dynamics. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology , 22 (1) , Article 21. 10.1145/3461838. Green open access

Pereira, V; Dalwadi, M; Griffiths, I; (2022) The role of caking in optimising the performance of a concertinaed ceramic filtration membrane. Physical Review Fluids (In press). Green open access

Sproson, AD; Pogge von Strandmann, PAE; Selby, D; Jarochowska, E; Frýda, J; Hladil, J; Loydell, DK; ... Lenton, TM; + view all (2022) Osmium and lithium isotope evidence for weathering feedbacks linked to orbitally paced organic carbon burial and Silurian glaciations. Earth and Planetary Science Letters , 577 , Article 117260. 10.1016/j.epsl.2021.117260.

Talbot, J; Sanitt, A; (2022) The density Turán problem for hypergraphs. Journal of Combinatorics (In press). Green open access

Tschopp, E; Napoli, J; Wencker, L; Delfino, M; Upchurch, P; (2022) How to Render Species Comparable Taxonomic Units Through Deep Time: a Case Study on Intraspecific Osteological Variability in Extant and Extinct Lacertid Lizards. Systematic Biology (In press).

Wang, T; Chen, Y; Samworth, R; (2022) High-dimensional, multiscale online changepoint detection. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B: Statistical Methodology (In press).

Werrett, S; (2022) Preserving Nature: Domestic Thrift and Techniques of Conservation in Early Modern England. Notes and Records: the Royal Society Journal of the History of Science (In press).

Book chapter

Ioffe, Y; (2022) Reparation for Human Rights Violations. In: Binder, C and Nowak, M and Hofbauer, JA and Janig, P, (eds.) Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights. Edward Elgar Publishing: Cheltenham , UK. (In press).

Proceedings paper

Ling, Y; Liu, Z; Xue, J; (2022) Dimension reduction for data with heterogeneous missingness. In: (Proceedings) Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI 2021). MLResearchPress (In press).

Stavrianaki, K; Shortt, M; Sammonds, P; (2022) Source Location and Dataset Incompleteness in Acoustic Emissions from Ice Tank Tests on Ice-Rubble-Ice Friction. In: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Espoo, Finland, 3-7 June 2019. Springer Nature: Espoo, Finland. (In press).

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