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Abou-Hassan, A; Barros, A; Buchholz, N; Carugo, D; Clavica, F; De Graaf, P; De La Cruz, J; ... Zheng, S; + view all (2021) Potential strategies to prevent encrustations on urinary stents and catheters – thinking outside the box: A European Network of Multidisciplinary Research to Improve Urinary Stents (ENIUS) Initiative. Expert Review of Medical Devices 10.1080/17434440.2021.1939010. (In press).

Al-Kulabi, A; Gooden, L; Uchegbu, IF; (2021) Nanoparticulate Mycophenolic Acid Eye Drops - Analytical Validation of a High Performance Liquid Chromatography Assay and Stability Studies. Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology , 9 (2) pp. 101-110. 10.2174/2211738509666210111161110.

Alessandrini, E; Brako, F; Scarpa, M; Lupo, M; Bonifazi, D; Pignataro, V; Cavallo, M; ... Tuleu, C; + view all (2021) Children’s Preferences for Oral Dosage Forms and Their Involvement in Formulation Research via EPTRI (European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure). Pharmaceutics , 13 (5) , Article 730. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13050730. Green open access

Ali, N; Ashiru-Oredope, D; Murdan, S; (2021) Training university students as vaccination champions to promote vaccination in their multiple identities and help address vaccine hesitancy. Pharmacy Education , 21 (1) pp. 407-419. 10.46542/pe.2021.211.407419.

Alkahtani, ME; Aodah, AH; Abu Asab, OA; Basit, AW; Orlu, M; Tawfik, EA; (2021) Fabrication and Characterization of Fast-Dissolving Films Containing Escitalopram/Quetiapine for the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder. Pharmaceutics , 13 (6) , Article 891. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13060891. Green open access

Alsaeed, D; Orlu, M; Smith, F; (2021) Optimising medication use along dementia progression: Recommendations from a qualitative study. Healthcare , 9 (8) , Article 982. 10.3390/healthcare9080982. Green open access

Andrusenko, I; Hamilton, V; Lanza, AE; Hall, CL; Mugnaioli, E; Potticary, J; Buanz, A; ... Gemmi, M; + view all (2021) Structure determination, thermal stability and dissolution rate of 6-indomethacin. International Journal of Pharmaceutics , 608 , Article 121067. 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2021.121067. (In press).

Awad, A; Trenfield, SJ; Pollard, TD; Jie Ong, J; Elbadawi, M; McCoubrey, LE; Goyanes, A; ... Basit, AW; + view all (2021) Connected Healthcare: Improving Patient Care using Digital Health Technologies. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews , Article 113958. 10.1016/j.addr.2021.113958. (In press).

Awad, A; Fina, F; Goyanes, A; Gaisford, S; Basit, AW; (2021) Advances in powder bed fusion 3D printing in drug delivery and healthcare. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 10.1016/j.addr.2021.04.025. (In press).


Badr, MY; Abdulrahman, NS; Schatzlein, AG; Uchegbu, IF; (2021) A polymeric aqueous tacrolimus formulation for topical ocular delivery. International Journal of Pharmaceutics , 599 , Article 120364. 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2021.120364. Green open access

Blundell-Hunter, G; Enright, M; Negus, D; Dorman, MJ; Beecham, G; Pickard, DJ; Wintachai, P; ... Taylor, P; + view all (2021) Characterisation of Bacteriophage Encoded Depolymerases Selective for Key Klebsiella pneumoniae Capsular Exopolysaccharides. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology , 11 , Article 663884. 10.3389/fcimb.2021.663884. Green open access

Boniatti, J; Januskaite, P; da Fonseca, LB; Viçosa, AL; Amendoeira, FC; Tuleu, C; Basit, AW; ... Ré, MI; + view all (2021) Direct powder extrusion 3d printing of praziquantel to overcome neglected disease formulation challenges in paediatric populations. Pharmaceutics , 13 (8) , Article 1114. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13081114. Green open access


Cabadaj, M; Bashir, S; Haskins, D; Said, J; McCoubrey, L; Gaisford, S; Beezer, A; (2021) Kinetic analysis of microcalorimetric data derived from microbial growth: Basic theoretical, practical and industrial considerations. Journal of Microbiological Methods , 187 , Article 106276. 10.1016/j.mimet.2021.106276.

Carugo, D; Browning, RJ; Iranmanesh, I; Messaoudi, W; Rademeyer, P; Stride, E; (2021) Scaleable production of microbubbles using an ultrasound-modulated microfluidic device. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , 150 (2) pp. 1577-1589. 10.1121/10.0005911.

Clapham, D; Bennett, J; Cram, A; Discihnger, A; Inghelbrecht, S; Pense-Lheriter, A-M; Ruiz, F; ... Tuleu, C; + view all (2021) Proposed Tool to Compare and Assess the Applicability of Taste Assessment Techniques for Pharmaceuticals. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 10.1016/j.xphs.2021.09.002. (In press).

Collins, M; Awwad, S; Ibeanu, N; Khaw, PT; Guiliano, D; Brocchini, S; Khalili, H; (2021) Dual-acting therapeutic proteins for intraocular use. Drug Discovery Today , 26 (1) pp. 44-55. 10.1016/j.drudis.2020.10.025.

Cristaldi, DA; Labanca, A; Pottinger, TD; Owen, J; Stulz, E; Zhang, X; Carugo, D; (2021) 3D printed reactor-in-a-centrifuge (RIAC): making flow-synthesis of nanoparticles pump-free and cost-effective. Chemical Engineering Journal , 425 , Article 130656. 10.1016/j.cej.2021.130656. Green open access


D’Arcy, N; Ashiru-Oredope, D; Olaoye, O; Afriyie, D; Akello, Z; Ankrah, D; Asima, DM; ... Versporten, A; + view all (2021) Antibiotic Prescribing Patterns in Ghana, Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania Hospitals: Results from the Global Point Prevalence Survey (G-PPS) on Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship Interventions Implemented. Antibiotics , 10 (9) , Article 1122. 10.3390/antibiotics10091122. Green open access

Dziemidowicz, K; Brocchini, S; Williams, GR; (2021) A simple route to functionalising electrospun polymer scaffolds with surface biomolecules. International Journal of Pharmaceutics , Article 120231. 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2021.120231. (In press). Green open access


Elbadawi, M; McCoubrey, LE; Gavins, FKH; Jie Ong, J; Goyanes, A; Gaisford, S; Basit, AW; (2021) Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for the Next Generation of 3D Printed Medicines. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 10.1016/j.addr.2021.05.015. (In press). Green open access

Elbadawi, M; McCoubrey, LE; Gavins, FKH; Ong, JJ; Goyanes, A; Gaisford, S; Basit, AW; (2021) Disrupting 3D printing of medicines with machine learning. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 10.1016/j.tips.2021.06.002. (In press).

Elbadawi, M; Nikjoo, D; Gustafsson, T; Gaisford, S; Basit, AW; (2021) Pressure-assisted microsyringe 3D printing of oral films based on pullulan and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. International Journal of Pharmaceutics , 595 , Article ARTN 120. 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2021.120197.


Fernando, MS; Wimalasiri, AKDVK; Dziemidowicz, K; Williams, GR; Koswattage, KR; Dissanayake, DP; de Silva, KMN; (2021) Biopolymer-Based Nanohydroxyapatite Composites for the Removal of Fluoride, Lead, Cadmium, and Arsenic from Water. ACS Omega , 6 (12) pp. 8517-8530. 10.1021/acsomega.1c00316. Green open access

Ferri, S; Wu, Q; De Grazia, A; Polydorou, A; May, JP; Stride, E; Evans, ND; (2021) Tailoring the size of ultrasound responsive lipid-shelled nanodroplets by varying production parameters and environmental conditions. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry , 73 , Article 105482. 10.1016/j.ultsonch.2021.105482. Green open access


Ghyselinck, J; Verstrepen, L; Moens, F; Van Den Abbeele, P; Bruggeman, A; Said, J; Smith, B; ... Gaisford, S; + view all (2021) Influence of probiotic bacteria on gut microbiota composition and gut wall function in an in-vitro model in patients with Parkinson's disease. International Journal of Pharmaceutics: X , 3 , Article 100087. 10.1016/j.ijpx.2021.100087. Green open access

Goh, CF; O'Flynn, D; Speller, R; Lane, ME; (2021) Spatial resolution of drug crystallisation in the skin by X-ray micro-computed tomography. Micron , Article 103045. 10.1016/j.micron.2021.103045. (In press).

Gonçalves, AM; Moreira, A; Weber, A; Williams, GR; Costa, PF; (2021) Osteochondral Tissue Engineering: The Potential of Electrospinning and Additive Manufacturing. Pharmaceutics , 13 (7) , Article 983. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13070983. Green open access

Gurgul, S; Williams, G; Seng, G; (2021) Particle Engineering of Gypsum Through Templating with Starch. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 10.1021/acs.iecr.1c00032. (In press).


He, S; Li, G; Schätzlein, AG; Humphrey, PA; Weiss, RM; Uchegbu, IF; Martin, DT; (2021) Down-regulation of GP130 signaling sensitizes bladder cancer to cisplatin by impairing Ku70 DNA repair signaling and promoting apoptosis. Cellular Signalling , 81 , Article 109931. 10.1016/j.cellsig.2021.109931. (In press).

Ho, HMK; Craig, DQM; Day, RM; (2021) Access routes, devices and guidance methods for intrapericardial delivery in cardiac conditions. Trends in Cardovascular Medicine 10.1016/j.tcm.2021.04.004. (In press).

Hou, J; Yang, Y; Yu, DG; Chen, Z; Wang, K; Liu, Y; Williams, GR; (2021) Multifunctional fabrics finished using electrosprayed hybrid Janus particles containing nanocatalysts. Chemical Engineering Journal , 411 , Article 128474. 10.1016/j.cej.2021.128474. (In press).


Iliopoulos, F; Chapman, A; (2021) A comparison of the in vitro permeation of 3-O-ethyl-l-ascorbic acid in human skin and in a living skin equivalent (LabSkinTM ). International Journal of Cosmetic Science , 43 (1) pp. 107-112. 10.1111/ics.12675.


Kamuyu, G; Cheng, YS; Willcocks, S; Kewcharoenwong, C; Kiratisin, P; Taylor, P; Wren, BW; ... Brown, J; + view all (2021) Sequential Vaccination With Heterologous Acinetobacter baumannii Strains Induces Broadly Reactive Antibody Responses. Frontiers in Immunology , 12 , Article 705533. 10.3389/fimmu.2021.705533. Green open access

Kollamaram, G; Williams, G; (2021) The effect of the composition of polysorbate 80 grades on their physicochemical properties. Journal of Excipients and Food Chemicals , 12 (3) pp. 32-40. Green open access


Lane, M; Iliopoulos, F; Patel, A; Caspers, P; Puppels, G; (2021) In vitro - in vivo correlation in dermal delivery: the role of excipients. Pharmaceutics , 13 (4) , Article 542. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13040542. Green open access

Lane, M; Kung, C-P; Sil, B; Zhang, Y; Hadgraft, J; Patel, B; McCulloch, R; (2021) Dermal delivery of amitriptyline for topical analgesia. Drug Delivery and Translational Research (In press).

Lane, M; Hadgraft, J; Sil, B; Cristofoli, M; Kung, C-P; (2021) Ion Pairs for Transdermal and Dermal Drug Delivery: A Review. Pharmaceutics , 13 (6) , Article 909. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13060909. Green open access

Lane, M; Zhang, Y; Kung, C-P; Iliopoulos, F; Sil, B; Hadgraft, J; (2021) Dermal Delivery of Niacinamide—In Vivo Studies. Pharmaceutics , 13 (5) , Article 726. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13050726. Green open access

Lee, DDH; Cardinale, D; Nigro, E; Butler, CR; Rutman, A; Fassad, MR; Hirst, RA; ... O'Callaghan, C; + view all (2021) Higher throughput drug screening for rare respiratory diseases: Readthrough therapy in primary ciliary dyskinesia. European Respiratory Journal 10.1183/13993003.00455-2020. (In press). Green open access

Leite, RF; Gonçalves, JL; Buanz, A; Febraro, C; Craig, D; Van Winden, S; Good, L; (2021) Antimicrobial activity of polyhexamethylene biguanide nanoparticles against mastitis-causing Staphylococcus aureus. JDS Communications 10.3168/jdsc.2021-0114. (In press). Green open access

Li, G; He, S; Schätzlein, AG; Weiss, RM; Martin, DT; Uchegbu, IF; (2021) Achieving highly efficient gene transfer to the bladder by increasing the molecular weight of polymer-based nanoparticles. Journal of Controlled Release , 332 pp. 210-224. 10.1016/j.jconrel.2021.02.007. (In press).


Madla, CM; Gavins, FKH; Merchant, H; Orlu, M; Murdan, S; Basit, AW; (2021) Let’s Talk About Sex: Differences in Drug Therapy in Males and Females. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 10.1016/j.addr.2021.05.014. Green open access

Mai, Y; Dou, L; Yao, Z; Madla, CM; Gavins, FKH; Taherali, F; Yin, H; ... Basit, AW; + view all (2021) Quantification of P-Glycoprotein in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Humans and Rodents: Methodology, Gut Region, Sex, and Species Matter. Molecular Pharmaceutics , 18 pp. 1895-1904. 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.0c00574. Green open access

May, JP; Polydorou, A; Ferri, S; Wu, Q; Stride, E; Carugo, D; Evans, ND; (2021) Development of a Nanodroplet Formulation for Triggered Release of BIO for Bone Fracture Healing. Proceedings , 78 (1) p. 43. 10.3390/iecp2020-08803. Green open access

McCoubrey, LE; Gaisford, S; Orlu, M; Basit, AW; (2021) Predicting drug-microbiome interactions with machine learning. Biotechnology Advdances , Article 107797. 10.1016/j.biotechadv.2021.107797. (In press).

McCoubrey, LE; Elbadawi, M; Orlu, M; Gaisford, S; Basit, AW; (2021) Harnessing machine learning for development of microbiome therapeutics. Gut Microbes , 13 (1) pp. 1-20. 10.1080/19490976.2021.1872323. Green open access

McCoubrey, LE; Elbadawi, M; Orlu, M; Gaisford, S; Basit, AW; (2021) Machine learning uncovers adverse drug effects on intestinal bacteria. Pharmaceutics , 13 (7) , Article 1026. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13071026. Green open access

Mellor, RD; Schätzlein, AG; Uchegbu, IF; (2021) Development of bio-functionalized, raman responsive, and potentially excretable gold nanoclusters. Nanomaterials , 11 (9) , Article 2181. 10.3390/nano11092181. Green open access

Moreira, A; Lawson, D; Onyekuru, L; Dziemidowicz, K; Angkawinitwong, U; Costa, PF; Radacsi, N; (2021) Protein encapsulation by electrospinning and electrospraying. Journal of Controlled Release , 329 pp. 1172-1197. 10.1016/j.jconrel.2020.10.046.

Muñiz Castro, B; Elbadawi, M; Ong, JJ; Pollard, T; Song, Z; Gaisford, S; Pérez, G; ... Goyanes, A; + view all (2021) Machine learning predicts 3D printing performance of over 900 drug delivery systems. Journal of Controlled Release , 337 pp. 530-545. 10.1016/j.jconrel.2021.07.046.

Murdan, S; Ali, N; Ashiru-Oredope, D; (2021) How to address vaccine hesitancy. The Pharmaceutical Journal , 306 (7948) 10.1211/PJ.2021.1.75260. Green open access

Mursaleen, L; Noble, B; Somavarapu, S; Zariwala, MG; (2021) Micellar nanocarriers of hydroxytyrosol are protective against parkinson’s related oxidative stress in an in vitro hcmec/d3‐sh‐sy5y co‐culture system. Antioxidants , 10 (6) 10.3390/antiox10060887. Green open access


Neffe, AT; Zhang, Q; Hommes-Schattmann, PJ; Wang, W; Xu, X; Ahmad, BS; Williams, GR; (2021) Functionalizable coaxial PLLA/PDLA nanofibers with stereocomplexes at the internal interface. Journal of Materials Research 10.1557/s43578-021-00260-z. (In press). Green open access

Niu, S; Zhang, X; Williams, GR; Wu, J; Gao, F; Fu, Z; Chen, X; ... Zhu, L-M; + view all (2021) Hollow Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Gated by Chitosan-Copper Sulfide Composites as Theranostic Agents for the Treatment of Breast Cancer. Acta Biomaterialia 10.1016/j.actbio.2021.03.024. (In press).


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Pape, J; Stamati, K; Al Hosni, R; Uchegbu, IF; Schatzlein, AG; Loizidou, M; Emberton, M; (2021) Tissue-Engineering the Fibrous Pancreatic Tumour Stroma Capsule in 3D Tumouroids to Demonstrate Paclitaxel Response. International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 22 (8) , Article 4289. 10.3390/ijms22084289. Green open access

Plazonic, F; Fisher, A; Carugo, D; Hill, M; Glynne-Jones, P; (2021) Acoustofluidic device for acoustic capture of Bacillus anthracis spore analogues at low concentration. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , 149 , Article 4228. 10.1121/10.0005278.


Rawlings, AV; Lane, ME; Summers, B; Voegeli, R; (2021) Response to 'Structural and functional differences in skin of colour'. Clinical and Experimental Dermatology 10.1111/ced.14922. (In press).

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Tawfik, EA; Alshamsan, A; Abul Kalam, M; Raish, M; Alkholief, M; Stapleton, P; Harvey, K; ... Barker, SA; + view all (2021) In Vitro and In Vivo Biological Assessment of Dual Drug-Loaded Coaxial Nanofibers for the Treatment of Corneal Abrasion. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (120732) 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2021.120732. (In press).

Tawfik, EA; Scarpa, M; Abdelhakim, HE; Bukhary, HA; Craig, DQM; Barker, SA; Orlu, M; (2021) A Potential Alternative Orodispersible Formulation to Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Orally Disintegrating Tablets. Pharmaceutics , 13 (1) , Article 120. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13010120. Green open access

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Uchegbu, IF; Breznikar, J; Zaffalon, A; Odunze, U; Schätzlein, AG; (2021) Polymeric Micelles for the Enhanced Deposition of Hydrophobic Drugs into Ocular Tissues, without Plasma Exposure. Pharmaceutics , 13 (5) , Article 744. 10.3390/pharmaceutics13050744. Green open access


Vinarov, Z; Abdallah, M; Agundez, J; Allegaert, K; Basit, AW; Braeckmans, M; Ceulemans, J; ... Augustijns, P; + view all (2021) Impact of gastrointestinal tract variability on oral drug absorption and pharmacokinetics: an UNGAP review. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , Article 105812. 10.1016/j.ejps.2021.105812. (In press). Green open access

Vivero-Lopez, M; Xu, X; Muras, A; Otero, A; Concheiro, A; Gaisford, S; Basit, AW; ... Goyanes, A; + view all (2021) Anti-biofilm multi drug-loaded 3D printed hearing aids. Materials Science and Engineering C , 119 , Article 111606. 10.1016/j.msec.2020.111606.


Walsh, J; Schaufelberger, D; Iurian, S; Klein, S; Batchelor, H; Turner, R; Gizurarson, S; ... Tuleu, C; + view all (2021) Path towards efficient paediatric formulation development based on partnering with clinical pharmacologists and clinicians, a conect4children expert group white paper. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 10.1111/bcp.14989. (In press).

Walsh, J; Schaufelberger, D; Iurian, S; Klein, S; Batchelor, H; Turner, R; Gizurarson, S; ... C4C formulation expert group; + view all (2021) Path towards efficient paediatric formulation development based on partnering with clinical pharmacologists and clinicians, a c4c expert group White paper. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 10.1111/bcp.14989. (In press).

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Wu, J; Cai, X; Williams, G; Meng, Z; Zou, W; Yao, L; Hu, B; ... Zheng, Y; + view all (2021) 2D antimonene-integrated composite nanomedicine for augmented low-temperature photonic tumor hyperthermia by reversing cell thermoresistance. Bioactive Materials 10.1016/j.bioactmat.2021.08.018. (In press). Green open access

Wu, J; Williams, GR; Zhu, Y; Hu, T; Wang, H; Zhao, W; Liang, R; ... Wei, M; + view all (2021) Ultrathin chalcogenide nanosheets for photoacoustic imaging-guided synergistic photothermal/gas therapy. Biomaterials , 273 , Article 120807. 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2021.120807.


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