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Akhtar, MM; Lorenzini, M; Pavlou, M; Ochoa, JP; O'Mahony, C; Restrepo-Cordoba, MA; Segura-Rodriguez, D; ... Elliott, PM; + view all (2021) Association of Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction Among Carriers of Truncating Variants in Filamin C With Frequent Ventricular Arrhythmia and End-stage Heart Failure. JAMA Cardiology 10.1001/jamacardio.2021.1106. (In press).


Bajaj, R; Huang, X; Kilic, Y; Jain, A; Ramasamy, A; Torii, R; Moon, J; ... Bourantas, CV; + view all (2021) A deep learning methodology for the automated detection of end-diastolic frames in intravascular ultrasound images. The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging 10.1007/s10554-021-02162-x. (In press). Green open access

Bhuva, AN; Treibel, TA; Seraphim, A; Scully, P; Knott, KD; Augusto, JB; Torlasco, C; ... Manisty, CH; + view all (2021) Measurement of T1 Mapping in Patients With Cardiac Devices: Off-Resonance Error Extends Beyond Visual Artifact but Can Be Quantified and Corrected. Frontiers In Cardiovascular Medicine , 8 , Article 631366. 10.3389/fcvm.2021.631366. Green open access

Brown, LAE; Saunderson, CED; Das, A; Craven, T; Levelt, E; Knott, KD; Dall’Armellina, E; ... Plein, S; + view all (2021) A comparison of standard and high dose adenosine protocols in routine vasodilator stress cardiovascular magnetic resonance: dosage affects hyperaemic myocardial blood flow in patients with severe left ventricular systolic impairment. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance , 23 (1) , Article 37. 10.1186/s12968-021-00714-7. Green open access


Campos, FO; Orini, M; Arnold, R; Whitaker, J; O'Neill, M; Razavi, R; Plank, G; ... Bishop, MJ; + view all (2021) Assessing the ability of substrate mapping techniques to guide ventricular tachycardia ablation using computational modelling. Computers in Biology and Medicine , 130 , Article 104214. 10.1016/j.compbiomed.2021.104214. Green open access

Chacko, L; Boldrini, M; Martone, R; Law, S; Martinez-Naharrro, A; Hutt, DF; Kotecha, T; ... Fontana, M; + view all (2021) Cardiac Magnetic Resonance–Derived Extracellular Volume Mapping for the Quantification of Hepatic and Splenic Amyloid. Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging , 14 (4) , Article e012506. 10.1161/CIRCIMAGING.121.012506.

Chew, E; Orini, M; Lambiase, P; (2021) Putting (One's) Heart into Music. European Heart Journal 10.1093/eurheartj/ehab108. (In press). Green open access

Chiesa, S; Marcovecchio, ML; (2021) Preventing cardiovascular complications in type 1 diabetes: the need for a lifetime approach. Frontiers in Pediatrics (In press).

Creta, A; Elliott, P; Earley, MJ; Dhinoja, M; Finlay, M; Sporton, S; Chow, A; ... Providência, R; + view all (2021) Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a European observational multicentre study. Europace 10.1093/europace/euab022. (In press).

Crijns, HJGM; Prinzen, F; Lambiase, PD; Sanders, P; Brugada, J; (2021) The year in cardiovascular medicine 2020: arrhythmias. European Heart Journal , 42 (5) pp. 499-507. 10.1093/eurheartj/ehaa1091.


Dhillon, GS; Ahluwalia, N; Honarbakhsh, S; Graham, A; Creta, A; Abbass, H; Chow, A; ... Hunter, RJ; + view all (2021) Impact of adenosine on mechanisms sustaining persistent atrial fibrillation: Analysis of contact electrograms and non-invasive ECGI mapping data. PLoS One , 16 (3) , Article e0248951. 10.1371/journal.pone.0248951. Green open access

Dobson, R; Ghosh, AK; Ky, B; Marwick, T; Stout, M; Harkness, A; Steeds, R; ... Augustine, DX; + view all (2021) BSE and BCOS Guideline for Transthoracic Echocardiographic Assessment of Adult Cancer Patients Receiving Anthracyclines and/or Trastuzumab. JACC: CardioOncology , 3 (1) 10.1016/j.jaccao.2021.01.011. Green open access

Dobson, R; Ghosh, AK; Ky, B; Marwick, T; Stout, M; Harkness, A; Steeds, R; ... Augustine, DX; + view all (2021) British Society for Echocardiography and British Cardio-Oncology Society guideline for transthoracic echocardiographic assessment of adult cancer patients receiving anthracyclines and/or trastuzumab. Echo Research and Practice , 8 (1) G1-G18. 10.1530/ERP-21-0001. Green open access


El-Chami, MF; Jacobsen, CM; Griffiths, RI; Hansen, LK; Wold, N; Amorosi, SL; Stivland, TM; ... Baddour, LM; + view all (2021) Device-related infection in de novo transvenous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator Medicare patients. Heart Rhythm 10.1016/j.hrthm.2021.04.014. (In press). Green open access


Fontana, M; Martinez-Naharro, A; Chacko, L; Rowczenio, D; Gilbertson, JA; Whelan, CJ; Strehina, S; ... Gillmore, JD; + view all (2021) Reduction in CMR Derived Extracellular Volume With Patisiran Indicates Cardiac Amyloid Regression. JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging , 14 (1) pp. 189-199. 10.1016/j.jcmg.2020.07.043.

Fontes Oliveira, M; Naaktgeboren, WR; Hua, A; Ghosh, AK; Oakervee, H; Hallam, S; Manisty, C; (2021) Optimising cardiovascular care of patients with multiple myeloma. Heart 10.1136/heartjnl-2020-318748. (In press). Green open access


Ghidoni, A; Elliott, PM; Syrris, P; Calkins, H; James, CA; Judge, DP; Murray, B; ... Crotti, L; + view all (2021) Cadherin 2-Related Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy: Prevalence and Clinical Features. Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine 10.1161/CIRCGEN.120.003097. (In press).

Gimeno, JR; Elliott, PM; Tavazzi, L; Tendera, M; Kaski, JP; Laroche, C; Barriales-Villa, R; ... EORP Cardiomyopathy Registry Investigators group, .; + view all (2021) Prospective follow-up in various subtypes of cardiomyopathies: Insights from the ESC EORP Cardiomyopathy Registry. European Heart Journal - Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes , 7 (2) pp. 134-142. 10.1093/ehjqcco/qcaa075.

Gold, MR; Lambiase, PD; El-Chami, MF; Knops, RE; Aasbo, JD; Bongiorni, MG; Russo, AM; ... UNTOUCHED Investigators*, ; + view all (2021) Primary Results From the Understanding Outcomes With the S-ICD in Primary Prevention Patients With Low Ejection Fraction (UNTOUCHED) Trial. Circulation , 143 (1) pp. 7-17. 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.120.048728. Green open access


Honarbakhsh, S; Providencia, R; Garcia-Hernandez, J; Martin, CA; Hunter, RJ; Lim, WY; Kirkby, C; ... Brugada Syndrome Risk Investigators, ; + view all (2021) A Primary Prevention Clinical Risk Score Model for Patients With Brugada Syndrome (BRUGADA-RISK). JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology , 7 (2) pp. 210-222. 10.1016/j.jacep.2020.08.032.


Iurilli, MLC; Zhou, B; Bennett, JE; Carrillo-Larco, RM; Sophiea, MK; Rodriguez-Martinez, A; Bixby, H; ... Filippi, S; + view all (2021) Heterogeneous contributions of change in population distribution of body mass index to change in obesity and underweight NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC). eLife , 10 , Article ARTN e60. 10.7554/eLife.60060. Green open access


James, CA; Jongbloed, JDH; Hershberger, RE; Morales, A; Judge, DP; Syrris, P; Pilichou, K; ... van Tintelen, JP; + view all (2021) An International Evidence Based Reappraisal of Genes Associated with Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC) using the ClinGen Framework. Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine 10.1161/CIRCGEN.120.003273. (In press).

Jordan, E; Peterson, L; Ai, T; Asatryan, B; Bronicki, L; Brown, E; Celeghin, R; ... Hershberger, RE; + view all (2021) An Evidence-Based Assessment of Genes in Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Circulation 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.120.053033. (In press). Green open access

Joy, G; Artico, J; Kurdi, H; Seraphim, A; Lau, C; Thornton, GD; Oliveira, MF; ... COVIDsortium Investigators, ; + view all (2021) Prospective Case-Control Study of Cardiovascular Abnormalities 6 Months Following Mild COVID-19 in Healthcare Workers. JACC Cardiovascular Imaging 10.1016/j.jcmg.2021.04.011. (In press). Green open access


Kotecha, T; Knight, DS; Razvi, Y; Kumar, K; Vimalesvaran, K; Thornton, G; Patel, R; ... Fontana, M; + view all (2021) Patterns of myocardial injury in recovered troponin-positive COVID-19 patients assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance. European Heart Journal 10.1093/eurheartj/ehab075. (In press). Green open access


Leong, KMW; Ng, FS; Shun-Shin, MJ; Koa-Wing, M; Qureshi, N; Whinnett, ZI; Linton, NF; ... Kanagaratnam, P; + view all (2021) Non-invasive detection of exercise-induced cardiac conduction abnormalities in sudden cardiac death survivors in the inherited cardiac conditions. Europace , 23 (2) pp. 305-312. 10.1093/europace/euaa248.

Lopes, LR; Aung, N; van Duijvenboden, S; Munroe, PB; Elliott, PM; Petersen, SE; (2021) Prevalence of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in the UK Biobank Population. JAMA Cardiology 10.1001/jamacardio.2021.0689. (In press). Green open access

Lopes, LR; Murphy, D; Bugiardini, E; Salem, R; Jager, J; Futema, M; Akhtar, MM; ... Elliott, PM; + view all (2021) Iterative Reanalysis of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Exome Data Reveals Causative Pathogenic Mitochondrial DNA Variants. Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine 10.1161/CIRCGEN.121.003388. (In press).


Maclean, E; Simon, R; Ang, R; Dhillon, G; Ahsan, SY; Khan, F; Earley, M; ... Behar, JM; + view all (2021) A multi‐center experience of ablation index for evaluating lesion delivery in typical atrial flutter. Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology 10.1111/pace.14228. (In press). Green open access

Manisty, C; Otter, AD; Treibel, TA; McKnight, Á; Altmann, DM; Brooks, T; Noursadeghi, M; ... Moon, JC; + view all (2021) Antibody response to first BNT162b2 dose in previously SARS-CoV-2-infected individuals. Lancet , 397 (10279) pp. 1057-1058. 10.1016/S0140-6736(21)00501-8.

Manisty, C; Treibel, TA; Jensen, M; Semper, A; Joy, G; Gupta, RK; Cutino-Moguel, T; ... Moon, JC; + view all (2021) Time series analysis and mechanistic modelling of heterogeneity and sero-reversion in antibody responses to mild SARS‑CoV-2 infection. EBioMedicine , 65 , Article 103259. 10.1016/j.ebiom.2021.103259. Green open access

Menacho Medina, K; Seraphim, A; Katekaru, D; Abdel-Gadir, A; Han, Y; Westwood, M; Walker, JM; ... Herrey, AS; + view all (2021) Non-invasive Rapid Cardiac Magnetic Resonance for the Assessment of Cardiomyopathies in Low-Middle Income Countries. Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy 10.1080/14779072.2021.1915130. (In press).

Mensah-Kane, J; Schmidt, AF; Hingorani, AD; Finan, C; Chen, Y; van Duijvenboden, S; Orini, M; ... Ramírez, J; + view all (2021) No Clinically Relevant Effect of Heart Rate Increase and Heart Rate Recovery During Exercise on Cardiovascular Disease: A Mendelian Randomization Analysis. Frontiers in Genetics , 12 , Article 569323. 10.3389/fgene.2021.569323. Green open access

Mizia-Stec, K; Charron, P; Gimeno Blanes, JR; Elliott, P; Kaski, JP; Maggioni, AP; Tavazzi, L; ... EORP Cardiomyopathy Registry Investigators, .; + view all (2021) Current use of cardiac magnetic resonance in tertiary referral centres for the diagnosis of cardiomyopathy: the ESC EORP Cardiomyopathy/Myocarditis Registry. European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging 10.1093/ehjci/jeaa329. (In press). Green open access

Moreno Martínez, D; Aguiar, P; Auray-Blais, C; Beck, M; Bichet, D; Burlina, A; Cole, D; ... Hughes, D; + view all (2021) Standardising clinical outcomes measures for adult clinical trials in Fabry Disease: A global Delphi Consensus. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism (In press).


Narayan, SM; Calkins, H; Grace, A; Ellenbogen, K; Lip, GY; Lambiase, PD; Katritsis, DG; (2021) What Cannot Be Missed: Important Publications on Electrophysiology in 2020. Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Review , 10 (1) pp. 5-6. 10.15420/aer.2021.02. Green open access

Norrish, G; Topriceanu, C; Qu, C; Field, E; Walsh, H; Ziółkowska, L; Olivotto, I; ... Kaski, JP; + view all (2021) The role of the electrocardiographic phenotype in risk stratification for sudden cardiac death in childhood hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. European Journal of Preventive Cardiolog 10.1093/eurjpc/zwab046. (In press). Green open access


Orini, M; Taggart, P; Bhuva, A; Roberts, N; Di Salvo, C; Yates, M; Badiani, S; ... Lambiase, PD; + view all (2021) Direct in-vivo assessment of global and regional mechano-electric feedback in the intact human heart. Heart Rhythm 10.1016/j.hrthm.2021.04.026. (In press). Green open access

Orlandi, M; Masi, S; Bhowruth, D; Leira Feijoo, Y; Georgiopoulos, G; Yellon, D; Hingorani, A; ... D'Aiuto, F; + view all (2021) Remote ischemic preconditioning (RIPC) protects against endothelial dysfunction in a human model of systemic inflammation: a randomized clinical trial. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology (In press).


Pellicori, P; Doolub, G; Wong, CM; Lee, KS; Mangion, K; Ahmad, M; Berry, C; ... Cleland, JG; + view all (2021) COVID‐19 and its cardiovascular effects: a systematic review of prevalence studies. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews , 3 , Article CD013879. 10.1002/14651858.CD013879.

Pieri, C; Bhuva, A; Moralee, R; Abiodun, A; Gopalan, D; Roditi, GH; Moon, JC; (2021) Access to MRI for patients with cardiac pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Open Heart , 8 (1) 10.1136/openhrt-2021-001598. Green open access

Pieroni, M; Moon, JC; Arbustini, E; Barriales-Villa, R; Camporeale, A; Vujkovac, AC; Elliott, PM; ... Namdar, M; + view all (2021) Cardiac Involvement in Fabry Disease: JACC Review Topic of the Week. Journal of the American College of Cardiology , 77 (7) pp. 922-936. 10.1016/j.jacc.2020.12.024.

Prabhu, S; Ahluwalia, N; Tyebally, SM; Dennis, ASC; Malomo, SO; Abiodun, AT; Tyrlis, A; ... Hunter, RJ; + view all (2021) Long-term outcomes of index cryoballoon ablation or point-by-point radiofrequency ablation in patients with atrial fibrillation and systolic heart failure. Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology , 32 (4) pp. 941-948. 10.1111/jce.14923.


Rashid, M; Wu, J; Timmis, A; Curzen, N; Clarke, S; Zaman, A; Nolan, J; ... Mamas, MA; + view all (2021) Outcomes of COVID-19-positive acute coronary syndrome patients: A multisource electronic healthcare records study from England. Journal of Internal Medicine 10.1111/joim.13246. (In press). Green open access

Reynolds, CJ; Pade, C; Gibbons, JM; Butler, DK; Otter, AD; Menacho, K; Fontana, M; ... Boyton, R; + view all (2021) Prior SARS-CoV-2 infection rescues B and T cell responses to variants after first vaccine dose. Science , Article eabh1282. 10.1126/science.abh1282. (In press). Green open access


Saunderson, CED; Plein, S; Manisty, CH; (2021) Role of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in cardio-oncology. European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging , 22 (4) pp. 383-396. 10.1093/ehjci/jeaa345.

Sawhney, V; Mc Lellan, A; Chatha, S; Perera, D; Aderonke, A; Juno, S; Whittaker-Axon, S; ... Ezzat, V; + view all (2021) Outcome of ACHD patients with non-inducible versus inducible IART undergoing cavo-tricuspid isthmus ablation: the role of empiric ablation. Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology , 60 pp. 49-56. 10.1007/s10840-019-00692-y. Green open access

Seraphim, A; Knott, KD; Menacho, K; Augusto, JB; Davies, R; Pierce, I; Joy, G; ... Kellman, P; + view all (2021) Prognostic Value of Pulmonary Transit Time and Pulmonary Blood Volume Estimation Using Myocardial Perfusion CMR. JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging 10.1016/j.jcmg.2021.03.029. (In press). Green open access

Sletner, L; Crozier, S; Inskip, H; Godfrey, K; Mahon, P; Chiesa, S; Charakida, M; ... Hanson, M; + view all (2021) Childhood vascular phenotypes have differing associations with pre- and postnatal growth. Journal of Hypertension (In press).

Suri, S; Bulte, D; Chiesa, S; Ebmeier, K; Jezzard, P; Rieger, S; Pitt, J; ... Mackay, C; + view all (2021) Study protocol: The Heart and Brain Study. Frontiers in Physiology 10.3389/fphys.2021.643725. (In press).


Taggart, P; Pueyo, E; Duijvenboden, SV; Porter, B; Bishop, M; Sampedro-Puente, DA; Orini, M; ... Lambiase, P; + view all (2021) Emerging evidence for a mechanistic link between low-frequency oscillation of ventricular repolarization measured from the electrocardiogram T-wave vector and arrhythmia. Europace 10.1093/europace/euab009. (In press).

Topriceanu, C-C; Moon, JC; Hardy, R; Chaturvedi, N; Hughes, AD; Captur, G; (2021) Longitudinal birth cohort study finds that life-course frailty associates with later-life heart size and function. Scientific Reports , 11 , Article 6272. 10.1038/s41598-021-85435-8. Green open access

Topriceanu, C-C; Wong, A; Moon, JC; Hughes, AD; Bann, D; Chaturvedi, N; Patalay, P; ... Captur, G; + view all (2021) Evaluating access to health and care services during lockdown by the COVID-19 survey in five UK national longitudinal studies. BMJ Open , 11 (3) , Article e045813. 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-045813. Green open access

Topriceanu, C-C; Wong, A; Moon, JC; Hughes, AD; Chaturvedi, N; Conti, G; Bann, D; ... Captur, G; + view all (2021) Impact of lockdown on key workers: findings from the COVID-19 survey in four UK national longitudinal studies. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 10.1136/jech-2020-215889. (In press). Green open access


Valdes, AM; Moon, JC; Vijay, A; Chaturvedi, N; Norrish, A; Ikram, A; Craxford, S; ... Manisty, C; + view all (2021) Longitudinal assessment of symptoms and risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection in healthcare workers across 5 hospitals to understand ethnic differences in infection risk. EClinicalMedicine 10.1016/j.eclinm.2021.100835. (In press). Green open access


Waddingham, PH; Behar, JM; Roberts, N; Dhillon, G; Graham, AJ; Hunter, RJ; Hayward, C; ... Chow, AWC; + view all (2021) Post-operative cardiac implantable electronic devices in patients undergoing cardiac surgery: a contemporary experience. Europace , 23 (1) pp. 104-112. 10.1093/europace/euaa241.

Wong, GR; Ang, M; Jayarajan, J; Walker, F; Lambiase, PD; (2021) Pregnancy in patients with implantable cardiac defibrillators. Herzschrittmachertherapie + Elektrophysiologie 10.1007/s00399-021-00750-x. (In press).

Wu, J; Mafham, M; Mamas, MA; Rashid, M; Kontopantelis, E; Deanfield, JE; de Belder, MA; (2021) Place and Underlying Cause of Death During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Retrospective Cohort Study of 3.5 Million Deaths in England and Wales, 2014 to 2020. Mayo Clinic Proceedings , 96 (4) pp. 952-963. 10.1016/j.mayocp.2021.02.007. Green open access

Wu, J; Mamas, MA; Mohamed, MO; Kwok, CS; Roebuck, C; Humberstone, B; Denwood, T; ... Gale, CP; + view all (2021) Place and causes of acute cardiovascular mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Heart , 107 (2) pp. 113-119. 10.1136/heartjnl-2020-317912. Green open access

Wu, J; Mamas, MA; de Belder, MA; Deanfield, JE; Gale, CP; (2021) Second Decline in Admissions With Heart Failure and Myocardial Infarction During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of the American College of Cardiology , 77 (8) pp. 1141-1143. 10.1016/j.jacc.2020.12.039.


Young, WJ; Warren, HR; Mook-Kanamori, DO; Ramírez, J; van Duijvenboden, S; Orini, M; Tinker, A; ... Noordam, R; + view all (2021) Genetically-Determined Serum Calcium Levels and Markers of Ventricular Repolarisation: A Mendelian Randomization Study in the UK Biobank. Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine 10.1161/CIRCGEN.120.003231. (In press). Green open access

Young, WJ; van Duijvenboden, S; Ramírez, J; Jones, A; Tinker, A; Munroe, PB; Lambiase, PD; (2021) A Method to Minimise the Impact of ECG Marker Inaccuracies on the Spatial QRS-T angle: Evaluation on 1,512 Manually Annotated ECGs. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control , 64 , Article 102305. 10.1016/j.bspc.2020.102305. Green open access

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