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Abraham, Haim; (2024) Myths and Misconceptions in Extraterritorial Torts. University of Toronto Law Journal (In press).

Abraham, Haim; (2024) Queering the Reasonable Person. In: Horsey, Kirsty, (ed.) Diverse Voices in Tort Law. Bristol University Press: Bristol, UK. (In press).

Adugna Gebeye, Berihun; (2024) Judicial Review and Presidential Elections in Africa. In: Fasone, Cristina and Mostacci, Edmondo and Romeo, Graziella, (eds.) Judicial Review and Electoral Law in a Global Perspective. Hart Publishing: Oxford, UK. (In press).

Azaria, Danai; (2024) State Silence as Acceptance: A Presumption and An Exception. British Year Book of International Law (In press).


Black, Isra; (2024) Dual or single gauge? Govert den Hartogh’s ‘dual-track’ assisted death. Filosofie en Praktijk (In press). Green open access

Black, Isra; Forsberg, Lisa; (2024) What criminal law theory teaches us about the realm of health law. In: Krajewska, Atina and McHale, Jean, (eds.) Re-Imagining Health Law. Edward Elgar (In press).


Chiu, Hse-Yu; (2024) The Fallacy of Financial Inclusion as a Regulatory Goal. In: Omarova, Saule and Hill, Claire and Andhov, Alexandra, (eds.) Hidden Fallacies in Corporate Law and Financial Regulation: Reframing the Mainstream Narratives. Hart Publishing

Chiu, Hse-Yu; (2024) Drivers for Convergence or Divergence in Regulatory Policies for Crypto-asset Offerings. In: Pacces, Alessio and Nabilou, Hossein and Martino, Edoardo, (eds.) Elgar Research Handbook in Comparative Financial Regulation. Edward Elgar Publishing (In press).

Chiu, Hse-Yu; (2024) Proportionality in a European Capital Markets Code. In: Veil, Rüdiger, (ed.) Regulating EU Capital Markets Union: Fundamentals of a European Code. Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK.

Chiu, Hse-Yu; Schammo, Pierre; (2024) The EU Prospectus Regulation and Sustainable Finance. In: Siri, Michele and Gargantini, Matteo and Alexander, Kern, (eds.) Research Handbook on EU Sustainable Finance. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK. (In press).

Chiu, Hse-Yu; Wan, Wai Yee; (2024) Constructing a Taxonomy of Financial Consumer Protection Policy and Assessing the New Consumer Duty in the UK’s Financial Sector. Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law (In press).


Davies, Paul; (2024) Anti-arbitration injunctions and stays to arbitration. Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly

Davies, Paul; (2024) Enforcement of Check-off Facilities by Third Parties. The Law Quarterly Review (In press).

Davies, Paul; Foxton, Sir David; (2024) Arbitration Matters in the Privy Council and Supreme Court. The Law Quarterly Review (In press).

Davies, Paul; Sales, Lord; (2024) Controlling Contract Discretions: Wednesbury Reasonableness, Good Faith and Proper Purposes. The Law Quarterly Review , 140 pp. 106-129. (In press).

Davies, Paul S; (2024) Compromise Agreements. In: Davies, Paul S and Tjio, Hans, (eds.) Fraud and Risk in Commercial Law. Hart Publishing: London, UK. (In press).

Dsouza, Mark; (2024) Why Ivey was a Mistake (aka Two Times I Flirted with Theft). In: Simester, AP, (ed.) Modern Criminal Law: Essays in Honour of GR Sullivan. Hart Publishing (Bloomsbury): London, UK.

Dsouza, Mark; Schmitt-Leonardy, Charlotte; (2024) Old and new tracks for Corporate Criminal Liability. In: Ambos, Kai and Duff, R Antony and Heinze, Alexander and Roberts, Julian and Weigend, Thomas, (eds.) Core Concepts in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice: Volume III. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge,UK. (In press).


Fisher, Matthew; (2024) The patent system after COVID-19. In: Bonadio, Enrico and Shemtov, Noam, (eds.) A research agenda for patent law. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK. (In press).


Gaumann, Noëlle; Veale, Michael; (2024) AI Providers as Criminal Essay Mills? Large Language Models meet Contract Cheating Law. Information and Communications Technology Law , 33 (2) (In press).

George, Rob; Marsh, Rob; (2024) Do we need physical family courts? Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 10.1080/09649069.2024.2305028. (In press). Green open access

George, Robert; (2024) Cohabitation Reform: A Response. In: Bendall, Charlotte and Parveen, Rehana, (eds.) Family Law Reform Now: Proposals and Critique. Hart Publishing: London, UK. (In press).

Gerstenberg, Oliver; (2024) The Constitution as a Law of Lawmaking: Comments on Frank Michelman’s Constitutional Essentials (“CE”). Philosophy and Social Criticism (In press).

Gerstenberg, Oliver; (2024) “United in diversity”: the role of the CJEU as an exponent of the rule of law, and the search for an EU constitutional identity. In: (Proceedings) BIICL Workshop on Rule of Law. (In press).

Gerstenberg, Oliver; (2024) Horizontal Effect. In: Bellamy, R and King, J, (eds.) Cambridge Handbook of Constitutional Theory. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK. (In press).

Gorwa, Robert; Veale, Michael; (2024) Moderating Model Marketplaces: Platform Governance Puzzles for AI Intermediaries. Law, Innovation and Technology , 16 (2) 10.31235/osf.io/6dfk3. (In press).

Grusic, Ugljesa; (2024) Private International Law Regulation of Individual Employment Relationships within the European Union. European Labour Law Journal , 15 10.1177/2031952524122783. (In press). Green open access


Helberger, Natali; Kas, Betül; Micklitz, Hans-Wolfgang; Namysłowska, Monika; Naudts, Laurens; Rott, Peter; Sax, Marijn; + view all (2024) Digital Fairness for Consumers. BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation: Brussels, Belgien. Green open access


Könighofer, Bettina; Kroll, Joshua A; Piskac, Ruzica; Veale, Michael; Cano Córdoba, Filip; (2024) Accountable Software Systems (Dagstuhl Seminar 23411). Dagstuhl Reports , 13 (10) pp. 24-49. 10.4230/DagRep.13.10.24. Green open access

Kountouris, Nicola; (2024) Not Delivering: the UK ‘worker’ concept before the UK Supreme Court in Deliveroo - IWGB v CAC and another [2023] UKSC 43. European Labour Law Journal 10.1177/20319525241242796. (In press). Green open access


Lapatoura, Ioanna; Mezei, Peter; (2024) All roads lead to tokens - The impact of NFTs on galleries and museums. SSRN - Elsevier: Rochester, NY, USA. Green open access

Letsas, George; (2024) Does Anything Hang on the Autonomy of EU law? European Papers , 8 (3) pp. 1293-1299. 10.15166/2499-8249/719. Green open access

Letsas, George; (2024) In Defense of a Distinctively Legal Domain. Jurisprudence: an international journal of legal and political thought (In press).

Letsas, George; (2024) Proportionality. In: Bellamy, Richard and King, Jeff, (eds.) The Cambridge Companion to Constitutional Theory. Cambridge University Press (In press).

Lianos, Ioannis; (2024) “Polycrisis” and the changing “Life” of Competition Authorities. Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb (02) pp. 61-62. Green open access


Mantouvalou, Virginia; (2024) Structures of Injustice, the Law, and Exploitative Work. In: Browne, Jude and McKeown, Maeve, (eds.) What is Structural Injustice? (pp. 241-259). Oxford University Press Green open access

Mantouvalou, Virginia; (2024) Advancing human rights, capabilities and non-domination at work. In: Davidov, Guy and Langille, Brian and Lester, Gillian, (eds.) Oxford Handbook on the Law of Work. Oxford University Press (OUP): Oxford, UK. (In press). Green open access

Mantouvalou, Virginia; (2024) Labor Rights. In: Langford, Malcolm and Young, Katharine G, (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Economic and Social Rights. Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK. Green open access

Mantouvalou, Virginia; Noorda, Hadassa; (2024) Non-Custodial Sentences and Human Rights. European Human Rights Law Review (In press).

Marín Durán, Gracia; Scott, Joanne; (2024) Global EU Climate Action and the Principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities. (Law Working Paper 2024/2). European University Institute: Florence, Italy. Green open access

Marin Duran, Gracia; Scott, Joanne; (2024) Global EU Climate Action and the Principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities. In: Armstrong, Kenneth and Scott, Joanne and Thies, Anne, (eds.) EU External Relations and the Power of Law. Hart Publishing (In press).

Micklitz, Hans-Wolfgang; Helberger, Natali; Kas, Betül; Namysłowska, Monika; Naudts, Laurens; Rott, Peter; Sax, Marijn; (2024) Towards Digital Fairness. Journal of European Consumer and Market Law , 13 (1) pp. 24-30. Green open access

Mills, Alex; (2024) Sustainability and Jurisdiction in the International Civil Litigation Market. Journal of Private International Law (In press).

Mills, Alex; (2024) Justifying and Challenging Territoriality in Private International Law. In: Banu, Roxana and Green, Michael and Michaels, Ralf, (eds.) Philosophical Foundations of Private International Law. Oxford University Press (In press).


Naudts, Laurens; Helberger, Natali; Sax, Marijn; Veale, Michael; (2024) Toward Constructive Optimisation: A new perspective on the regulation of recommender systems and the rights of users and society. In: Helberger, Natali and Kas, Betül and Micklitz, Hans-Wolfgang and Namysłowska, Monika and Naudts, Laurens and Rott, Peter and Veale, Michael, (eds.) Digital Fairness for Consumers. (pp. 25-68). European Consumer Organisation (BEUC): Brussels, Belgium. Green open access


Paparinskis, Martins; (2024) Reflections on War in Ukraine and International Law. In: Asada, Masahiko and Tamada, Dai, (eds.) War in Ukraine and International Law. Springer (In press).

Pleasence, Pascoe; Balmer, Nigel; McDonald, Hugh; Sandefur, Rebecca L; (2024) The Public Understanding of Law Survey, Volume 2: Understanding and Capability. (The Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS) vol 2 , pp. pp. 1-249 ). Victoria Law Foundation: Melbourne, Australia. Green open access


Raczynska, Magdalena; (2024) Subordination of the wrongdoer in tracing claims. In: Davies, Paul S and Tjio, Hans, (eds.) Fraud and Risk. Hart Publishing (In press).


Saprai, Prince; (2024) Rationalising the Penalties Rule. In: Saprai, Prince and Chen-Wishart, Mindy, (eds.) Research Handbook in the Philosophy of Contract Law. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham. (In press).

Suteu, Silvia; (2024) Referendums. In: Bellamy, Richard and King, Jeff, (eds.) The Cambridge Handbook of Constitutional Theory. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK. (In press).


Terzis, Petros; (2024) Law and the political economy of AI production. International Journal of Law and Information Technology , Article eaae001. 10.1093/ijlit/eaae001. (In press). Green open access

Terzis, Petros; Veale, Michael; Gaumann, Noëlle; (2024) Law and the Emerging Political Economy of Algorithmic Audits. In: Proceedings of the 2024 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency. ACM (In press). Green open access


Vaughan, Steven; (2024) We Need To Talk About Method: A Call for More and Better Empirical Environmental Law Scholarship. Journal of Environmental Law , 36 (1) (In press).

Vaughan, Steven; (2024) Let’s Talk about the Lawyers: Climate Change Litigation, Professional Ethics, and ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Case Outcomes. In: Aristova, Ekaterina and Lim, Justin, (eds.) Climate Litigation in Europe Unleashed: Catalysing Action against States and Corporations. (pp. 54-57). The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights: Oxford, UK. Green open access

Vaughan, Steven; (2024) The Regulation of Legal Education in England. In: Emma, Jones and Fiona, Cownie and Anthony, Bradney, (eds.) Concise Encyclopedia of Legal Education. Edward Elgar (In press).

Veale, Michael; (2024) Denied by Design? Data Access Rights in Encrypted Infrastructures. In: Ausloos, Jef and de Souza, Siddharth P, (eds.) Research Access to Digital Infrastructures. Cambridge University Press (In press).

Veale, Michael; (2024) Verification Theatre at Borders and in Pockets. In: Flood, Colleen M and Chen, YY Brandon and Deonandan, Raywat and Halabi, Sam and Thériault, Sophie, (eds.) Pandemics, Public Health, and the Regulation of Borders: Lessons from COVID-19. (pp. 240-251). Routledge: London, UK. Green open access

Veale, Michael; (2024) Some Commonly-Held but Shaky Assumptions about Data, Privacy and Power. In: Ioannidou, Maria and Mantzari, D, (eds.) Research Handbook on Competition Law and Data Privacy. Edward Elgar (In press).

Veale, Michael; (2024) Privacy, Informational Infrastructures and Covid-19: Comparative Legal Responses. In: King, Jeff and Luiz Motta Ferraz, Octávio, (eds.) Comparing Covid Laws: A Critical Global Survey. Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK. (In press).

Veale, Michael; (2024) Rights for Those Who Unwillingly, Unknowingly and Unidentifiably Compute! In: Micklitz, Hans-Wolfgang and Vettori, Giussepe, (eds.) The Person and the Future of Private Law. (pp. 1-19). Hart (In press).


Wilde, Ralph; (2024) Refugee Camps in the Global South as Instruments of Global Refugee Containment. London Review of International Law (In press).

Williams, Ian; (2024) Star Chamber and the civil law. In: Sampson, Joe and Tofaris, Stelios, (eds.) A historical introduction to law. Hart: Oxford, UK. (In press).

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