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Callender, T; Emberton, M; Morris, S; Pharoah, PDP; Pashayan, N; (2021) Benefit, Harm, and Cost-effectiveness Associated With Magnetic Resonance Imaging Before Biopsy in Age-based and Risk-stratified Screening for Prostate Cancer. JAMA Network Open , 4 (3) , Article e2037657. 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.37657. Green open access

Candio, P; Hill, AJ; Poupakis, S; Pulkki-Brännström, A-M; Bojke, C; Gomes, M; (2021) Copula Models for Addressing Sample Selection in the Evaluation of Public Health Programmes: An Application to the Leeds Let's Get Active Study. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy 10.1007/s40258-020-00629-x. (In press).

Chan, MS; Arnold, M; Offer, A; Hammami, I; Mafham, M; Armitage, J; Perera, R; (2021) A biomarker-based biological age in UK Biobank: composition and prediction of mortality and hospital admissions. The Journals of Gerontology: Series A 10.1093/gerona/glab069. (In press). Green open access

Cheetham, N; Waites, W; Ebyarimpa, I; Leber, W; Brennan, K; Panovska-Griffiths, J; (2021) Determining the level of social distancing necessary to avoid future COVID-19 epidemic waves: a modelling study for North East London. Scientific Reports , 11 , Article 5806. 10.1038/s41598-021-84907-1. Green open access

Cirasola, A; Midgley, N; Fonagy, P; IMPACT Consortium, ; Martin, P; (2021) The alliance–outcome association in the treatment of adolescent depression. Psychotherapy (In press).

Cirasola, A; Midgley, N; Fonagy, P; IMPACT Consortium, ; Martin, P; (2021) The factor structure of the Working Alliance Inventory Short-form in youth psychotherapy: an empirical investigation. Psychotherapy Research 10.1080/10503307.2020.1765041. (In press).

Conti, DV; Darst, BF; Moss, LC; Saunders, EJ; Sheng, X; Chou, A; Schumacher, FR; ... Haiman, CA; + view all (2021) Trans-ancestry genome-wide association meta-analysis of prostate cancer identifies new susceptibility loci and informs genetic risk prediction. Nature Genetics , 53 pp. 65-75. 10.1038/s41588-020-00748-0.

Cowan, K; Fulop, NJ; Harshfield, A; Ng, PL; Ntouva, A; Sidhu, M; Sussex, J; ... Walton, H; + view all (2021) Rapid prioritisation of topics for rapid evaluation: the case of innovations in adult social care and social work. Health Research Policy and Systems , 19 (1) , Article 34. 10.1186/s12961-021-00693-2. Green open access

Cross, AJ; Myles, J; Greliak, P; Hackshaw, A; Halloran, S; Benton, SC; Addison, C; ... Raine, R; + view all (2021) Including a general practice endorsement letter with the testing kit in the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme: Results of a cluster randomised trial. Journal of Medical Screening 10.1177/0969141321997480. Green open access


Garnett, C; Oldham, M; Angus, C; Beard, E; Burton, R; Field, M; Greaves, F; ... Brown, J; + view all (2021) Evaluating the effectiveness of the smartphone app, Drink Less, compared with the NHS alcohol advice webpage, for the reduction of alcohol consumption among hazardous and harmful adult drinkers in the UK at six-month follow-up: protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Addiction , 116 (2) pp. 412-425. 10.1111/add.15287. Green open access


Huynh-Le, M-P; Fan, CC; Karunamuni, R; Thompson, WK; Martinez, ME; Eeles, RA; Kote-Jarai, Z; ... Seibert, TM; + view all (2021) Polygenic hazard score is associated with prostate cancer in multi-ethnic populations. Nature Communications , 12 , Article 1236. 10.1038/s41467-021-21287-0. Green open access


Karunamuni, RA; Huynh-Le, M-P; Fan, CC; Thompson, W; Eeles, RA; Kote-Jarai, Z; Muir, K; ... Seibert, TM; + view all (2021) Additional SNPs improve risk stratification of a polygenic hazard score for prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases 10.1038/s41391-020-00311-2. (In press).


Lamb, D; Steare, T; Marston, L; Canaway, A; Johnson, S; Kirkbride, JB; Lloyd-Evans, B; ... Osborn, DP; + view all (2021) A comparison of clinical outcomes, service satisfaction and well-being in people using acute day units and crisis resolution teams: cohort study in England. BJPsych Open , 7 (2) , Article e68. 10.1192/bjo.2021.30. Green open access

Lawes-Wickwar, S; Ghio, D; Tang, MY; Keyworth, C; Stanescu, S; Westbrook, J; Jenkinson, E; ... Epton, T; + view all (2021) A rapid systematic review of public responses to health messages encouraging vaccination against infectious diseases in a pandemic or epidemic. Vaccines , 9 (2) , Article 72. 10.3390/vaccines9020072. Green open access

Lin, H-Y; Wang, X; Tseng, T-S; Kao, Y-H; Fang, Z; Molina, PE; Cheng, C-H; ... Park, JY; + view all (2021) Alcohol Intake and Alcohol-SNP Interactions Associated with Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness. Journal of Clinical Medicine , 10 (3) , Article 553. 10.3390/jcm10030553. Green open access


Morant, N; Davidson, M; Wackett, J; Lamb, D; Pinfold, V; Smith, D; Johnson, S; ... Osborn, DPJ; + view all (2021) Acute day units for mental health crises: a qualitative study of service user and staff views and experiences. BMC Psychiatry , 21 (1) , Article 146. 10.1186/s12888-021-03140-2. Green open access


Ponsford, R; Bragg, S; Allen, E; Tilouche, N; Meiksin, R; Emmerson, L; Van Dyck, L; ... Bonell, C; + view all (2021) A school-based social-marketing intervention to promote sexual health in English secondary schools: the Positive Choices pilot cluster RCT. Public Health Research , 9 (1) 10.3310/phr09010. Green open access


Ranieri, V; Stoltenberg, A; Pizzo, E; Montaldo, C; Bizzi, E; Edwards, S; Kamboj, S; (2021) The COVID-19 Wellbeing Study: Examining perceived coercion and psychological wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic by means of an online survey, asynchronous virtual focus groups and individual interviews – a protocol. BMJ Open , 11 (1) , Article e043418. 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-043418. Green open access


Sheringham, J; Kuhn, I; Burt, J; (2021) The use of experimental vignette studies to identify drivers of variations in the delivery of health care: a scoping review. BMC Medical Research Methodology (In press).

Simpson, A; Bloom, L; Fulop, NJ; Hudson, E; Leeson-Beevers, K; Morris, S; Ramsay, AIG; ... Hunter, A; + view all (2021) How are patients with rare diseases and their carers in the UK impacted by the way care is coordinated? An exploratory qualitative interview study. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases , 16 (1) , Article 76. 10.1186/s13023-020-01664-6. Green open access

Stavrinides, V; Freeman, A; Ball, R; Haider, A; Pashayan, N; Moore, CM; Emberton, M; (2021) Chronic Baseline Prostate Inflammation is Associated with Lower Tumor Grade in Men with Prostate Cancer on Repeat Biopsy: Results from the REDUCE Study. Journal of Urology 10.1097/JU.0000000000001587. (In press).

Sturniolo, S; Waites, W; Colbourn, T; Manheim, D; Panovska-Griffiths, J; (2021) Testing, tracing and isolation in compartmental models. PLoS Computational Biology , 17 (3) , Article e1008633. 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1008633. Green open access


Turner, S; D'Lima, D; Sheringham, J; Swart, N; Emma, H; Steve, M; Fulop, N; (2021) Evidence use as sociomaterial practice? A qualitative study of decision-making on introducing service innovations in health care. Public Management Review 10.1080/14719037.2021.1883098. (In press).


Wailoo, A; Alava, MH; Pudney, S; Barton, G; O'Dwyer, J; Gomes, M; Irvine, L; ... Sadique, Z; + view all (2021) An International Comparison of EQ-5D-5L and EQ-5D-3L for Use in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. Value in Health 10.1016/j.jval.2020.11.012. (In press).

Wenborn, J; O'Keeffe, AG; Mountain, G; Moniz-Cook, E; King, M; Omar, RZ; Mundy, J; ... Orrell, M; + view all (2021) Community Occupational Therapy for people with dementia and family carers (COTiD-UK) versus treatment as usual (Valuing Active Life in Dementia [VALID]) study: A single-blind, randomised controlled trial. PLoS Medicine , 18 (1) , Article e1003433. 10.1371/journal.pmed.1003433. Green open access


Yau, C; Lenguerrand, E; Morris, S; Draycott, T; Pizzo, E; (2021) A model-based cost-utility analysis of multi-professional simulation training in obstetric emergencies. PLoS One (In press).

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