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Frequently Asked Questions

UCL Discovery, RPS and IRIS

What is UCL Discovery?

UCL Discovery is a showcase for UCL research output. Publication details are provided for each item; full text (or equivalent) is included where availability and copyright permits.

What is the difference between UCL Discovery, IRIS and RPS?

Publication details are harvested, imported or entered into authors profiles in RPS and transferred to UCL Discovery and IRIS. Full text can be deposited in UCL Discovery via RPS. Information on how to deposit can be found on the Open Access deposit pages.

RPS diagram

How to find and cite research in UCL Discovery

What can I do with full text I download from UCL Discovery?

You may download and print a single copy of any item (and its associated media) held in UCL Discovery for your personal, non-commercial use without prior permission or charge, provided that you correctly refer to the paper.

Further details are available on our About page.

How to deposit your research including e-theses

I need to deposit my your final peer-reviewed manuscript in UCL Discovery for REF, how do I do this?

Publication details, together with any deposited files, are transferred from RPS to UCL Discovery. You (or someone who can impersonate you in RPS) will need to create a record if one does not already exist, ensure all UCL authors are resolved to the record, and upload your files to this record. More information can be found on the Open Access deposit pages.

Are deposited papers re-formatted?

UCL Discovery will apply a style template to manuscripts received in an editable format. The re-formatting ensures a uniform appearance and, where possible, includes pagination markers to aid accurate citation.

Here is an example of a re-formatted document.

If you have any questions on the reformatting-service, please contact the UCL Discovery team.

Can I deposit full text (or equivalent) for past publications including research I did at another institution?

UCL Discovery aims to provide a complete research profile. Authors can deposit past publications from UCL or other institutions. All deposits will be checked for copyright permissions by the UCL Discovery team before being made available.

What types of research may be deposited?

Full text (or equivalent) can be deposited in UCL Discovery via RPS for any academic research output recorded in RPS. Any items promoting UCL research, such as interviews and external documentaries, are not currently within the scope of RPS and UCL Discovery. Please contact the UCL Discovery team to discuss further.

What about papers presented at UCL events?

In principle, UCL Discovery can accommodate papers presented at conferences, workshops and other meetings held at UCL or organised by UCL researchers. This includes work authored by non-UCL researchers. Such items would need to be sent direct to UCL Discovery. Please contact the UCL Discovery team to discuss requirements.

Can research data sets be included?

UCL Discovery accepts small scale datasets, such as supplementary data and data to be made available as a prerequisite for publication. Please contact the UCL Discovery team to discuss requirements. UCL Research Data Services can provide services and support for larger scale data.

Can I withdraw material after it's been deposited? Or make changes to files?

The primary goal is to preserve the UCL Discovery content indefinitely. You may, however, request that the files are removed at any point in the future. Equally, UCL Discovery reserves the right to remove the Work for any professional, administrative or legal reason. Contributors may submit a revised version, with the exception of e-theses.

How can I update or amend my publications?

Amendments to publication details can be made in RPS. If the amendments do not display in the corresponding UCL Discovery record, please contact the UCL Discovery team.

I need to deposit my e-thesis. Where can I find information on how to do this?

The Library's e-theses pages provide information on depositing your doctoral research e-thesis either as a condition of award or to ProQuest ETD. Please also see our About page.

If you have any questions regarding UCL Discovery and e-theses, please contact the UCL Discovery team.

Author tools

Publication lists can be exported in various formats and can be embedded in other webpages.

UCL authors can generate their own download statistics.

For more information please contact the UCL Discovery team.