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Book chapter

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Harris, SM; (2012) Report on the photographic evidence of the woven material resembling basketry from Langwell Farm cist, Easter Ross, Scotland. 2500 words.

Harris, SM; (2012) Report on the textiles from Over Barrow, Cambridgeshire, with with fibre analysis by Margarita Gleba. 4600 words.

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Harris, S; (2007) Critical Senses: Phenomenology in Archaeological Practice. Short film first shown at the Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference in York, 16th December 2007. UNSPECIFIED

Harris, SM; (2012) Textiles and photography vol. III. Jane Balsgaard, photographs from Japan. The Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre for Textiles Research, Copenhagen.

Harris, SM; (2008) A wooden half-bucket with sewn joint and repair. UNSPECIFIED

Harris, SM; Foz Côa Recording Rock Art. Short film first presented at the World Archaeology Day, UCL. UNSPECIFIED

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