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Ackroyd, Gabrielle Bethan; (2019) ‘Just Bricks and Mortar?’ – Animating and Deanimating the Irish Mortgaged House. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Altman, Tessa; (2019) The domestic humanitarian: Responsible neighbours, fairness and ambivalence in urban Australia. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Angelopoulos, V; Cruce, P; Drozdov, A; Grimes, EW; Hatzigeorgiu, N; King, DA; Larson, D; ... Kovalick, T; + view all (2019) The Space Physics Environment Data Analysis System (SPEDAS). Space Science Reviews , 215 (1) , Article 9. 10.1007/s11214-018-0576-4. Green open access

Anăstăsoaie, Marian Viorel; (2019) Growing plants and domesticating the Revolution: tobacco, the revolutionary state, and the micro-politics of value in a community of tobacco-producers in western Cuba. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).


Becam, G; Verna, C; Gómez-Robles, A; Gómez-Olivencia, A; Albessard, L; Arnaud, J; Frelat, MA; ... Balzeau, A; + view all (2019) Isolated teeth from La Ferrassie: Reassessment of the old collections, new remains, and their implications. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 10.1002/ajpa.23798. (In press).

Bocquier, P; Soura, AB; Sanogo, S; Randall, S; (2019) Do adult health outcomes in urban population reflect local health risk? A matched cohort analysis of migration effects in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. BMJ Open , 9 (7) , Article e029059. 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-029059. Green open access

Brockington, D; Coast, E; Mdee, A; Howland, O; Randall, S; (2019) Assets and domestic units: methodological challenges for longitudinal studies of poverty dynamics. The Journal of Peasant Studies 10.1080/03066150.2019.1658079. (In press). Green open access


Calabrese, JD; (2019) Understanding traditional and other culture-based approaches to mental illness in lower and middle income contexts. In: Davidson, L, (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of International Development, Mental Health and Wellbeing. Routledge: London, UK.

Carroll, T; (2019) Of smoke and unguents: Health affordances of sacred materiality. In: Parkhurst, A and Carroll, T, (eds.) Medical Materialities: Toward a Material Culture of Medical Anthropology. (pp. 178-192). Routledge: London, UK.

Carroll, T; Parkhurst, A; (2019) Introduction: A genealogy of medical materialities. In: Parkhurst, A and Carroll, T, (eds.) Medical Materialities: Toward a Material Culture of Medical Anthropology. (pp. 1-20). Routledge: London, UK.

Castles, MP; Brand, R; Carter, AJ; Maron, M; Carter, KD; Goldizen, AW; (2019) Relationships between male giraffes' colour, age and sociability. Animal Behaviour , 157 pp. 13-25. 10.1016/j.anbehav.2019.08.003.

Chen, J; Jing, X; Liu, X; Volkmann, A-M; Chen, Y; Liu, Y; Li, D; ... Ma, J; + view all (2019) Assessment of factors affecting diabetes management in the City Changing Diabetes (CCD) study in Tianjin. PLoS One , 14 (2) , Article e0209222. 10.1371/journal.pone.0209222. Green open access

Chiaravalloti, R; (2019) The Displacement of Insufficiently ‘Traditional’ Communities:Local Fisheries in the Pantanal. Conservation and Society 10.4103/cs.cs_18_58. (In press). Green open access

Chiaravalloti, R; Dyble, M; (2019) Limited Open Access in socio-ecological systems: how do communities deal with environmental unpredictability? Conservation Letters , Article e12616. 10.1111/conl.12616. (In press). Green open access

Cokl, Ulrike; (2019) Thuenlam, Hospitality and the Neypo System: Cultural Hospitality Practices, Tourism and the Economy of Relationships in Bhutan. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Cooper, D; (2019) Pentecostalism and the Peasantry: Domestic and Spiritual Economies in Rural Nicaragua. Ethnos 10.1080/00141844.2018.1510845. (In press).


Daly, LJ; Shepard Jr., GH; (2019) Magic Darts and Messenger Molecules: A sensory ecology of shamanic plants in indigenous Amazonia. Anthropology Today , 35 (2) pp. 13-17. 10.1111/1467-8322.12494.

De Togni, Giulia; (2019) SURVIVING THE DISASTERS: An Ethnographic Account of Japan 3.11 Survivors’ Coping Strategies with the Risk of Radiation. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Destrée, Pauline; (2019) Power Flashes: the political and visual cultures of electricity in Accra, Ghana. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Du, J; Mace, R; (2019) Marriage stability in a pastoralist society. Behavioral Ecology 10.1093/beheco/arz115. (In press). Green open access

Du, J; Thomas, MG; Bardsen, B-J; Mace, R; Naess, MW; (2019) Comparison of social complexity in two independent pastoralist societies. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology , 73 , Article 4. 10.1007/s00265-018-2611-6. Green open access


Echeverri Sanchez, Hernando Alberto; (2019) ‘Los Caminos de la Medicina’: The life of medicinal plants from the Amazonian forest to the urban markets. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Emmott, E; Jay, M; Woodman, J; (2019) Cohort profile: Children in Need Census (CIN) records of children referred for social care support in England. BMJ Open , 9 (2) , Article e023771. 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-023771. Green open access

Emmott, EH; Mc Grath-Lone, L; Harron, K; Woodman, J; (2019) Explaining local variation in referrals from health services to children's social care in England 2013-16: a study using 'children in need' administrative data. Journal of Public Health 10.1093/pubmed/fdz050. (In press). Green open access


Fischer, J; Higham, JP; Alberts, SC; Barrett, L; Beehner, JC; Bergman, TJ; Carter, AJ; ... Zinner, D; + view all (2019) The Natural History of Model Organisms: Insights into the evolution of social systems and species from baboon studies. eLife , 8 , Article e50989. 10.7554/eLife.50989. Green open access

Fox, Elizabeth; (2019) Between Iron and Coal: Enacting Kinship, Bureaucracy and Infrastructure in the Ger Districts of Ulaanbaatar. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).


Garaway, C; Arthur, R; (2019) Measuring fish catch and consumption: Practical methods for small-scale fisheries based on length as an alternative to weight-based approaches. Fisheries Management and Ecology 10.1111/fme.12409. (In press).

Ge, E; Chen, Y; Wu, J; Mace, R; (2019) Large-scale cooperation driven by reputation, not fear of divine punishment. Royal Society Open Science , 6 (8) , Article 190991. 10.1098/rsos.190991. Green open access

Giles-Vernick, T; Kutalek, R; Napier, D; Kaawa-Mafigiri, D; Duckers, M; Paget, J; Ahmed, SM; ... Wilkinson, A; + view all (2019) A new social sciences network for infectious threats. [Editorial comment]. Lancet Infectious Diseases , 19 (5) pp. 461-463. 10.1016/S1473-3099(19)30159-8. Green open access

Gomez-Olivencia, A; Lopez-Onaindia, D; Sala, N; Balzeau, A; Pantoja-Perez, A; Arganda-Carreras, I; Arlegi, M; ... Gomez-Robles, A; + view all (2019) The human remains from Axlor (Dima, Biscay, northern Iberian Peninsula). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 10.1002/ajpa.23989. (In press).

Gómez-Robles, A; (2019) Dental evolutionary rates and its implications for the Neanderthal–modern human divergence. Science Advances , 5 (5) , Article eaaw1268. 10.1126/sciadv.aaw1268. Green open access


Hirst, CS; White, S; Siek, T; Gasparik, A; (2019) Honeycomb sterna: an unusual case of a developmental abnormality in the sternum. Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy 10.1007/s00276-019-02350-4. (In press). Green open access

Holbraad, M; (2019) Channels and Barriers in the Nascent Dialogue Between Cuban and Foreign Anthropologists. American Anthropologist 10.1111/aman.13303. (In press). Green open access

Holbraad, M; (2019) No sugar, please! Tobacco anthropology and the merits of contingent conceptualisation. Anthropologica , 61 (1) pp. 5-11. 10.3138/anth.61.1.02.

Holland, Katrina; (2019) 'Biosensors in Fluffy Coats': Interspecies Relationships and Knowledge Production at the Nexus of Dog-Training and Scientific Research. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access

Homewood, K; Rowcliffe, M; De Leeuw, J; Said, M; Keane, A; (2019) Pastoralism, conservation and resilience: causes and consequences of pastoralist household decision-making. In: Gardner, S and Ramsden, S and Hails, R, (eds.) Agricultural Resilience: Perspectives from Ecology and Economics. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK. Green open access

Hopkins, WD; Latzman, RD; Mareno, MC; Schapiro, SJ; Gómez-Robles, A; Sherwood, CC; (2019) Heritability of Gray Matter Structural Covariation and Tool Use Skills in Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): A Source-Based Morphometry and Quantitative Genetic Analysis. Cerebral Cortex , 29 (9) pp. 3702-3711. 10.1093/cercor/bhy250. Green open access


Iriart, JAB; Nucci, MF; Muniz, TP; Viana, GB; Aureliano, WDA; Gibbon, S; (2019) From the search for diagnosis to treatment uncertainties: challenges of care for rare genetic diseases in Brazil = Da busca pelo diagnóstico às incertezas do tratamento: desafios do cuidado para as doenças genéticas raras no Brasil. Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 24 (10) pp. 3637-3650. 10.1590/1413-812320182410.01612019. Green open access

Irons, R; (2019) Han, Sallie; Betsinger, Tracy K.; Scott, Amy B. (eds.). 2017. The Anthropology of the Fetus: Biology, Culture, and Society. Berghahn Books. 316 pp. Hb.: $120.00. ISBN: 978178533691. [Review]. Social Anthropology , 27 (1) pp. 116-117. 10.1111/1469-8676.12611.


Jeleff, M; Lehner, L; Giles-Vernick, T; Dückers, MLA; Napier, AD; Jirovsky, E; Kutalek, R; (2019) Vulnerability assessment tools for infectious threats and antimicrobial resistance: a scoping review protocol. BMJ Open , 9 (11) , Article e031944. 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-031944. Green open access

Jennings, Jessica Laura; (2019) Reiki in London: The Vibrant Individual. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access


Keane, A; Lund, JF; Bluwstein, J; Burgess, ND; Nielsen, MR; Homewood, K; (2019) Impact of Tanzania's Wildlife Management Areas on household wealth. Nature Sustainability 10.1038/s41893-019-0458-0. (In press).

Kricheff, Daniel Abraham; (2019) Action and Identity Among Maniq People in Southern Thailand. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).


Liao, W; Xing, S; Li, D; Martinon-Torres, M; Wu, X; Soligo, C; Bermudez de Castro, JM; ... Liu, W; + view all (2019) Mosaic dental morphology in a terminal Pleistocene hominin from Dushan Cave in southern China. Scientific Reports , 9 , Article 2347. 10.1038/s41598-019-38818-x. Green open access


Maqsood, A; (2019) Who Are the Taliban? The Deflection of Truth Amongst Tribal Pashtuns of Pakistan. In: The Scandal of Continuity in Middle East Anthropology Form, Duration, Difference. Indiana University Press: Bloomington, IN, USA.

Maqsood, A; (2019) The social life of rumors: uncertainty in everyday encounters between the military, Taliban and tribal Pashtun in Pakistan. Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East , 39 (3) pp. 462-474. 10.1215/1089201X-7885414. Green open access

Maqsood, A; Spencer, J; Abeyasekera, A; Perera, I; Sajjad, F; (2019) Discipline in Sri Lanka, punish in Pakistan: neoliberalism, governance and housing compared. Journal of the British Academy , 7 (S2) pp. 215-244. 10.5871/jba/007s2.215. Green open access

Martina, Claudia; (2019) Individual differences in cognitive abilities and task performance in wild chacma baboons (Papio ursinus). Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Miller, D; (2019) Anthropological studies of mobile phones. Technology and Culture , 60 (4) pp. 1093-1097. 10.1353/tech.2019.0103. Green open access

Miller, D; (2019) Of pubs and platforms. Journal Of The Royal Anthropological Institute , 25 (4) pp. 793-809. 10.1111/1467-9655.13132.

Miller, D; Costa, E; Haapio-Kirk, L; Haynes, N; Sinanan, J; McDonald, T; Nicolescu, R; ... Wang, X; + view all (2019) Contemporary Comparative Anthropology – The Why We Post Project. Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology , 84 (2) pp. 283-300. 10.1080/00141844.2017.1397044. Green open access

Miller, D; Costa, E; Haynes, N; McDonald, T; Nicolescu, R; Sinanan, J; Juliano, S; ... Wang, X; + view all (2019) Come il mondo ha cambiato i social media (Gabriella D’Agostino, Vincenzo Matera, Trans.). UCL Press: London, UK. Green open access

Miller, D; Costa, E; Haynes, N; McDonald, T; Nicolescu, R; Sinanan, J; Spyer, J; ... Wang, X; + view all (2019) உலகம் சமூக ஊடகங்களை எப்படி மாற்றியிருக்கிறது (Priya K. Murthy, Trans.). [Book]. UCL Press: London, UK. Green open access

Miller, D; Costa, E; Haynes, N; McDonald, T; Nicolescu, R; Sinanan, J; Spyer, J; ... Wang, X; + view all (2019) Como o Mundo Mudou as Mídias Sociais. UCL Press: London, UK. Green open access

Miller, D; Haynes, N; McDonald, T; Nicolescu, R; Sinanan, J; Spyer, J; Venkatraman, S; (2019) दुनिया ने जैसे सामाजिक मीडिया को बदल दिया (Priya K. Murthy, Trans.). UCL Press: London, UK. Green open access

Montalva, N; Adhikari, K; Liebert, A; Mendoza-Revilla, J; Flores, SV; Mace, R; Swallow, DM; (2019) Adaptation to milking agropastoralism in Chilean goat herders and nutritional benefit of lactase persistence. Annals of Human Genetics , 83 (1) pp. 11-22. 10.1111/ahg.12277. Green open access


O'Connor, Aeron; (2019) Pursuing the Intellectual: Changing Conditions of Cultural Production in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Omar, N; Major, S; Mohsen, M; Al Tamimi, H; El Taher, F; Kilshaw, S; (2019) Culpability, blame, and stigma after pregnancy loss in Qatar. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth , 19 , Article 215. 10.1186/s12884-019-2354-z. Green open access


Page, AE; Myers, S; Dyble, M; Migliano, AB; (2019) Why so many Agta boys? Explaining ‘extreme’ sex ratios in Philippine foragers. Evolutionary Human Sciences , 1 , Article e5. 10.1017/ehs.2019.4. Green open access

Page, AE; Thomas, MG; Smith, D; Dyble, M; Viguier, S; Chaudhary, N; Salali, GD; ... Migliano, AB; + view all (2019) Testing adaptive hypotheses of alloparenting in Agta foragers. Nature Human Behaviour , 3 pp. 1154-1163. 10.1038/s41562-019-0679-2.

Poza-Rey, EM; Gómez-Robles, A; Arsuaga, JL; (2019) Brain size and organization in the Middle Pleistocene hominins from Sima de los Huesos. Inferences from endocranial variation. Journal of Human Evolution , 129 pp. 67-90. 10.1016/j.jhevol.2019.01.006. (In press). Green open access


Romanek, Devorah; (2019) Past, Present and Future: Photographic Presence in New Mexico. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access


Salali, GD; Chaudhary, N; Bouer, J; Thompson, J; Vinicius, L; Migliano, AB; (2019) Development of social learning and play in BaYaka hunter-gatherers of Congo. Scientific Reports , 9 , Article 11080. 10.1038/s41598-019-47515-8. Green open access

Sawadogo, N; Randall, SC; Bazié, F; (2019) Mobilités familiales face à l'isolement des personnes âgées au Burkina Faso = Family mobility as a means of preventing the isolation of elderly people in Burkina Faso. Gérontologie et société , 41 (158/1) pp. 99-112. (In press). Green open access

Scott, Victoria N; (2019) A Phenomenological Study of the Prehistoric Rock Art Tradition of central-western Thailand. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Sheild Johansson, CM; (2019) Resource rumours in the Bolivian highlands: The potential of gold in community lands. Bulletin of Latin American Research 10.1111/blar.12953. (In press).

Sheild Johansson, CM; (2019) ‘The mountain ate his heart’: Agricultural Labour and Animate Land in a Protestant Andean Community. Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology , 24 (2) pp. 573-590. 10.1111/jlca.12404.

Sherman, Louisa Elizabeth; (2019) Designing Hong Kong: building on a 'barren island', dwelling in a 'good-place land'. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Smith, D; Dyble, M; Major, K; Page, AE; Chaudhary, N; Salali, GD; Thompson, J; ... Mace, R; + view all (2019) A friend in need is a friend indeed: Need-based sharing, rather than cooperative assortment, predicts experimental resource transfers among Agta hunter-gatherers. Evolution and Human Behavior , 40 (1) pp. 82-89. 10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2018.08.004. Green open access

Stewart, C; (2019) Comment on Hodges, History’s Impasse. [Review]. Current Anthropology , 60 (3) pp. 409-410. 10.1086/703204.

Stewart, C; (2019) Everyday Historians? ISRF Bulletin (19) pp. 37-41. Green open access

Stewart, C; Palmié, S; (2019) Introduction: The Varieties of Historical Experience. In: Palmié,, Stephan and Stewart, Charles, (eds.) The Varieties of Historical Experience. Routledge: London, UK. (In press).


Therond, C; Lanceley, A; Gibbon, S; Rahman, B; (2019) The narrative paradox of the BRCA gene: An ethnographic study in the clinical encounters of ovarian cancer patients. Anthropology & Medicine (In press).


Waters, Hedwig Amelia; (2019) 'Living from loan to loan': tracing networks of gifts, debt and trade in the Mongolian borderlands. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

White, S; Soligo, C; Pope, M; Hillson, S; (2019) Taxonomic variation in the supraorbital region of catarrhine primates. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 10.1002/ajpa.23975. (In press).

Williamson Fa, Stefan John; (2019) Resounding Love for the Household of the Prophet: Sound and Mediation among Shi’i Muslims in Turkey. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).


Yang, Y; Arnot, M; Mace, R; (2019) Current ecology, not ancestral dispersal patterns, influences menopause symptom severity. Ecology and Evolution 10.1002/ece3.5705. (In press). Green open access

Young, S; (2019) Protests, Regulations, and Environmental Accountability in Cambodia. Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs , 38 (1) pp. 33-54. 10.1177/1868103419845515. Green open access

Young, S; (2019) Social movements in Cambodia: why they succeed or fail. Journal of International Relations and Development 10.1057/s41268-019-00175-7. (In press).

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