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Berkowitz, M; (2007) The Crime of My Very Existence: Nazism and the Myth of Jewish Criminality. [Book]. University of California Press: Berkeley, Los Angeles and London.

Berkowitz, M; (2006) The Nazi Equation of Jewish Partisans with 'Bandits' and its Consequences. European Review of History - Revue Européene d'Histoire , 13 (2) pp. 311-333. 10.1080/13507480600786961.

Berkowitz, M; (2005) Rejecting Zion, embracing the Orient: The life and death of Jacob Israel De Haan. In: Kalmar, ID and Penslar, DJ, (eds.) Orientalism and the Jews. (pp. 109-124). Brandeis University Press: Hanover and London.

Berkowitz, M; (2005) Unmasking counterhistory: An introductory exploration of criminality and the Jewish Question. In: Becker, P and Wetzell, RF, (eds.) Criminals and Their Scientists: The History of Criminology in International Perspective. (pp. 61-84). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge and New York.


Damsma, A.; (2008) An analysis of Targum Ezekiel and its relationship to the Targumic Toseftot. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).


Fischer, L; (2007) Hegel in Support of Jewish Emancipation. A Deliberate Political Act? Owl of Minerva , 37 (2) pp. 127-157.

Fischer, L; (2007) The Socialist Response to Antisemitism in Imperial Germany. [Book]. Cambridge University Press: New York, Cambridge.


Geller, M; (2007) Evil Demons: Canonical Utukku Lemnutu Incantations. [Book]. State Archives of Assyria Cuneiform Texts. Helsinki University Press: Helsinki.

Geller, M; (2006) Deconstructing Talmudic Magic. In: Burnett, C and Ryan, W, (eds.) Magic and the Classical Tradition. (pp. 1-18). Warburg Institute- Nino Aragno Editore: London.

Geller, M; (2005) Renal and Rectal Disease Texts. [Book]. Die babylonisch-assyrische Medizin in Texten und Untersuchungen, VII,: Vol.7. Walter de Gruyter: Berlin.

Geller, M; Van Dijk, JJA; (2003) Ur III Incantations from the Frau Professor Hilprecht-Collection, Jena. [Book]. Harrassowitz Verlag: Wiesbaden.

Greenberg, G; (2007) Freedom in Biblical Translation: Choice of Lexical Equivalents in the Peshitta. In: Isaksson, B and Eskhult, M and Ramsay, G, (eds.) The Professorship of Semitic Languages at Uppsala University, 400 years. (pp. 105-117). Uppsala University

Greenberg, G; (2006) Translating and Transmitting an Inspired Text? In: ter Haar Romeny, B and van Peursen, W, (eds.) Text, Translation and Tradition, Studies on the Peshitta and its use in the Syriac Tradition. (pp. 57-64). Brill: Leiden.

Greenberg, G; (2004) Indications of the Faith of the Translator in the Peshitta to the 'Servant Songs' of Deutero-Isaiah. Aramaic Studies , 2 (2) pp. 175-192. 10.1177/147783510400200202.

Greenberg, G; (2002) Translation Technique in the Peshitta to Jeremiah, Monographs of the Peshitta Institute. [Book]. Brill: Leiden.


Kahn, L.O.; (2008) The verbal system in maskilic Hebrew prose fiction 1857-1881. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).


Lochery, N.; (2006) The impact of the Soviet Aliyah on the Middle East peace process, 1988–2005. East European Jewish Affairs , 36 (1) pp. 1-30. 10.1080/13501670600711805.

Lochery, N.; (2005) Why blame Israel? Icon Books: Thriplow, UK.

Lochery, NF; (2007) Loaded Dice: The Foreign Office and Israel. [Book]. Continuum: London and New York.

Lochery, NF; (2005) The View from the Fence: The Arab-Israeli Conflict from its Present to its Roots. [Book]. Continuum: London, New York.

Loewenthal, N.; (2006) Balancing tensions between exoteric and esoteric teachings, and between study and action in the Yeshivah of the last Lubavitcher Rebbe. In: Etkes, I., (ed.) Yeshivot and Battei Midrash. (pp. 369-394). The Zalman Shazar Center: Jerusalem, Israel.

Loewenthal, N.; (2006) Balancing tensions between exoteric and esoteric teachings, and between study and action in the Yeshivah of the last Lubavitcher Rebbe. In: Etkes, I., (ed.) ישיבות ובתי מדרשות. (pp. 369-394). The Zalman Shazar Center: Jerusalem, Israel.

Loewenthal, NHJ; (2005) "'The Lower Unity': Joining Mystic Quest and Reality in the First Century of Habad”. Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu Journal of Torah and Scholarship , 16 pp. 57-77.

Loewenthal, NHJ; (2005) “‘From the Source of Rahamim’: Graveside Prayer of Habad Hasidism”. In: Hayward, RH and Embry, B, (eds.) Studies in Jewish Prayer. (pp. 207-223). Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Loewenthal, NHJ; (2005) Spirituality Experience for Hasidic Youths and Girls in pre-Holocaust Europe - a Confluence of Tradition and Modernity. In: Mintz, A and Schiffman, L, (eds.) Jewish Spirituality and Divine Law. (pp. 407-454). Yeshiva University Press: New York.


Mancuso, P.; (2009) Shabbatai Donnolo’s Sefer Hakhmoni: introduction, critical text, and annotated English translation. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).


Ranta, R.S.; (2009) The wasted decade: Israel’s policies towards the Occupied Territories 1967-1977. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Rapoport-Albert, A; Kwasman, T; (2006) Late Aramaic: The literary and linguistic context of the Zohar. Aramaic Studies , 4 (1) pp. 5-19. 10.1177/1477835106066032.

Rapoport-Albert, A; Merchan-Hamann, C; (2007) "Something for the Female Sex": A Call for the Liberation of Women, and the Release of the Female Libido from the "Shackles of Shame", in an Anonymous Frankist Manuscript from Prague, c. 1800. Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought , 20 pp. 77-135.

Rapoport-Albert, A.; (2002) Eizeh she'elot u-teshuvot 'al derekh She'alti'el vi'Yhoyada: Sanegoriah maskilit 'al ha-hasidut mi-beit midrasho shel Eliezer Zvi Zweifel. In: Bartal, I. and Froedlander, Y. and Turniansky, C. and Assaf, D. and Finer, S., (eds.) לפרופסור שמואל ורסס מחקרים בתולדותיהם ובתרבותם של יהודי מזרח אירופה מוגשים. (pp. 71-122). ספרים אלקטרוניים: Jerusalem, Israel.

Rapoport-Albert, A.; (2001) On the position of women in Sabbatianism. In: Elior, R., (ed.) The Sabbatian Movement and Its Aftermath: Messianism,Sabbatianism and Frankism. (pp. 143-328). The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies: Jerusalem, Israel.

Ratner, T; (2007) The Young Historians or Chronicles of Homes. Hebrew Studies 10.1353/hbr.2007.0002.

Ratner, T; (2005) Not So Innocent -An Israeli Tale of Subversion: Dorit Rabinyan's Persian Brides. In: Hart, S and Ouyang, W, (eds.) A Companion to Magical Realism. (pp. 191-199). Thamesis: Woodbridge.

Ratner, T; (2003) Discourses of Negotiations: The Writing of Orthodox Women in Israel. In: Naveh, H, (ed.) Gender and Israeli Society: Women's Time. Vallentine Mitchell: London.

Ratner, T.; (2004) Playing fathers' games. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies , 3 (2) pp. 147-161. 10.1080/1472588042000225820.


Smelik, W; (2003) Extant manuscripts of the the Targum to Psalms: an eclectic list. [Digital scholarly resource]. Green open access

Smelik, W; (2001) Language, Locus and Translation Between the Talmudim. Journal for the Aramaic Bible , 3 pp. 199-224.

Smelik, W; (2001) Sources for manuscripts of Targumic literature in public collections. Selective bibliography: catalogues. Bibliography. UCL: London. Green open access

Smelik, WF; (2005) Translation as Innovation in b. Meg. 3a. In: Teugels, LM and Ulmer, E, (eds.) Recent Developments in Midrash Research. (pp. 25-49). Gorgias Press: Piscataway.

Smelik, WF; (2004) Trouble in the Trees! Variant Selection and Tree Construction Illustrated by the Texts of Targum Judges. In: van Reenen, P and den Hollander, A and van Mulken, M, (eds.) Studies in Stemmatology II. (pp. 167-206). John Benjamins: Amsterdam/Philadelphia.

Smelik, WF; (2003) Orality, the Targums, and Manuscript Reproduction. In: den Hollander, A and Schmidt, U and Smelik, WF, (eds.) Paratext and Megatext as Channels of Jewish and Christian Traditions. (pp. 49-81). E.J.Brill: Leiden.

Smith, C.; (2008) Tuning the soul: music as spiritual process in the teachings of Rabbi Nahman of Bratzlav. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Stern, S; (2004) Near eastern lunar calendars in the syriac martyr acts. Museon , 117 (3-4) pp. 447-472.

Stern, S; (2003) Rabbi and the origins of the patriarchate. Journal of Jewish Studies , 54 (2) pp. 193-215.

Stern, SD; (2003) Time and Process in Ancient Judaism. [Book]. (1 vols). The Littman Library of Jewish civilization: Oxford.

Stern, SD; (2001) Calendar and Community. A History of the Jewish Calendar, Second Century BCE - Tenth Century CE. [Book]. (1 vols). Oxford University Press: Oxford.

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