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Quirke, S; (2005) Review of Die Totentexte des verschollenen Sarges der Königin Mentuhotep aus der 13. Dynastie Ein Textzeuge aus der Übergangszeit von den Sargtexten zum Totenbuch (Studien zum Altägyptischen Totenbuch 8). Geisen,C. Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions , 5 228 - 238.

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Quirke, S; Tajeddin, Z; (2010) Mechanical reproduction in the age of the artwork? Faience and 5000 moulds from 14th-century BC Egypt. VISUAL COMMUNICATION , 9 (3) 341 - 362. 10.1177/1470357210372721.

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Ucko, PJ; Quirke, S; (2006) 2004 advertisement for the TV version of Agatha Christie's 'Death on the Nile'. Public Archaeology , 5 (1)

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Book chapter

Bourriau, J; Quirke, S; (1999) The late Middle Kingdom ceramic repertoire in work and object. In: Quirke, S, (ed.) Lahun Studies. (60 - 83). SIA Publications: Reigate.

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Quirke, S; (2012) The Hyksos in Egypt 1600 bce: New Rulers without an Administration. In: UNSPECIFIED

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Proceedings paper

MacDonald, L; Guerra, MF; Pillay, R; Hess, M; Quirke, S; Robson, S; Ahmadabadian, AH; (2014) Practice-Based Comparison of Imaging Methods for Visualization of Toolmarks on an Egyptian Scarab. In: IMAGE AND SIGNAL PROCESSING, ICISP 2014. (pp. 239 - 246).

Quirke, SGJ; (2011) ‘On/Heliopolis/‘Ain Shams Where Light first became Enlightenment. In: Abdel Nasser, M and Hamouda, S, (eds.) Alexandria and other Centers of Thought in Ancient Egypt: 10-11 December 2009, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Proceedings. (pp. 7 - 19). Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies: Alexandria, Egypt.

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