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Alipour, R; Gleba, M; Rehren, T; (2011) Textile templates for ceramic crucibles in early Islamic Akhsiket, Uzbekistan. Archaeological Textiles Newsletter (53) 15 - 27.

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Book chapter

Andersson, E; Gleba, M; Mannering, U; Vedeler, M; (2010) History of Costume and Fashion in Northern Europe. In: Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. (72 - 78). Berg Fashion Library Ltd: Oxford.

Proceedings paper

Gleba, M; (2009) Textile tools and specialisation in the Early Iron Age female burials. In: Herring, E and Lomas, K, (eds.) BAR International. (pp. 69 - 78). Archaeopress: Oxford.

Gleba, M; The 'Distaff side' of Early Iron Age Aristocratic Identity in Italy. In: Gleba, M and Horsnaes, H, (eds.) (Proceedings) Communicating Identity in Italic Iron Age Communities. Oxbow Books: Oxbow.

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