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Bates, MR; Bates, CR; Gibbard, PL; Macphail, RI; Owen, FJ; Parfitt, SA; Preece, RC; (2000) Late Middle Pleistocene deposits at Norton Farm on the West Sussex coastal plain, southern England. J QUATERNARY SCI , 15 (1) 61 - 89.

Bates, MR; Parfitt, SA; Roberts, MB; (1997) The chronology, palaeogeography and archaeological significance of the marine quaternary record of the west Sussex coastal plain, southern England, UK. QUATERNARY SCI REV , 16 (10) 1227 - 1252.

Hillson, SW; Parfitt, SA; Bello, SM; Roberts, MB; Stringer, CB; (2010) Two hominin incisor teeth from the middle Pleistocene site of Boxgrove, Sussex, England. J HUM EVOL , 59 (5) 493 - 503. 10.1016/j.jhevol.2010.06.004.

Holmes, JA; Atkinson, T; Darbyshire, DPF; Horne, DJ; Joordens, J; Roberts, MB; Sinka, KJ; (2010) Middle Pleistocene climate and hydrological environment at the Boxgrove hominin site (West Sussex, UK) from ostracod records. QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS , 29 (13-14) 1515 - 1527. 10.1016/j.quascirev.2009.02.024.

ROBERTS, MB; (1994) HOW OLD IS BOXGROVE MAN - REPLY. NATURE , 371 (6500) 751 - 751.


Roberts, M; (2014) The Institute of Archaeology Field Course 2014: The Search for the Lost Hunting Lodge of the Earls of Arundel at Downley, Singleton, West Sussex, UK. Archaeology International , 17 pp. 109-121. 10.5334/ai.1722. Green open access

Roberts, MB; (2013) Excavation and survey of a Middle Bronze Age Burnt Mound and Late Bronze Age rectangular enclosure, on Bow Hill, Stoughton, West Sussex, UK. Antiquity: a quarterly review of archaeology

Roberts, MB; The exotic rocks of the marine Pleistocene sediments on the coastal plain of Sussex and Hampshire, UK, and their role in understanding the interglacial -glacial transition. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association

Roberts, MB; Parfitt, SA; Pope, M; Wenban-Smith, FF; (1997) Boxgrove, West Sussex: Rescue excavations of a Lower Palaeolithic landsurface (Boxgrove Project B, 1989-91). PROC PREHIST SOC , 63 pp. 303-358.

Roberts, MB; Parfitt, SA; Urbanová, P; Cannibalism during the British Middle Pleistocene: evidence from the site of Boxgrove, West Sussex, UK. Nature

Roberts, MB; Pope, MI; Maxted, A; Jones, P; (2009) The Valdoe: archaeology of a locality within the Boxgrove landscape. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society (London) , 75 pp. 239-263.

Roberts, MB; Stout, D; Apel, J; Commander, J; (2013) Late Acheulean technology and cognition at Boxgrove, UK. Journal of Archaeological Science

Streeter, M; Stout, SD; Trinkaus, E; Stringer, CB; Roberts, MB; Parfitt, SA; (2001) Histomorphometric age assessment of the Boxgrove 1 tibial diaphysis. J HUM EVOL , 40 (4) 331 - 338. 10.1006/jhev.2001.0460.

Stringer, CB; Trinkaus, E; Roberts, MB; Parfitt, SA; Macphail, RI; (1998) The Middle Pleistocene human tibia from Boxgrove. J HUM EVOL , 34 (5) 509 - 547.

Trinkaus, E; Stringer, CB; Ruff, CB; Hennessy, RJ; Roberts, MB; Parfitt, SA; (1999) Diaphyseal cross-sectional geometry of the Boxgrove 1 Middle Pleistocene human tibia. J HUM EVOL , 37 (1) 1 - 25.


Roberts, MB; (2013) Mapping the Middle Pleistocene sediments of the Slindon Formation across the Coastal Plain of West Sussex and eastern Hampshire, UK. [Book]. English Heritage Monograph series. English Heritage

Roberts, MB; Parfitt, SA; (2013) Boxgrove: An early Middle Pleistocene hominid site at Eartham Quarry, Boxgrove West Sussex. Excavations 1990-1996. [Book]. English Heritage Monograph series. English Heritage

Roberts, MB; Parfitt, SA; (1999) Boxgrove: A Middle Pleistocene Hominid Site at Eartham Quarry, Boxgrove, West Sussex. [Book]. English Heritage: London.

Book chapter

Bates, MR; Parfitt, SA; Roberts, MB; (1998) Later Middle and Upper Pleistocene marine sediments of the West Sussex Coastal Plain. In: Murton, JB and Whiteman, CA and Bates, MR and Bridgland, DR and Long, AJ and Roberts, MB and Waller, MB, (eds.) The Quaternary of Kent and Sussex. (pp. 151-165). Quaternary Research Association: London.

Bates, MR; Parfitt, SA; Roberts, MB; (1998) Palaeolithic Archaeology and Quaternary Stratigraphy of the West Sussex Coastal Plain. In: Murton, JB and Whiteman, CA and Bates, MR and Bridgland, DR and Long, AJ and Roberts, MB and Waller, MB, (eds.) The Quaternary of Kent and Sussex. (pp. 165-168). Quaternary Research Association: London.

Pope, MI; Roberts, MB; (2005) Observations on the relationship between Palaeolithic individuals and artefact scatters at the Middle Pleistocene site of Boxgrove, UK. In: Gamble, CS and Porr, M, (eds.) The hominid individual in context: Archaeological investigations of Lower and Middle Palaeolithic, landscapes, locales and artefacts. (pp. 81-97). Routledge

Roberts, MB; Pope, MI; (2009) The archaeological and sedimentary records from Boxgrove and Slindon. In: Briant, RM and Bates, MR and Hosfield, RT and Wenban-Smith, FF, (eds.) The Quaternary of the Solent Basin and West Sussex Raised Beaches. (pp. 96-122). Quaternary Research Association Field Guide: London.

Proceedings paper

Pope, MI; Roberts, MB; (2011) The Valdoe: A new Middle Pleistocene locality in the Boxgrove paleolandscape (West Sussex, UK). In: Brown, AG and Basell, LS and Butzer, KW, (eds.) (Proceedings) Conference on Geoarchaeology. (pp. pp. 15-22). GEOLOGICAL SOC AMER INC

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