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Napier, AD; Ancarno, C; Butler, B; Calabrese, J; Chater, A; Chatterjee, H; Guesnet, F; (2014) Culture and health. Lancet , 384 (9954) 1607 - 1639. 10.1016/S0140-6736(14)61603-2. Green open access

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2016) Høje tanker og tryksværte i romantikken: antologi reviderer vores syn på 1800-tallets digtning og bogmarked i Skandinavian og Storbritannien. [Review]. Standart: Anmeldelser af ny litteratur , 2016 (1) pp. 62-63. Green open access

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Book chapter

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Conference item

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2014) Key-note: Nordic Noir on Page and Screen. [Lecture]. Presented at: Teaching C21 Genre: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, University of Bristol.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2013) Adapting the ’People's Home’: Henning Mankell and the Translation of Cultures. Presented at: Nordic Translation Conference, UEA, 6. April 2013., University of East Anglia.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2012) Prosthetic Authorship: Henry James, Masculinity and Typewriting. Presented at: Reconfiguring Authorship, Gent, Belgium.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2012) H.C. Andersen: En Dansk Drøm om Velfærdssamfundet. Presented at: H.C. Andersen og Velfærd, University of Southern Denmark.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2011) Krimiens Velværelse: Om den Skandinaviske Krimi på Kant med Samfundet. Presented at: Velværelsen: Litteraturen, Lykken og Tilværelsen i Velfærdsstatens Tid, University of Southern Denmark.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2011) ‘No absolute privacy’: Henry James and the Ethics of Reading Authors’ Letters. Presented at: Transforming Henry James, International Conference of the Henry James Society, Rome.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2011) Revising Authorship for a Digital Age: Henry James and the Remediation of the Author. [Lecture]. Presented at: American Studies Seminar Series, University of Hong Kong.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2010) Andersen's Scrapbook: The Socialization of Fairy Tales in Performance and Print. Presented at: Book Culture from Below. The 18th Annual SHARP Conference, Helsinki, Finland.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2010) Digital Memories and Memorial Culture in Second Life. Presented at: Transcultural Memory, University of London, UK.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2009) James’s Faces: Appearance, Absorption and the Aesthetic Significance of the Face’,. Presented at: Henry James’s Europe: Cultural (Re)appropriations and Transtextual Relations, Paris, France.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2009) Jean Monnet Lecture: Multilingualism and Cosmopolitan Citizenship in Europe. [Lecture]. Presented at: Multilingualism: Policy, Practice and Teaching, Università degli Studi di Catania.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2008) 'Our time is the time of fairy tales': H.C. Andersen's tales in Danish and British Illustrated Magazines. Presented at: Published Words, Public Pages: SHARP Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2008) Hans Christian Andersen’s Tales across the Atlantic and across Media. [Lecture]. Presented at: Transatlantic Publishing Seminar Series, University of London, UK.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2008) In the Eye of Apollo: World Literature form Goethe to Google. [Lecture]. Presented at: Mellon Programme Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, UCL.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2003) Rostgaard’s Island. Chorography in Ludvig Holberg’s epic Peder Paars (1719). Presented at: Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies Conference, Minneapolis, USA.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; Novel Productions: Henry James, secretaries, and the discipline of textual production. Presented at: ESSE-9, Aarhus, Denmark.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J.; (2008) In the eye of Apollo: world literature from Goethe to Google. [Lecture]. Presented at: UCL Mellon Programme: Interdisciplinary Seminar 2007-2008, University College London, UK. Green open access


Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2007) Frontispieces and Other Ruins: The Visual and Textual Culture of Henry James's New York Edition. Doctoral thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Digital scholarly resource

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; Napier, D; (2013) Should we trust the Danes? The World Happiness Report 2013. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.ucl.ac.uk/european-institute/highlights...


Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2009) Udefra. Den Blaa Port, Copenhagen.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; (2007) Mesterens Forbandelse. Politiken, Copenhagen.

Stougaard-Nielsen, J; Lock, C; (2009) Obituary: Inger Christensen. Eminent Danish poet whose work followed mathematical models. The Guardian, UK.

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