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Feuerbach, A; Griffiths, DR; Merkel, JF; (1997) On the Steel Workshop and Literary references to the production of steel. Iran , 35 10 - 13.

Griffiths, DR; Feuerbach, A; Merkel, JF; (1997) Archaeometallurgical remains from MGK4. Journal of Persian Studies , 34 16 - 17.

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Sokhan, M; Gaspar, P; McPhail, DS; Cummings, A; Cornish, L; Pullen, D; ... Merkel, JF; + view all (2003) Initial results on laser cleaning at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Natural History Museum and Tate Gallery. J CULT HERIT , 4 230S - 236S.

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Wang, Q.; Merkel, J.F.; (2001) Studies on the redeposition of copper in Jin Bronzes from Tianma-Qucun, Shanzi, China. Studies in Conservation , 46 (4) pp. 242-250.

Book chapter

Craddock, PT; Wallis, JM; Merkel, JF; (2001) The rapid qualitative analysis of groups of metalwork: Making a dream come true. In: Redknap, M and Edwards, N and Young, S and Lane, A and Knight, J, (eds.) Pattern and Purpose in Insular Art. (117 - 124). Oxbow Books: Oxford.

Feuerbach, A; Merkel, JF; Griffiths, DR; (1997) Production of crucible steel by co-fusion: Archaeometallurgical evidence from the Ninth-Early Tenth Century at the Site of Merv, Turkmenistan. In: Vandiver, PB and Druzik, JR and Merkel, JF and Stewart, J, (eds.) Materials Issues in Art and Archaeology V. (105 - 110). Materials Research Society

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Proceedings paper

Golfomitsou, S; Merkel, JF; (2007) Understanding the efficiency of combined inhibitors for the treatment of corroded copper artefacts. In: Degrigny, C and van Langh, R and Joosten, I and Ankersmit, B, (eds.) (Proceedings) Metal 07: Interim Meeting of the ICOM-CC Metal WG Amsterdam, 17-21 September 2007. (pp. 38 - 43). Rijksmuseum: Amsterdam.

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Wang, Q; Merkel, JF; Chase, WT; (2002) Preliminary study on black layers on Qucun Bronzes (China). In: BAR International Series. (pp. 497 - 500).

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