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Bevan, A; Crema, ER; (2014) Une modélisation géographiquement explice d’interaction culturelle. Dialectes crétois modernes, archéologie de l’âge du Bronze. Les Nouvelles de l’archéologie , 135 45 - 50. (In press).

Crema, ER; (2014) A Simulation Model of Fission-Fusion Dynamics and Long-Term Settlement Change. JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL METHOD AND THEORY , 21 (2) 385 - 404. 10.1007/s10816-013-9185-4.

Crema, ER; (2013) Cycles of change in Jomon settlement: a case study from eastern Tokyo Bay. ANTIQUITY , 87 (338) 1169 - 1181.

Crema, ER; (2012) Modelling Temporal Uncertainty in Archaeological Analysis. JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL METHOD AND THEORY , 19 (3) 440 - 461. 10.1007/s10816-011-9122-3.

Crema, ER; Bevan, A; Lake, MW; (2010) A probabilistic framework for assessing spatio-temporal point patterns in the archaeological record. Journal of Archaeological Science , 37 (5) 1118 - 1130. 10.1016/j.jas.2009.12.012. Green open access

Crema, ER; Edinborough, K; Kerig, T; Shennan, SJ; (2014) An Approximate Bayesian Computation approach for inferring patterns of cultural evolutionary change. Journal of Archaeological Science , 50 (1) 160 - 170. 10.1016/j.jas.2014.07.014. Green and gold open access

Crema, ER; Kerig, T; Shennan, S; (2014) Culture, space, and metapopulation: a simulation-based study for evaluating signals of blending and branching. JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE , 43 289 - 298. 10.1016/j.jas.2014.01.002. Green and gold open access

Eve, SJ; Crema, ER; (2014) A House with a View? Multi-model inference, visibility fields, and point process analysis of a Bronze Age settlement on Leskernick Hill (Cornwall, UK). Journal of Archaeological Science , 43 (March 2014) pp. 267-277. 10.1016/j.jas.2013.12.019. Green and gold open access

Lake, MW; Crema, ER; (2012) The cultural evolution of adaptive-trait diversity when resources are uncertain and finite. Advances In Complex Systems , 15 (1-2) , Article 1150013. 10.1142/S0219525911003323. Green open access

Manning, K; Timpson, A; Colledge, S; Crema, E; Edinborough, K; Kerig, T; Shennan, S; (2014) The chronology of culture: A comparative assessment of European neolithic dating approaches. Antiquity , 88 (342) 1065 - 1080.

Mannino, M; Thomas, K; Crema, ER; Leng, M; (2014) A matter of taste? Mode and periodicity of marine mollusc exploitation on the Mediterranean island of Favignana (Ègadi Islands, Italy) during its isolation in the early Holocene. Archaeofauna: International Journal of archaeozoology , 23 133 - 147.

Mulazzani, S; Boussoffara, R; Aouadi, N; Azzara', V; Belhouchet, L; Boujelben, A; ... Scaruffi, S; + view all (2008) Entre Sahara et Méditterranée. Le Peuplement de Sebkhet Halk el menjel (Tunisie Orientale) penadant l’Holocène (Campagnes 2002-2005). Africa , 21 1 - 24.

Shennan, S; Crema, ER; Kerig, T; (2014) Isolation-by-distance, homophily, and “core” vs. “package” cultural evolution models in Neolithic Europe. Evolution and Human Behavior 10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2014.09.006. (In press). Green and gold open access

Timpson, A; Colledge, S; Crema, E; Edinborough, K; Kerig, T; Manning, K; ... Shennan, S; + view all (2014) Reconstructing regional population fluctuations in the European Neolithic using radiocarbon dates: a new case-study using an improved method. Journal of Archaeological Science , 52 pp. 549-557. 10.1016/j.jas.2014.08.011. Green and gold open access

Book chapter

Bevan, A; Crema, ER; Li, X; Palmisano, A; (2013) Intensities, interactions and uncertainties: some new approaches to archaeological distributions. In: Bevan, A and Lake, M, (eds.) Computational Approaches to Archaeological Spaces. (27 - 52). Left Coast Press: Walnut Creek.

Crema, ER; Modeling settlement rank-size fluctuations. In: Wurzer, G and Kowarik, K and Reschreiter, H, (eds.) Agent-based Modelling and Simulation in Archaeology. Springer: Berlin. (In press).

Crema, ER; Time and probabilistic reasoning in Settlement Analysis. In: Mathemathics in Archaeology. CRC Press (In press).

Crema, ER; Bianchi, E; (2013) Looking for patterns in the noise: non-site spatial-analysis in Sebkha Kelbia. In: Mulazzani, S, (ed.) Le Capsien de hergla (Tunisie). Culture, environnement et économie. Africa Magna Verlag: Frankfurt.


Crema, ER; Nishino, M; (2012) Spatio-Temporal Distributions of Middle to Late Jomon Pithouses in Oyumino, Chiba (Japan). [Dataset]. Green open access

Proceedings paper

Crema, ER; (2011) Aoristic approaches and voxel models for spatial analysis. In: Jerem, E and Redő, F and Szeverényi, V, (eds.) On the Road to Reconstructing the Past. Computer Applications and Qunatitative Methods in Archaeology. Proceedings of the 36th International Conference, Budapest, April 2-6, 2008. (pp. 179 - 186). Archaeolingua: Budapest. (In press).

Mulazzani, S; Boussoffara, R; Azzara', V; Belhouchet, L; Boldrin, M; Boujelben, A; ... Scaruffi, S; + view all (2008) Between the Sahara and the Mediterranean: a study of the middle holocene communities of the Sebkhet Halk el Menjel (Tunisia). The first three campaigns 2002-2004. In: Menozzi, O and Di Marzio, ML and Fossataro, D, (eds.) Proceedings of the IX symposium on Mediterranean archaeology, Chieti (Italy), 24-26 February 2005. (pp. 383 - 390). Archaeopress: Oxford.


Crema, ER; (2013) Spatial and Temporal Models of Jomon Settlement. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

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