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Book chapter

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Proceedings paper

LEVY, C; Defining Strategic Action Planning led by Civil Society Organisations: The case of CLIFF, India. In: (Proceedings) 8th N-AERUS Conference.

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Working / discussion paper

LEVY, C; (1996) The process of Institutionalising Gender in Policy and Planning: the web of institutionalisation. (DPU Working Papers 74). DPU, University College London: London, UK. Green open access

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Conference item

Allen, A; Griffin, L; Levy, C; (2014) Just Urban Futures: Dialogues between Resilience and Environmental Justice. Presented at: DPU Networking event, WUF 7, Medellin.

Davila, J; Levy, C; Marx, C; Castan Broto, V; (2015) Land Value capture for Infrastructure: Response from Discussants. Presented at: Land Value Capture for Infrastructure: Towards the Redistributive City, DPU, London.

Digital scholarly resource

Allen, A; Levy, C; Lipietz, B; Marx, C; (2013) Thinking across boundaries – Planning dilemmas in the Urban Global South - SHORT. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://vimeo.com/73388376

Allen, AE; Levy, C; Lipietz, B; Marx, C; Cociña, C; (2013) Thinking across Boundaries: Planning Dilemmas in the urban Global South[http://dputab.wordpress.com/]. [Digital scholarly resource].

Allen, AE; Levy, C; Lipietz, B; Vouhé, C; Cociña, C; (2015) Gender, climate change and urbanisation: Revisiting the links. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8Y66O6X3KA]. [Digital scholarly resource].

Lipietz, B; Allen, A; Levy, C; Marx, C; (2014) Thinking across boundaries – Part 1: Why call it the ‘urban global south’? [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkoYt0wTyuw&feature...

Lipietz, B; Allen, A; Levy, C; Marx, C; (2014) Thinking across boundaries – Part 2: What kind of planning practices does it call for? [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2RytGgPUqo&feature...

Lipietz, B; Allen, B; Levy, C; Marx, C; (2014) Thinking across boundaries – Part 3: What kind of theory is required for the urban global south? [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDF28tAFkio&feature...

Lipietz, B; Vouhé, C; Walker, J; Allen, A; Levy, C; Cocina, C; (2015) Gender, Climate Change and Urbanisation - Revisiting the Links - ENGLISH. [Digital scholarly resource]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scNcKMXCGkE


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Levy, C; Osrin, D; Daruwala, N; (2015) Indefensible Space. UCL Institute of Global Health, DPU/UCL and SNEHA

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