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Yorke, B; (2003) The legitimacy of St Edith. Haskins Society Journal , 11 pp. 97-113.


Yorke, B; (2006) The Conversion of Britain. [Book]. Pearson Longman

Yorke, B; (2003) Nunneries and the Anglo-Saxon Royal Houses. [Book]. Continuum

Yorke, B; (1995) Wessex in the Early Middle Ages. [Book]. Leicester University Press

Yorke, DB; (1990) Kings and Kingdoms of Early Anglo-Saxon England. [Book]. Seaby Books

Book chapter

Yorke, B; (2013) The Burial of kings in Anglo-Saxon England. In: Owen-Crocker, G and Schneider, B, (eds.) Kingship, Legislation and Power. (pp. 237-258). : Woodbridge.

Yorke, B; (2013) West Saxon fortifications in the ninth century: the perspective from the written sources. In: Baker, J and Brookes, S and Reynolds, A, (eds.) Landscapes of Defence in Early Medieval Europe. (pp. 91-110). : Turnhout.

Yorke, B; (2010) Adomnán at the court of King Aldfrith’. In: Wooding, J, (ed.) Adomnán of Iona. Theologian, Lawmaker,Peacemaker. (pp. 36-50). : Dublin.

Yorke, B; (2010) The representation of early West Saxon history in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. In: Jorgens, A, (ed.) Reading the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Language, Literature and History. (pp. 141-160). : Turnhout.

Yorke, B; (2009) The Bretwaldas and the Origins of Overlordship in Anglo-Saxon England. In: Baxter, S and Karkov, C and Nelson, J and Pelteret, D, (eds.) Early Medieval Studies in Memory of Patrick Wormald. (pp. 81-97). : Aldershot.

Yorke, B; (2008) Anglo-Saxon Origin Legends. In: Barrow, J and Wareham, A, (eds.) Myth, Rulership, Church and Charters. Essays in Honour of Nicholas Brooks. (pp. 15-30). : Aldershot.

Yorke, B; (2008) The Women in King Edgar’s Life. In: Scragg, D, (ed.) Edgar, King of the English, 959-975. (pp. 143-157). Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies/Boydell

Yorke, B; (2007) The insular background to Boniface’s career. In: Felten, FJ and Jarnut, J and von Padberg, L, (eds.) Bonifatius – Leben und Nachwirken. Die Gestaltung des christlichen Europa im Frühmittelalter. (pp. 23-37). : Mainz.

Yorke, B; (2006) “Carriers of the Truth”: Writing the Biographies or Anglo-Saxon Female Saints. In: Bates, D and Crick, J and Hamilton, S, (eds.) Writing Medieval Biography 750-1250. Essays in Honour of Professor Frank Barlow. (pp. 49-61). : Woodbridge.

Yorke, B; (2005) Æthelbald, Offa and the patronage of nunneries. In: Hill, D and Worthington, M, (eds.) Aethelbald and Offa. Two Eighth-Century Kings of Mercia. (pp. 43-48). : Oxford.

Yorke, B; (2003) Anglo-Saxon Gentes and Regna. In: Regna and Gentes. The Relationship between Late Antique and Early Medieval Peoples and Kingdoms in the Transformation of the Roman World. (pp. 380-407). Brill

Yorke, B; (2003) The adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon royal courts to Christianity. In: Carver, M, (ed.) The Cross Goes North. Processes of Conversion in Northern Europe, AD 300-1300. (pp. 243-258). : York.

Conference item

Yorke, B; Rex Doctissimus: Bede and King Aldfrith of Northumbria. [Lecture]. Presented at: Jarrow Lecture 2009.

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