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Aleksov, B; (2019) Lučić, Iva. Im Namen der Nation. Der politische Aufwertungsprozess der Muslime im sozialistischen Jugoslawien (1956–1971). Studia Historica Upsaliensia, 256. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Uppsala Universitet, Uppsala, 2016. 335 pp. Notes. Index. SEK 293.00. [Review]. The Slavonic and East European Review , 97 (2) pp. 384-385. 10.5699/slaveasteurorev2.97.2.0384.

Audretsch, D; Belitski, M; Korosteleva, J; (2019) Cultural Diversity and Knowledge in Explaining Entrepreneurial Outcomes in European Cities. Small Business Economics 10.1007/s11187-019-00191-4. (In press). Green open access


Butterwick, R; (2019) Propaganda in the Parishes: Local Communication during the Insurrection of 1794. In: Butterwick, R and Pawlikowska, W, (eds.) Social and Cultural Relations in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Microhistories. (pp. 215-234). Routledge: New York, NY, USA.


Charemza, W; Diaz, C; Makarova, S; (2019) Conditional Term Structure of Inflation Forecast Uncertainty: The Copula Approach. Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting (In press).

Charemza, W; Díaz, C; Makarova, S; (2019) Quasi ex-ante inflation forecast uncertainty. International Journal of Forecasting 10.1016/j.ijforecast.2019.03.002. (In press). Green open access

Cvrcek, TT; Zajicek, M; (2019) The rise of public schooling in nineteenth‑century Imperial Austria: Who gained and who paid? Cliometrica 10.1007/s11698-018-0180-6. Green open access


De Grauwe, P; Ji, Y; (2019) L'avenir de l’euro. Revue de l'OFCE , 158 (4) pp. 171-182. 10.3917/reof.158.0171.


Georgescu, D; (2019) Small Comrades as Historians and Ethnographers: Performativity, Agency, and the Socialist Pedagogy of Citizenship in Ceaușescu's Romania, 1969–1989. Slavic Review , 78 (1) pp. 74-102. 10.1017/slr.2019.9. Green open access

Gordy, E; Efendic, A; (2019) Meaningful reform in the Western Balkans: Between formal institutions and informal practices. In: Gordy, E and Efendic, A, (eds.) Meaningful reform in the Western Balkans Between formal institutions and informal practices. Peter Lang: Bern, Switzerland.

Grashoff, U; (2019) Der Mann, der nie ins Kino ging: Adolf Sauter – Von KPD-Nachrichtendienst über Gestapo und CIC zur Organisation Gehlen. Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft (In press).


Hanley, SL; Dawson, J; (2019) Foreground liberalism, background nationalism: A discursive-institutionalist account of EU leverage and ‘democratic backsliding’ in East-Central Europe. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies 10.1111/jcms.12845. (In press).

Hetherington, PL; Dolinsek, S; (2019) Socialist Internationalism and Decolonizing Moralities in the UN Anti-Trafficking Regime, 1947-1954. Journal of the History of International Law (In press).


Ilic, M; (2019) “Made in Yugoslavia”: Struggles with Self-Management in the New Art Practice, 1965-71. ARTMargins , 8 (1) (In press).


Klautke, E; (2019) Red Vienna, White Socialism, and the Blues: Ann Tizia Leitich's America. [Review]. Central Europe 10.1080/14790963.2019.1583954. (In press).

Klautke, EF; (2019) A New World? German and French debates about America and Europe during the First World War. In: D'Auria, M and Vermeiren, J, (eds.) Visions and Ideas of Europe during the First World War. Routledge: London, UK. (In press).

Koenker, DP; (2019) Cultures of Food in the Era of Developed Socialism. In: Lakhtikova, A and Brintlinger, A and Glushchenko, I, (eds.) Seasoned Socialism: Gender and Food in Late Soviet Everyday Life. Indiana University Press: Bloomington, IN, USA.

Kotwas, M; Kubik, J; (2019) Symbolic Thickening of Public Culture and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Poland. East European Politics and Societies: and Cultures (In press). Green open access

Krouglov, A; (2019) Some Challenges in Cross-Cultural Comparative Research. In: (Proceedings) Society.Integration.Education. (In press).

Krouglov, A; Mayfield, K; (2019) Some aspects of the role of interpreters in investigative interviews. Training Language and Culture , 3 (1) pp. 85-104. 10.29366/2019tlc.3.1.6. Green open access

Kubik, J; (2019) How to think about ‘area’ in Area Studies? In: Milutinovic, Z, (ed.) The Rebirth of Area Studies Challenges for History, Politics and International Relations in the 21st Century. I.B Tauris: London, UK. (In press).


Ledeneva, A; Efendic, A; (2019) The cost of informal networking in the Western Balkans region matters. In: Gordy, E and Efendic, A, (eds.) Meaningful reform in the Western Balkans: between formal institutions and informal practices. (pp. 85-102). Peter Lang: Bern, Germany.


Matijevic, P; Boni, Z; (2019) Introduction: Losing Appetite for the EU? Tensions around Food in Central and Eastern Europe. [Editorial comment]. Appetite 10.1016/j.appet.2019.05.021. (In press).

McMillin, S; (2019) Георгий Владимов: письма матери в Гулаг 1953-1954. Знамя (Znamya), , 2019 (3)

McMillin (-Shnitman), S; (2019) Становление писателя Георгия Владимова или история о том, как Жора Волосевич на себя доносы писал. Знамя (1)

Mole, RCM; (2019) Constructing Soviet and Post-Soviet Sexualities. In: Mole, RCM, (ed.) Soviet and Post-Soviet Sexualities. (pp. 1-15). Routledge: London, UK.

Mole, RCM; (2019) Identity, belonging and solidarity in the Russian-speaking queer diaspora in Berlin. In: Mole, RCM, (ed.) Soviet and Post-Soviet Sexualities. Rouledge: Abingdon. (In press).


Nikolova, EV; (2019) Using Data Analysis and Instrumental Variables to Study the Drivers of Corruption. SAGE Research Methods Cases (In press). Green open access

Noble, BH; (2019) Regional legislatures and national lawmaking. Journal of Legislative Studies , 25 (1) pp. 143-147. 10.1080/13572334.2019.1570597.


Prais, Judith; (2019) The syntax and discourse function of preposed temporal ἐπεί-clauses in Homeric Greek. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).


Radosevic, S; Meissner, D; Lacasa, ID; Günther, J; (2019) Exploring technology upgrading of emerging economies: From 'shifting wealth I’ to 'shifting wealth II’? Technological Forecasting and Social Change 10.1016/j.techfore.2019.03.019. (In press).


White, A; Goodwin, K; (2019) Invisible Poles: A Book of Interview Extracts. [Book]. UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies: London, UK. Green open access


Zechenter, K; Prokop-Janiec, E; (2019) The Many Faces of Sufferings on Polish Lands. The Polish Review (In press).

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