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Abrams, BDM; (2018) The End of Revolution, and Its Means. Processual and Programmatic Approaches to Revolution in the Epoch of Revolution Debate. Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest , 6 (2) pp. 86-94. 10.3167/cont.2018.060208.

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Barsukova, S; Denisova-Schmidt, E; Ledeneva, AV; (2018) Informalität oder Korruption Kritik der quantitativen Korruptionsforschung = Informality or corruption A critique of quantitative corruption research. OSTEUROPA , 68 (8-9) pp. 25-40.

Bogatyrev, S; (2018) Three Takes on One Legend: Polyphony in Muscovite Court Culture. Kritika , 19 (1) Green open access

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Murawski, GM; (2018) Actually-Existing Success: Economics, Aesthetics, and the Specificity of (Still-)Socialist Urbanism. Comparative Studies in Society and History , 60 (4) pp. 907-937. 10.1017/S0010417518000336. Green open access

Murawski, GM; (2018) Marxist morphologies: A materialist critique of brute materialities, flat infrastructures, fuzzy property, and complexified cities. Focaal , 82 pp. 16-34. 10.3167/fcl.2018.820102.


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Шнитман-МакМиллин, С; Быков, В; (2018) Василь Быков ''Тюрьма 'Траум'. Притча'' (Translation from Belorussian with Introduction). Знамя , 2018 (3) Green open access

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