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Ahoniemi, V; (2014) Red Gas: Russia and the Origins of European Energy Dependence. By PER HÖGSELIUS. Pp. 294. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 2013. $30.00. Paperback. ISBN: 9781137293718. [Review]. Slovo , 26 (1) pp. 41-42. Green open access

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Aleksov, B; (2014) The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 by Clark, Christopher. The Slavonic and East European Review , 92 (2) pp. 363-364. Green open access

Aslan, MC; (2014) A Fuzzy-set Qualitative Analysis of the Electoral Success of Radical Right Parties in Central and Eastern Europe, 2000 - 2010. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access


Bartlett, R; Payne, R; (2014) Britain's Crimean War Trophy Guns: The Case of Ludlow and the Marches. History , 99 (337) pp. 652-669. 10.1111/1468-229X.12068. Green open access

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Berta, P; (2014) Roma in Central and Eastern Europe: Ethnicising, performing, and commodifying social differences. Foreword from the guest editor. Acta Ethnographica Hungarica: An International Journal of Ethnography , 59 (1) pp. 1-2.

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Boitani, G; (2014) Sector Sarajevo (2013)Documentary film, colour, 66 min. Directed, written and narrated by BARRY STEVENS. Cast: Lewis MacKenzie, Scott J. Casey, Greg Alkerton, Martin Bell. Canada: 52 Media Inc. Language: English. [Review]. Slovo , 26 (1) pp. 47-48. Green open access

Bracewell, CW; (2014) Review of Trieste, Dasa Drndic, London 2022. Wasafiri , 29/2 (78) pp. 84-85.

Bracewell, CW; Jasiewicz, K; (2014) Untitled. EAST EUROPEAN POLITICS AND SOCIETIES , 28 (1) pp. 3-4. 10.1177/0888325413519524.

Bracewell, W; Jasiewicz, K; (2014) Expectations, Surprises, Disappointments: Past Editors of EEPS Reflect on the Post-1989 Developments in the Region. EAST EUROPEAN POLITICS AND SOCIETIES , 28 (4) p. 643. 10.1177/0888325414553890.

Broome, AH; Nabugodi, M; Sreenan, N; Harvey, L; (2014) Editor's note. Tropos , 2 (1) pp. 2-3. 10.14324/111.2057-2212.001. Green open access

Bruno, RL; Douarin, E; Korosteleva, J; Radosevic, S; (2014) Technology choices and growth: testing and expanding the propositions of new structural economics in transition economies. (Economics and Business Working Paper Series 127). Centre for Comparative Economics (CCE), SSEES, UCL: London, UK. Green open access


Davidson, P; (2014) Review of Shapes of Apocalypse: Arts and Philosophy in Slavic Thought. Edited by Andrea Oppo. Myths and Taboos in Russian Culture. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2013. 285 pp. Bibliography. Index. £85.00. Slavonic and East European Review , 92 (3) pp. 514-516.

Davidson, P; (2014) Translation and the dynamics of Russian literary tradition. Первое сентября = Pervoe sentiabria , 2014 (12) pp. 44-47.

Davidson, P; (2014) Between Derzhavin and Pushkin: The Development of the Image of the Poet as a Prophet in the Verse of Zhukovsky, Glinka, and Kiukhelbeker. In: Trudeau, LJ, (ed.) Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism. (pp. 313-329). Gale, Cengage: Detroit, MI, USA. Green open access


Ellanskaya, E; (2014) Editorial. [Editorial comment]. Slovo , 26 (1) p. 1. Green open access

Ellanskaya, E; (2014) Editorial. [Editorial comment]. Slovo , 26 (2) p. 1. Green open access

Ellanskaya, E; (2014) Interview with contemporary Siberian philosopher Fyodor Girenok. Slovo , 26 (2) pp. 2-7. Green open access


Gerry, CJ; Mickiewicz, TM; Nikoloski, Z; (2014) MORTALITY AND FINANCIAL CRISES. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT , 26 (7) pp. 939-948. 10.1002/jid.2982.

Ghiurtu, M; (2014) Alternative Modernities in Europe. Edited by ANDREI BODIU, RODICA ILIE, ADRIAN LACATUS and GEORGETA MOARCAS. Pp. 366. Cluj Napoca: Casa Cartii de Stiinta. 2013. Paperback. ISBN: 9786061704538. [Review]. Slovo , 26 (2) pp. 36-37. Green open access

Gibson, C; (2014) Writing Postcommunism: Towards a literature of East European ruins. By DAVID WILLIAMS. (Ser. Palgrave Studies in Modern European Literature). Pp. 231. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 2013. £50.00. Hardback. ISBN: 9781137330079. [Review]. Slovo , 26 (1) pp. 32-34. Green open access

Griffiths, MJ; (2014) Writing the Cityscape: Narratives of Moscow since 1991. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access


Hanley, S; (2014) New Parties in Old Party Systems: Persistence and Decline in Seventeen Democracies. SOCIOLOGICKY CASOPIS-CZECH SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW , 50 (6) pp. 994-997.

Hanley, SL; (2014) Two Cheers for Czech Democracy. Czech Journal of Political Science , 3 (2014) , Article 1. 10.5817/PC2014-3-161. Green open access

Hanley, SL; Sikk, A; (2014) Economy, corruption or floating voters? Explaining the breakthroughs of anti-establishment reform parties in Eastern Europe. Presented at: ECPR General Conference, Glasgow. Green open access

Hanley, SL; Sikk, A; (2014) Economy, corruption or floating voters? Explaining the breakthroughs of anti-establishment reform parties in eastern Europe. Party Politics 10.1177/1354068814550438. Green open access

Harrison, E; (2014) The Image of the Jesuit in Russian Literary Culture of the Nineteenth Century. Modern Languages Open 10.3828/mlo.v0i1.38. Green open access

Hetherington, P; (2014) Selling to the masses: Retailing in Russia, 1880–1930 by marjorie l. hilton (review). Ab Imperio , 2014 (3) pp. 437-440. 10.1353/imp.2014.0089.

Heywood, E; (2014) Comparative media: Vremya’s manipulation of foreign conflict reporting in Russia in the context of Western news providers. Slovo , 26 (1) pp. 2-17. Green open access

Hjelm, T; (2014) Paradoxes of Religious Legitimacy and Authenticity in an Age of Expediency. Presented at: INFORM (Information Network on New Religious Movements), London.

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Jeschke, L; (2014) Performing the East: Performance Art in Russia, Latvia and Poland Since 1980. By AMY BRYZGEL. Pp. 303. London and New York: I.B. Tauris. 2013. £59.50. Hardback. ISBN: 9781848859487. [Review]. Slovo , 26 (1) pp. 35-36. Green open access


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Klautke, E; (2014) Die halbierte Moderne: Amerikanismusdebatten und Amerikanisierungsängste im Augsburg der Weimarer Republik. In: Gassert, P and Kronenbitter, G and Paulus, S and Weber, WEJ, (eds.) Amerika in Augsburg: Aneignungen und globale Verflechtungen in einer Stadt. (pp. 167-184). Wißner: Augsburg, Germany. Green open access

Kral, D; (2014) The Political Economy of Crisis Adjustment in Central and Eastern Europe. (Economics and Business Working Papers 132). Centre for Comparative Economics (CCE), UCL SSEES: London, UK. Green open access

Krasniqi, G; (2014) Revisiting nationalism in Yugoslavia: an inside-out view of the Nationalist Movement in Kosovo. In: Bieber, F and Galijaš, A and Archer, R, (eds.) Debating the End of Yugoslavia. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

Krasniqi, G; (2014) Foreign Policy as a Constitutive Element of Statehood and Statehood Prerogative: The Case of Kosovo. In: Keil, S and Stahl, B, (eds.) The Foreign Policies of Post-Yugoslav States From Yugoslavia to Europe. Palgrave Macmillan

Krasniqi, G; Blumi, I; (2014) Albanians' Islam(s). In: Cesari, J, (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of European Islam. Oxford University Press, USA

Krasniqi, G; Musaj, M; (2014) The EU’s ‘Limited Sovereignty – Strong Control’ Approach in the Process of Member State Building in Kosovo. In: Keil, S and Arkan, Z, (eds.) The EU and Member State Building European Foreign Policy in the Western Balkans. Routledge


Ledeneva, AV; (2014) The Ambivalence of Blurred Boundaries: Where Informality stops and corruption begins? RFIEA Perspectives , 12 (hiver ) 19 - 22. Green open access

Ledeneva, AV; (2014) Beyond Russia's Economy of Favours: The Role of Ambivalence. (Centre for European Politics, Security and Integration (CEPSI) Working Papers 4). Centre for European Politics, Security and Integration (CEPSI), SSEES, UCL: London, UK. Green open access

Ledeneva, AV; (2014) Economies of favours or corrupt societies: Exploring the boundaries between informality and corruption. The Baltic Worlds , 2014 (1) 13 - 21. Green open access

Ledeneva, AV; Shekshnia, S; Denisova-Schmidt, E; (2014) How to mitigate corruption in emerging markets: The case of Russia. (Edmond J. Safra Working Papers 36). Edmond J. Safra Research Lab, Harvard University: Cambridge, MA, USA. Green open access

Ledeneva, AV; Shekshnia, S; Denisova-Schmidt, E; (2014) Reflective Leadership vs. Endemic Corruption in Emerging Markets. INSEAD

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Makarova, S; (2014) Risk and Uncertainty: Macroeconomic Perspective. (UCL SSEES Economics and Business Working Paper No.129). UCL SSEES Green open access

McKee, CT; (2014) British Perceptions of Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Fedorovna 1894-1918. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

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McLenachan, TW; (2014) Truth is Stranger than Science Fiction: The Quest for Knowledge in Andrei Tarkovskii’s Solaris and Stalker. Slovo , 26 (2) 8 - 29. Green open access

Mellish, ES; (2014) Dancing through the city and beyond: Lives, movements and performances in a Romanian urban folk ensemble. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Meriküll, J; Rõõm, T; (2014) Are Foreign-Owned Firms Different? Comparison of Employment Volatility and Elasticity of Labour Demand. (Economics and Business Working Paper 126). Centre for Comparative Economics, SSEES, UCL: London, UK. Green open access

Milutinovic, Z; (2014) ‘Facts and Fiction, Biography and Interpretation’. [Review]. Slavonic and East European Review , 92 (1) 107 - 112. 10.5699/slaveasteurorev2.92.1.0107. Green open access

Milutinovic, Z; (2014) Territorial Trap: Danilo Kis, Cultural Geography, and Geopolitical Imagination. East European Politics & Societies , 28 (4) 715 - 738. 10.1177/0888325414543082. Green open access

Milutinović, Z; (2014) Teritorijalna zamka: Danilo Kiš, kulturna geografija i geopolitička imaginacija. Sarajevske Sveske , 45-46 111 - 134. Green open access

Milutinović, Z; (2014) "Yes, but ...": Institutionalization and De-institutionalizaton of Socialist Realism in Serbia. Ricerche Slavistiche , 12 (58) pp. 295-321. Green open access

Mitchell, G; (2014) China in Central Asia: The Beginning of the End for Russia? Slovo , 26 (1) pp. 18-31. Green open access

Morgan, B; (2014) Topographic Transmissions and How To Talk About Them: The Case of the Southern Spa in Nineteenth-Century Russian Fiction. Modern Languages Open 10.3828/mlo.v0i1.37. Green open access

Morgan, BD; (2014) Literary transmissions and the fate of a topic: the continental spa in post-1840 British, Russian and American writing. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access


Pacer, VA; (2014) Putin and Medvedev’s policies towards Euro-Atlantic security: between continuity and change, 2000-2012. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Pallasvuo, KI; (2014) The Formation of the Female Self in Czech Literature, 1890-1945. Masters thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Pehe, V; (2014) An Artificial Unity? Approaches to Post-Socialist Nostalgia. Tropos , 1 (1) 6 - 13. 10.14324/111.2057-2212.004. Green open access


RUBINS, M; (2014) Transcending the national canon: Russian poetry in inter-war France. In: Hogdson, K and Smith, A, (eds.) (Proceedings) 'Reconfiguring the Canon of Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry, 1991-2008'. pending

Radosevic, S; Wade, I; (2014) Modernization through large S&T projects: Assessing Russia’s Drive for Innovation-Led Development via Skolkovo Innovation Centre. (Economics and Business Working Papers 131). Centre for Comparative Economics (CCE), UCL SSEES: London, UK. Green open access

Rady, MC; (2014) Hungary and the Golden Bull of 1222. Banatica , 24 (2) 87 - 108. Green open access

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Riley, J; (2014) Paradjanov (2013) Drama/Biographical film, colour, 95 min. Directed by SERGE AVEDIKIAN and ELENA FETISOVA. Written by ELENA FETISOVA. Cast: Serge Avedikian, Yuliia Peresild, Zaza Kashybadze. Ukraine: Interfilm Production Studio. Languages: Ukrainian, Russian. [Review]. Slovo , 26 (1) pp. 43-44. Green open access

Riley, J; (2014) Trudno byt Bogom /’Hard to be a God’ (2013) Drama/Science Fiction film, black and white, 177 min. Directed by ALEKSEI GERMAN. Written by ALEKSEI GERMAN, SVETLANA KARMALITA. Cast: Leonid Yarmol’nik, Evgenii Gerchakov, Aleksandr Chutko. Russia and Czech Republic: Sever Studio/Lenfilm. Language: Russian. [Review]. Slovo , 26 (2) pp. 30-31. Green open access

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Rubins, M; (2014) “ ‘Avtor nepechatnogo apokalipsisa' : Boris Poplavsky v dialoge s V.V. Rozanovym” [‘The Author of the Handwritten Apocalypse’: Boris Poplavsky’s Dialogue with V.V. Rozanov]. Russkaia literatura [Russian Literature] (1) pp. 87-95.

Rubins, M; (2014) Literatura v kontekste transnatsional'noi teorii [Literature in the context of transnational theory]. In: Bogdanov, S and Menshikova, Y, (eds.) (Proceedings) 42nd International Philological Conference. (pp. pp. 275-283). Saint Petersburg University Faculty of Philology: Saint Petersburg.

Rubins, M; (2014) “Dans les spires du serpent: le rite de passage dans l’iconographie de l’avant-garde” (In the serpent’s embrace: the rite of passage in avant-garde iconography). Slavica Occitania. , 38 (Le litté) pp. 171-191.

Rubins, M; (2014) Vasily Rozanov i Russkii Monparnas [Vasily Rozanov and Russian Montparnasse]. In: Vasilieva, M, (ed.) Ezhegodnik Doma russkogo zarubezh’ia im. A. Solzhenitsyna. (pp. 541-562). Dom russkogo zarubezh’ia im. A. Solzhenitsyna: Moscow.


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