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Aleksov, B; (2009) The Macedonian question. Britain and the Southern Balkans 1939-1949. Suedost-Forschungen: Internationale Zeitschrift fuer Geschichte, Kultur und Landeskunde Suedosteuropas , 68 pp. 685-687.

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Burns, FM; Mercer, CH; Evans, AR; Gerry, CJ; Mole, R; Hart, GJ; (2009) Increased attendances of people of eastern European origin at sexual health services in London. SEX TRANSM INFECT , 85 (1) 75 - 78. 10.1136/sti.2007.029546.

Burns, FM; Mercer, CH; Evans, AR; Gerry, CJ; Mole, R; Hart, GJ; (2009) Increased attendances of people of eastern European origin at sexual health services in London. Sexually Transmitted Infections , 85 (1) pp. 75-78. 10.1136/sti.2007.029546.

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Evans, AR; Parutis, V; Hart, G; Mercer, CH; Gerry, C; Mole, R; French, RS; ... Burns, F; + view all (2009) The sexual attitudes and lifestyles of London's Eastern Europeans (SALLEE Project): design and methods. BMC Public Health , 9 , Article 399. 10.1186/1471-2458-9-399. Green open access

Graffy, J; (2009) 1956: Leonid Lukov. Different fates (Raznye sud´by). Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema , 3 (1) pp. 73-74.

Graffy, J; (2009) Gardens in Autumn. SIGHT SOUND , 19 (1) 65 - 65.

Graffy, J; (2009) Lev Kuleshov: Proekt Inzhenera Praita/Engineer Prite's Project (1918), 30 Minutes Ruscico: Kino Academia 1 (2 DVDs); Hyperkino commentary by Nikolai Izvolov and Natascha Drubek-Meyer Sergei Eisenstein [Eizenshtein]: Oktiabr', Ili Desiat' Dnei, Kotorye Potriasli Mir/October, Or Ten Days That Shook The World (1927), 115 Minutes Ruscico: Kino Academia 2 (2 DVDs); Hyperkino commentary by Iurii Tsiv'ian Lev Kuleshov: Velikii Uteshitel' (O. Genri V Tiur'me)/The Great Consoler (O Henry In Prison) (1933), 91 Minutes Ruscico: Kino Academia 3 (2 DVDs); Hyperkino commentary by Ekaterina Khokhlova Sergei Eisenstein [Eizenshtein]: Stachka/The Strike (1924), 94 Minutes Ruscico: Kino Academia 4 (2 DVDs). Hyperkino commentary by Nataliia Riabchikova Aleksandr Medvedkin: Schast'e (Stiazhateli)/Happiness (The Money Grubbers) (1934), 62 Minutes Ruscico: Kino Academia 5 (2 DVDs). Hyperkino commentary by Nikolai Izvolov. Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema , 4 (3) pp. 345-354.

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Graham, S; (2009) Afterword. pp. 223-228.

Graham, S; (2009) Ermek Tursunov: Kelin (2009). KinoKultura (26)

Graham, S; (2009) Marat Sarulu: song from the southern seas (Pesn' iuzhnykh morei, 2008). KinoKultura (23)

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Milutinovic, Z; (2009) Milorad Pavic Obituary. The Guardian, 17/12/2009 p. 42-.

Milutinovic, Z; (2009) ‘Nesporazum je pravilo, razumevanje je izuzetak i čudo: Travnička hronika Ive Andrića’(Serbian/Croatian translation of ‘Misunderstanding is a Rule, Understanding is a Miracle: Ivo Andrić’s Bosnian Chronicle’). Sveske Zaduzbine Ive Andrica (26) 119 - 159. Green open access

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Book chapter

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Proceedings paper

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Working / discussion paper

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Conference item

Hjelm, T; (2009) From Demonic to Genetic: The Rise and Fall of Religion in Vampire Film. Presented at: American Academy of Religion, Montreal.

Hjelm, T; (2009) Religion in Our Times: Zeitdiagnose as a Sociological Genre. Presented at: International Society for the Sociology of Religion, Santiago de la Compostela.

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