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Alfe, D; Gillan, MJ; Price, GD; (2003) Thermodynamics from first principles: temperature and composition of the Earth's core. MINERAL MAG , 67 (1) 113 - 123. 10.1180/0026461026610089.

Alfredsson, M; Brodholt, JP; Price, GD; Catlow, CRA; Parker, SC; (2003) Compuational Study on defective Grain Boundaries in MgSiO3. In: EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly. (pp. 7077 - 7077).


Balendra, S; Bogle, IDL; (2003) A comparison of flowsheet solving strategies using interval global optimisation methods. In: Kraslawski, A and Turunen, I, (eds.) EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS ENGINEERING - 13. (pp. 23 - 28). ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV

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BouDagher-Fadel, MK; (2003) Foraminiferes et 3000 ans des environments littoraux a Beyrouth, Liban. Archaeology and History in Lebanon , 16 pp. 81-91.

BouDagher-Fadel, MK; Morrhange, C; Beydoun, M; Carayon, N; Chardon, D; El Hamourri, M; Honor Frost, A; (2003) Relative sea-level changes and shoreline evolution in Lebanon. Archaeology and History in Lebanon , 50 pp. 82-96.


Dove, MT; Calleja, M; Wakelin, J; Trachenko, K; Ferlat, G; Murray-Rust, P; De Leeuw, NH; (2003) Environment from the molecular level: an escience testbed project. In: Proceedings of UK e-Science All Hands Meeting. (pp. 302 - 305).


Edmunds, LD; Mackett, RL; Paskins, J; Turbin, J; Lucas, L; McCarthy, M; (2003) Does body status make a difference to physical activity patterns in two age groups? Presented at: Satellite Symposium on Physical Activity and Weight Management, Tampere, Finland, May 2003.


Gillan, MJ; Price, GD; et al, ; (2003) Constraints on the composition of the earth’s core from quantum mechanics calculations. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Gubbins, D.; Alfè, D.; Masters, G.; Price, G.D.; Gillan, M.J.; (2003) Can the Earth's dynamo run on heat alone? Geophysical Journal International , 155 (2) pp. 609-622. 10.1046/j.1365-246X.2003.02064.x.


Jones, AP; Mutanen, T; Tuisku, P; Hanski, E; Price, GD; (2003) The Pechenga structure, Russia: Giant Ni-Cu mineralisation related to large meteorite impact? Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B: Applied Earth Science , 112 (2 AUG) B149-B150.

Jones, AP; Price, DG; DeCarli, PS; Price, N; Clegg, R; (2003) Impact decompression melting: A possible trigger for impact induced volcanism and mantle hotspots? In: Koeberl, C and MartinezRuiz, FC, (eds.) UNSPECIFIED (91 - 119). SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN

Jones, AP; Price, GD; Mutanen, T; Tuisku, P; Hanskii, E; (2003) The Pechenga strucutre: a key to understanding large-scale impacts? Presented at: Planetary Geophysics, Geological Society.


Norse, D; (2003) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Fertilizers and World Food Demand - Implications for Environmental Stresses.

Norse, D; (2003) Agriculture and the environment : changing pressures, solutions and trade-offs. In: Bruinsma, J, (ed.) World Agriculture: toward 2015/30 - An FAO Perspective. (pp. 331-356). FAO Rome and Earthscan: London.

Norse, D; (2003) Climate change and agriculture: physical and human dimensions. In: Bruinsma, J, (ed.) World Agriculture: toward 2015/30 - An FAO Perspective. (pp. 357-572). FAO Rome and Earthscan: London.


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O'Grady, ARF; Fraga, ES; Bogle, IDL; (2003) An interval based adaptive approach to process synthesis. Presented at: Proceedings of PSE2003, Kunming, China.

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Penman, J; Gytarsky, M; Hiraishi, T; Krug, T; Kruger, D; (2003) Overview. In: Carruthers, I and Lopez, C, (eds.) Good Practice Guidance for land use, land-use change and forestry. (? - ?). Institute of Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), on behalf of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): Hayama, Japan.

Price, GD; (2003) The composition and properties of the Earth’s core: An approach from first principles. In: APS March Meeting Abstracts. (pp. 1005P - 1005P).


Simeonidis, E; Rison, SCG; Thornton, JM; Bogle, IDL; Papageorgiou, LG; (2003) Analysis of metabolic networks using a pathway distance metric through linear programming. METAB ENG , 5 (3) 211 - 219. 10.1016/S1096-7176(03)00043-3.

Staiger, U; (2003) Beyond the body politic: reconsidering performance and the state in Heiner Müller’s versions of Medea. In: Duttlinger, C and Ruprecht, L and Webber, A, (eds.) Performance and Performativity in German Cultural Studies. Peter Lang: Oxford.


Takada, A; Catlow, CRA; Price, GD; (2003) 'Computer synthesis' of B2O3 polymorphs. PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF GLASSES , 44 (2) 147 - 149.


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Vocadlo, L; Alfe, D; Gillan, MJ; Wood, IG; Brodholt, JP; Price, GD; (2003) Possible thermal and chemical stabilization of body-centred-cubic iron in the Earth's core. NATURE , 424 (6948) 536 - 539. 10.1038/nature01829.

Vocadlo, L; Alfe, D; Wood, IG; Dobson, D; Price, GD; (2003) C and Si in the core-an experimental and ab initio approach. In: EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly. (pp. 1733 - 1733).


Yun, BW; Atkinson, HA; Gaborit, C; Greenland, A; Read, ND; Pallas, JA; Loake, GJ; (2003) Loss of actin cytoskeletal function and EDS1 activity, in combination, severely compromises non-host resistance in Arabidopsis against wheat powdery mildew. PLANT J , 34 (6) 768 - 777.


Zilinskas, J; Bogle, IDL; (2003) Evaluation Ranges of Functions using Balanced Random Interval Arithmetic. Informatica , 14 (3) pp. 1-12.

Zilinskas, J; Bogle, IDL; (2003) Evaluation ranges of functions using balanced random interval arithmetic. INFORMATICA-LITHUAN , 14 (3) 403 - 416.

Zilinskas, J; Bogle, IDL; (2003) Experimental investigation of balanced random interval aritmetic. Presented at: Modelling and Simulation of Business Systems: Vilnius, Lithuania, 13th - 14th May.

Zilinskas, J; Bogle, IDL; (2003) On the generalization of a random interval method. In: Kraslawski, A and Turunen, I, (eds.) EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS ENGINEERING - 13. (pp. 989 - 994). ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV

Zilinskas, J; Bogle, IDL; (2003) Experimental investigation of balanced random interval arithmetic. In: Pranevicius, H and Zavadskas, E and Rapp, B, (eds.) MODELLING AND SIMULATION OF BUSINESS SYSTEMS. (pp. 62 - 66). KAUNAS UNIV TECHNOLOGY PRESS

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