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Alfe, D; Price, GD; Gillan, MJ; (2002) Electronic structure: Wide-band, narrow-band, and strongly correlated systems-Iron under Earth’s core conditions: Liquid-state thermodynamics and high-pressure melting curve from ab initio. Physical Review-Section B-Condensed Matter , 65 (16) p. 165118.

Alfe, D.; Gillan, M.J.; Price, G.D.; (2002) Composition and temperature of the Earth's core constrained by combining ab initio calculations and seismic data. Earth and Planetary Science Letters , 195 (1-2) pp. 91-98. 10.1016/S0012-821X(01)00568-4.


Bogle, D; (2002) Recent advances in simulation for the process industries. In: WeltiChanes, J and BarbosaCanovas, GV and Aguilera, JM, (eds.) (Proceedings) 8th International Conference on Engineering and Food (ICEF-8). (pp. pp. 811-829). CRC PRESS-TAYLOR & FRANCIS GROUP

Bogle, IDL; Byrne, RP; (2002) Global Optimisation of Chemical Process Flowsheets. STOCHASTIC AND GLOBAL OPTIMISATION: KLUWER PRESS

Bogle, IDL; Cameron, D; (2002) CAPE Tools for Off-line simulation, Design and Analysis. Software Architectures and Tools for Computer Aided Process Engineering

Booth, A; (2002) Review of: Sue Welsh, Betsy Anagnostelis & Alison Cooke. Finding and using health and medical information on the Internet. London: Aslib-IMI, 2001. ISBN 0-85142-384-1. (Vol.7).

BouDagher-Fadel, MK; (2002) The stratigraphical relationship between planktonic and larger benthic foraminifera in Middle Miocene to Lower Pliocene carbonate facies of Sulawesi, Indonesia. MICROPALEONTOLOGY , 48 (2) 153 - 176.

BouDagher-Fadel, MK; Lord, AR; (2002) Larger foraminifera of the Jurassic Western Neotethys Ocean. Archaeology and History in Lebanon , 15 pp. 87-94.

BouDagher-Fadel, MK; Noujaim Clark, G; (2002) Shells of unicellular organism (foraminifera) date the rock formations of Lebanon. Archaeology and History in Lebanon , 15 pp. 82-86.

Brodholt, JP; Oganov, AR; Price, GD; (2002) Computational mineral physics and the physical properties of perovskite. PHILOS T R SOC A , 360 (1800) 2507 - 2520. 10.1098/rsta.2002.1078.


DeCarli, PS; Bowden, E; Sharp, TG; Jones, AP; Price, GD; (2002) Evidence for kinetic effects on shock wave propagation in tectosilicates. SHOCK COMPRESSION OF CONDENSED MATTER-2001, PTS 1 AND 2, PROCEEDINGS , 620 1381 - 1384.


Jones, AP; Price, GD; DeCarli, PS; Price, NJ; Hayhurst, C; (2002) 'Modelling impact decompression melting: a possible trigger for impact volcanism and mantle hotspots?'. In: (Proceedings) Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group Annual Meeting. (pp. pp. 31-32).


Mackett, R; Turbin, J; Lucas, L; Paskins, J; McCarthy, M; Edmunds, L; (2002) Health benefits of travel to school: evidence from a study of children's car use. EUR J PUBLIC HEALTH , 12 (4) 77 - 77.


Nimmo, F; Price, GD; Brodholt, J; (2002) Core and Geodynamo Evolution and the Influence of Potassium. In: (pp. 04-04).

Noujaim Clark, G; Kamal Boudagher-Fadel, M; (2002) Larger foraminiferal assemblages and stratigraphy of the late Jurassic Bhannes complex, Central Lebanon. Revue de Paleobiologie , 21 (2) pp. 679-695. Gold open access


O'Grady, ARF; Bogle, IDL; Fraga, ES; (2002) Interval analysis for identification and bounding of potential process structures in early design. In: Grievink, J and VanSchijndel, J, (eds.) EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS ENGINEERING - 12. (pp. 271 - 276). ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV

Oganov, AR; Brodholt, JP; Price, GD; (2002) Ab initio theory of phase transitions and thermoelasticity of minerals. In: EMU Notes in Mineralogy. (83 - 170).

Oganov, AR; Brodholt, JP; Price, GD; (2002) Ab initio theory of phase transitions and thermoelasticity of minerals. In: EMU Notes in Mineralogy. (pp. 83-170).


Price, GD; Vocadlo, L; Alfe, D; Wood, IG; Gillan, MJ; (2002) The Structure and Properties of Iron in the Core. In: (pp. 03-03).


Simeonidis, E; Rison, SCG; Thornton, JM; Bogle, IDL; Papageorgiou, LG; (2002) Use of a Pathway Distance Metric through Linear Programming for the Analysis of Metabolic Networks. In: (Proceedings) Metabolic Engineering IV: Applied System Biology, Barga, Italy.

Struzhkin, VV; Mao, H; Mao, W; Hemley, RJ; Sturhahn, W; Alp, E; L Abbe, C; ... others, ; + view all (2002) Phonon Density of States and Elasticity of Iron-Based Materials at High Pressures. In: (pp. 07-07).


Wentzcovitch, R; Price, G; (2002) High pressure studies of mantle minerals by ab initio variable cell shape molecular dynamics. In: Modelling of Minerals and Silicated Materials. (pp. 39-61). Springer

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