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Ahmed, S; (2017) Desert Scholarship: The Zawiya Library of the Nasiriyya Sufi Order. In: Courau, T and Vandermarcq, F, (eds.) Libraries at the Heart of Dialogue of Cultures and Religions: History, Present, Future. (pp. 103-108). Cambridge Scholars Publishing: UK.

Aksoy, OC; (2017) Warfare and Military Doctrines in North and Southeast Arabia (14th -6th Centuries BC). Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Alvizi, L; Ke, X; Brito, LA; Seselgyte, R; Moore, GE; Stanier, P; Passos-Bueno, MR; (2017) Differential methylation is associated with non-syndromic cleft lip and palate and contributes to penetrance effects. Scientific Reports , 7 , Article 244. 10.1038/s41598-017-02721-0. Green open access


Carter, RA; (2017) Recensions: Marro C. (ed.) 2012. After the Ubaid. Interpreting change from the Caucasus to Mesopotamia at the dawn of urban civilization (4500-3500 BC). Papers from the Post-Ubaid Horizon in the Fertile Crescent and Beyond, International Workshop held at Fosseuse, 29th June-1st July 2009. Paris: De Boccard; Istanbul: IFEA (Varia Anatolica XXVII). Paléorient , 42 (2) pp. 209-211.

Carvajal Lopez, JC; Roberts, K; Gareth, R; Stremke, F; Marsh, A; Morabito, L; Bevan, A; ... Al Naimi, FA; + view all (2017) A Crowded Desert: early results from survey and excavation of nomadic sites in north-west Qatar. Proceedings of the Seminar of Arabian Studies , 47 (In press). Green open access

Carvajal López, JC; Hein, A; Glascock, MD; Day, PM; (2017) Combined petrographic and chemical analysis of water containers and glazed wares in the Early Islamic Vega of Granada (southeast Spain, 6th to 12th centuries CE). Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 10.1016/j.jasrep.2017.09.016. (In press).

Casanova, MA; Monteagudo-Sánchez, A; Guerineau, LR; Court, F; Serrano, IG; Martorell, L; Zurriaga, CR; ... Hernando, JM; + view all (2017) Maternal mutations of FOXF1 cause Alveolar capillary dysplasia despite not being imprinted. Human Mutation , 38 (6) pp. 615-620. 10.1002/humu.23213.

Cross, JR; (2017) Hippocratic Oratory. The poetics of early Greek medical prose. [Book]. Medicine and the Body in Antiquity. Routledge: London.


Dobreva, MP; Jennings, E; Devreni-Koutsouki, A; (2017) Towards User Engagement Models for Citizen Science: Initiatives in the Digital Cultural Heritage Domain. In: Ciolfi, L and Damala, A and Hornecker, E and Lechner, M and Maye, M, (eds.) Cultural Heritage Communities Technologies and Challenges.


Eddisford, D; Carter, R; (2017) The vernacular architecture of Doha, Qatar. Post-Medieval Archaeology , 51 (1) pp. 81-107. 10.1080/00794236.2017.1320918.

Edge, K; Descours, K; Oxley, L; (2017) Generation X leaders from London, New York and Toronto. Educational Management Administration & Leadership , 45 (5) pp. 863-883. 10.1177/1741143217717278. Green open access


Fletcher, R; Carter, RA; (2017) Mapping the Growth of an Arabian Gulf Town: The Case of Doha, Qatar. Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient , 60 (4) pp. 420-487. 10.1163/15685209-12341432.


Georgakopoulou, M; Hein, A; Müller, NS; Kiriatzi, E; (2017) Development and calibration of a WDXRF routine applied to provenance studies on archaeological ceramics. X-Ray Spectrometry , 46 (3) pp. 186-199. 10.1002/xrs.2745.

Golfomitsou, S; Georgakopoulou, M; Rehren, T; (2017) Cultural heritage career paths for materials scientists and corrosion engineers. In: Materials Science and Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. (pp. 1558-1577).


Humphris, JE; Bradshaw, R; (2017) Understanding ‘the Community’ before Community Archaeology: A Case Study from Sudan. Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage (YCAH) , 4 , Article 3. 10.1080/20518196.2017.1345364. Gold open access

Humphris, JE; Charlton, MF; (2017) HH-XRF analyses of geological, archaeological, and experimental materials at Meroe, Sudan. [Dataset]. Harvard Dataverse

Humphris, JE; Scheibner, T; (2017) A New Radiocarbon Chronology for Ancient Iron Production in the Meroe Region of Sudan. African Archaeological Review , 34 pp. 377-413. 10.1007/s10437-017-9267-x. Green open access

Humphris, JE; Ting, C; (2017) The technology and craft organisation of Kushite technical ceramic production at Meroe and Hamadab, Sudan. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports , 16 pp. 34-43. 10.1016/j.jasrep.2017.09.017.


Ishida, M; Cullup, T; Boustred, C; James, C; Docker, J; English, C; GOSgene, .; ... Stanier, PM; + view all (2017) A targeted sequencing panel identifies rare damaging variants in multiple genes in the cranial neural tube defect, anencephaly. Clinical Genetics 10.1111/cge.13189. (In press).


Kavda, S; Golfomitsou, S; Richardson, E; (2017) The Effect of Gelling Agents and Solvents on PMMA Surfaces: A Comparative Study. In: Angelova, L and Ormsby, B and Townsend, JH and Wolbers, R, (eds.) Gels in the Conservation of Arts. (pp. pp. 331-336). Archetype Publications: London, UK. Green open access

Kavda, S; Richardson, E; Golfomitsou, S; (2017) The Use of Solvent-Gel Systems for the Cleaning of PMMA. MRS Advances , 2 (39-40) pp. 2179-2187. 10.1557/adv.2017.249. Green open access


Molera, J; Carvajal López, JC; Molina, G; Pradell, T; (2017) Glazes, colourants and decorations in early Islamic glazed ceramics from the Vega of Granada (9th to 12th centuries CE). Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 10.1016/j.jasrep.2017.05.017. (In press).


Orazbayev, S; (2017) Diversity and Collaboration in Economics. (UCL Centre for Comparative Studies of Emerging Economies Working Paper Series 2017/4). UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES): London, UK. Green open access

Orazbayev, S; (2017) International knowledge flows and the administrative barriers to mobility. (UCL Centre for Comparative Studies of Emerging Economies Working Paper Series 2017/1). UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES): London, UK. Green open access


Pavón Soldevila, I; Duque Espino, DM; Renzi, M; Rovira Llorens, S; Rodríguez Díaz, A; (2017) El horno protohistórico de reducción directa de La Pastora (Aliseda, Cáceres). Trabajos de Prehistoria 10.3989Ç/tp.2017.12198. (In press).


Rovira, S; Renzi, M; (2017) Early technologies for metal production in the Iberian Peninsula. Materials and Manufacturing Processes , 32 (7-8) pp. 756-764. 10.1080/10426914.2017.1291946.


Savastano, CP; Brito, LA; Faria, ÁC; Setó-Salvia, N; Peskett, E; Musso, CM; Alvizi, L; ... Passos-Bueno, MR; + view all (2017) Impact of rare variants in ARHGAP29 to the etiology of oral clefts: role of loss-of-function vs missense variants. Clinical Genetics , 91 (5) pp. 683-689. 10.1111/cge.12823. Green open access

Solanky, N; Leon, L; Maurer, C; Abu-Amero, S; Regan, L; Moore, GE; (2017) A new biological and clinical resource for research into pregnancy complications: The Baby Biobank. In: (Proceedings) 27th Mammalian Genetics and Development Workshop of the Genetics-Society. CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS

Stott, J; Spector, A; Orrell, M; Scior, K; Sweeney, J; Charlesworth, G; (2017) Limited validity of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) in dementia: evidence from a confirmatory factor analysis. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry , 32 (7) pp. 805-813. 10.1002/gps.4530. Green open access


Živković, J; Bikić, V; Georgakopoulou, M; (2017) Archaeology of consumption in Ottoman urban centres: the case study of Iznik ware from the Belgrade Fortress in the 16th and 17th centuries. Post-Medieval Archaeology , 51 (1) pp. 132-144. 10.1080/00794236.2017.1290490.

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