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Carter, RA; (2008) Coastal Networks in the Chalcolithic: a Compositional Analysis of Ceramics from Bushehr, S. Mesopotamia and Arabia. Presented at: The Persian Gulf in Prehistory and History, Durham University.

Carter, RA; (2008) Crosses and Crossroads: Christianity In The Persian Gulf Before And After Islam. Presented at: L’Orient à la veille de l’Islam: évolution du peuplement, CNRS, Paris.

Carter, RA; (2008) Highlights of the collection of the Sharjah Archaeology Museum. [Book]. Sharjah Museums Department: UAE.

Carter, RA; (2008) How Pearls Made the Modern Emirates. Presented at: New Perspectives on Recording UAE History, CDR, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Carter, RA; (2008) Excavations and ‘Ubaid-Period Boat Remains at H3, As-Sabiyah (Kuwait). In: Olijdam, E and Spoor, RH, (eds.) Intercultural Relations between South and Southwest Asia. Studies in Commemoration of E.C.L. During Caspers. (pp. 92-102). Archaeopress: Oxford UK.

Carter, RA; (2008) Christianity in the Gulf during the first centuries of Islam. Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy , 19 pp. 71-108.


Exell, KM; (2008) Review: Karnak. Evolution of a Temple, by Elizabeth Blyth (London and New York: Routledge, 2006). Egyptian Archaeology (32)

Exell, KM; (2008) Ancestor bust: http://repositories.cdlib.org/nelc/uee/1031. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://uee.ucla.edu/


Humphris, J; (2008) Blooming marvellous: recent iron production in Rwanda, 2007. Presented at: British Institute in Eastern Africa Research Day, London, UK.

Humphris, J; (2008) Iron Producers of Pre-Colonial Rwanda: Initial Interpretations. Presented at: Society for American Archaeology, University of Vancouver, Canada.

Humphris, J; (2008) Iron for the kingdom: mass-production and adaptation of iron technologies in the Nyiginya Kingdom (16th-20th centuries AD). Presented at: International Symposium on Archaeometry, Sienna, Italy.

Humphris, J; (2008) Iron production in southern Rwanda: a summary of recent research. Nyame Akuma , 70 pp. 2-10.

Humphris, J; (2008) Rwanda made iron: iron made Rwanda? The role of iron in pre-colonial Rwanda. Presented at: Society for Africanist Archaeologists, University of Frankfurt, Germany.

Humphris, J; (2008) The significance of an ethno-experimental iron smelt in Rwanda. Presented at: African Archaeology Research Day, University of York.


Ito, Y; Koessler, T; Ibrahim, AEK; Rai, S; Vowler, SL; Abu-amero, S; Silva, AL; ... Murrell, A; + view all (2008) Somatically acquired hypomethylation of IGF2 in breast and colorectal cancer. Human Molecular Genetics , 17 (17) pp. 2633-2643. 10.1093/hmg/ddn163.


Mazzara, F.; (2008) La danza del Novecento. Un'esperienza di contaminazione dionisiaca. Textos e Pretextos , 2008 (11) pp. 34-45.

Mazzara, F.; (2008) Rossetti’s Letters: Intimate Desires and Sister Arts. Interfaces , 28 pp. 115-124. Green open access

Monk, D; Wagschal, A; Arnaud, P; Iglelias-Platas, I; Muller, P; Parker-Katiraee, L; Bourc'his, D; ... Moore, GE; + view all (2008) Evolutionary comparison of epigenetic profiles at large imprinted domains reveal differing mechanisms of allelic silencing. In: CELLULAR ONCOLOGY. (pp. 227 - 227). IOS PRESS


Nesta, F; (2008) Bentley's Emancipated Profit. Gissing Journal , 44 (2) pp. 25-28.


Palumbo, G; (2008) The Early Bronze Age IV. In: Adams, R, (ed.) Jordan - An Archaeological Reader. (pp. 227-262). Equinox: Sheffield.

Palumbo, G; Limane, H; (2008) Les mosaïques de Volubilis (Maroc): planification de la conservation et de la gestion. In: Ben Abed, A and Demas, M and Roby, T, (eds.) Lessons Learned Reflecting on the Theory and Practice of Mosaic Conservation. (pp. 160-164). Getty Publications: Los Angeles.

Parker-Katiraee, L; Bousiaki, E; Monk, D; Moore, GE; Nakabayashi, K; Scherer, SW; (2008) Dynamic variation in allele-specific gene expression of Paraoxonase-1 in murine and human tissues. Hum.Mol.Genet. , 17 (21) pp. 3263-3270.

Pink, A; (2008) Patrons, performers and politics: freemasons at the theatre in early eighteenth-century London. Presented at: De spreekkunst, dichtkunst, toonkunst, literatuur, beeldende kunst en architectuur van de Vrijmetselarij, University of Leiden, Holland.


Rehren, T; (2008) A review of factors affecting the composition of early Egyptian glasses and faience: alkali and alkali earth oxides. J ARCHAEOL SCI , 35 (5) 1345 - 1354. 10.1016/j.jas.2007.09.005.

Rehren, T; Martinón-Torres, M; (2008) <i>Naturam ars imitata</i>: European brassmaking between craft and science. In: Martinón-Torres, M and Rehren, T, (eds.) Archaeology, History and Science: Integrating approaches to Ancient Materials. (pp. 167-188). Left Coast Press: Walnut Creek.

Rehren, T; Pusch, EB; (2008) Crushed rock and molten salt? Some aspects of the primary glass production at Qantir/Pi-Ramesse. In: Jackson, C and Wager, E, (eds.) Vitreous Materials in the Late Bronze Age Aegean: a window to the East Mediterranean world. (pp. 14-33). Oxbow Books: Oxford.


Worton, M; (2008) Sifting clues to the mind of a literary genius: careful scrutiny of one of Beckett’s student’s old lecture notes offers an insight into the complex influences behind his work, writes Michael Worton. The Camden New Journal (211) p. 11.

Worton, M.; (2008) Reading Kate Chopin through contemporary French feminist theory. In: Beer, J., (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Kate Chopin. (pp. 105-117). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK. Green open access

Worton, M.; (2008) New challenges in education. In: Irigaray, L., (ed.) Conversations. (pp. 139-152). Continuum International Publishing Group: London, UK. Green open access

Worton, M.; (2008) Afterword. In: Irigaray, L. and Green, M., (eds.) Luce Irigaray: Teaching. (pp. 241-246). Continuum International Publishing Group: London, UK. Green open access


Ασδεράκη, Ε, ; Rehren, Th, ; (2008) Τεχνολογία κατασκευής και τεχνικές επιχρύσωσης νεκρικών επίχρυσων στεφανιών ελληνιστικής εποχής. Αρχαιολογικό Δελτίο , Χρονικά, 2000 (55)

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