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Abel, RL; Parfitt, S; Ashton, N; Lewis, SG; Scott, B; Stringer, C; (2011) Digital preservation and dissemination of ancient lithic technology with modern micro-CT. COMPUT GRAPH-UK , 35 (4) pp. 878-884. 10.1016/j.cag.2011.03.001.

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Broodbank, C; (2011) The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean world in the age of Andrew Sherratt. In: Interweaving worlds: systemic interaction in Eurasia 7th to 1st millennia BC. (pp. 27-36). Oxbow Books: Oxford UK.


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Garcia-Vuelta, O; Armada, XL; (2011) Tesoros olvidados. Propuestas para el estudio e interpretación del conjunto de orfebrería castreña de Recouso (San Martiño de Marzoa, Oroso, A Coruña). In: Braz-Martins, CM and Bettencourt, AMS and Martins, JIFP and Carvalho, J, (eds.) Povoamento e Exploração dos Recursos Mineiros na Europa Atlântica Ocidental. (pp. 453-461). CITCEM - APEQ: Braga.

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