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Ahmad, F; (2012) Graduating towards marriage? Attitudestowards marriage and relationshipsamong university-educated BritishMuslim women. Culture and Religion: An Interdisciplinary Journal , 13 (2) pp. 193-210.


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Hazell, R; (2012) Appearance on BBC News at Six (and News at Ten) on Scottish independence. BBC

Hazell, R; (2012) Appearance on BBC Newsnight on Scottish independence. BBC

Hazell, R; (2012) Appearance on Radio 4's Today programme on Scottish independence. BBC

Hazell, R; (2012) Oral evidence to the Justice Committee on post-legislative scrutiny of Freedom of Information Act (2000). UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2012) Oral evidence to the Liaison Committee inquiry on the effectiveness of Select Committees. UNSPECIFIED

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Hazell, RJD; (2012) Oral Evidence to the House of Commons' Foreign Affairs Committee on the "Foreign Policy Implications of a Separate Scotland". UNSPECIFIED

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Hazell, RJD; Yong, B; (2012) The Politics of Coalition: How the Conservative Liberal Democrat Government Works. [Book]. Oxford and Portland Oregon: Hart Publishing

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Payne, J; Hazell, R; (2012) Lessons from European Parliament elections on open and closed lists and STV. UNSPECIFIED

Pegram, TI; (2012) The Equality and Human Rights Commission: Challenges and Opportunities. (AHRC Public Policy Series ). Arts and Humanities Research Council

Pegram, TI; (2012) The HR Legacy of Brazil's Upcoming Mega-Events’.

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Russell, M; (2012) The House of Lords and lessons for bicameralism. In: (Proceedings) Symposium on comparative bicameralism and lessons for Japanese bicameral reform.

Russell, M; Benton, M; Gover, D; Wollter, K; (2012) A Measurable Difference: Assessing the Westminster Parliament’s Impact on Government Legislation, 2005-2010. In: (Proceedings) The European Consortium of Political Research parliaments and legislatures conference.

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