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Abouharb, MR; (2007) [Review of] Democracy and War: Institutions, Norms, and the Evolution of International Conflict. UNSPECIFIED, New Brunswick, Canada.

Abouharb, MR; Cingranelli, DL; (2007) Human rights and structural adjustment. [Book]. Cambridge Univ Pr: New York US and Cambridge UK.

Amaral Brilhante, A.; (2007) The centrality of accountability in John Stuart Mill's liberal-utilitarian conception of democracy. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Cali, B; (2007) 'Uyanma Vakti' (Awakening-time in Xhanthi). Radikal

Cali, B; (2007) Between Legal Cosmopolitanism and a Society of States: International Justice at the European Court of Human Rights. In: Dembour, M and Kelly, T, (eds.) Paths to International Justice. (pp. 111-133). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

Cali, B; (2007) Human Rights Discourse and Domestic Human Rights NGOs. In: Falk, RA and Kabasakal Arat, ZFK, (eds.) Human Rights in Turkey: Policies and Prospects. (pp. 217-232). University of Pennsylvania Press

Cali, B; Rodley, N; (2007) Kosovo Revisited: Humanitarian Intervention at the Faultlines of International Law. Human Rights Law Review , 7 (2) pp. 275-297.

Coen, D; (2007) Empirical and theoretical studies in EU lobbying. Journal of European Public Policy , 14 (3) pp. 333-345.

Coen, D; Broscheid, A; (2007) Lobbying Activity and Fora Creation in the EU: Empirically Exploring the Nature of the Policy Good. Journal of European Public Policy , 14 (3) pp. 346-365. 10.1080/13501760701243749.

Coen, DMT; (2007) Prelimainary analysis of EU Regulator Survey. European University Institute: Florence.


De Neve, J; (2007) The European Onion? How Differentiated Integration is Reshaping the EU. Journal of European Integration , 29 (4) pp. 503-521.


Hazell, R; (2007) "The End of Britain?" Associate Parliamentary Group on the Constitution. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2007) "Future Developments in Constitutional Reform" Lecture to the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2007) Oral Evidence to the Lords Select Committee on the Constitution. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2007) "Parliamentary Scrutiny of Constitutional Bills" Statute Law Society. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; Glover, M; Paun, A; Russell, M; (2007) Towards a New Constitutional Settlement: An Agenda for Gordon Brown’s First 100 Days and Beyond. The Constitution Unit: London.

Hazell, RJD; (2007) Gordon's Go. Prospect


Kornprobst, M; (2007) Argumentation and Compromise: Ireland's Selection of the Territorial Status Quo Norm. International Organization , 61 (1) pp. 69-98. 10.1017/S0020818307070026. Green open access

Kornprobst, M; Bjola, C; (2007) Security Communities and the Habitus of Restraint: Germany and the United States on Iraq. Review of International Studies , 33 (2) pp. 285-305. 10.1017/S0260210507007516. Green open access


McCoy, D; Godden, S; Pollock, AM; Bianchessi, C; (2007) Carrot and sticks? The Community Care Act (2003) and the effect of financial incentives on delays in discharge from hospitals in England. Journal of Public Health , 29 (3) pp. 281-287.

Meckled-Garcia, S; (2007) How to think about the problem of non-state actors and human rights. Presented at: ECPR General Conference, Pisa.

Mitchell, NJ; Herron, KG; Jenkins-Smith, HC; Whitten, GD; (2007) Elite beliefs, epistemic communities and the atlantic divide: Scientists' nuclear policy preferences in the United States and European union. British Journal of Political Science , 37 (4) pp. 753-764. 10.1017/S0007123407000403.


Russell, M; (2007) BBC News 24. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2007) Ditch the Pantomime. UNSPECIFIED, London.

Russell, M; (2007) Ending the patronage of peerages: Gordon Brown could reform Lords appointments tomorrow if he wants to restore trust in parliament. There is no excuse for inaction. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2007) A House of Cards? Parliamentary Brief (May 20) pp. 11-12.

Russell, M; (2007) The House of Lords: Reform Past and Future. Politics Review , 17 (1) pp. 2-5.

Russell, M; (2007) The House, CBC Radio 1 (Canadian equivalent of BBC, national weekly politics programme). UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2007) How to build faith in politics: Ultimately, tone and culture is more important than institutional structure in changing the relationship between voters and politicians. The Guardian, London.

Russell, M; (2007) Lords A'Leaping. Progress Limited, London.

Russell, M; (2007) More 4 News. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2007) Peers’ and Public Attitudes to the Contemporary House of Lords. (Briefing for a seminar in the House of Lords, 12 December 2007 , pp. pp. 1-8 ). Constitution Unit: London.

Russell, M; (2007) The Politician on the Couch, Radio 4. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2007) The Record Review, BBC Parliament Channel. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2007) Reform of the British House of Lords: A Test of Lijphart and Tsebelis. Presented at: European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)Conference 2007, Pisa.

Russell, M; (2007) Reforming a Non-Elected Upper House: The Strange Rebirth of the House of Lords. Presented at: Transforming Canadian Governance Through Senate Reform.

Russell, M; (2007) The Today Programme, Radio 4. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2007) The Week at Westminster, Radio 4. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2007) The World Tonight (Radio 4). UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2007) The demons no longer exist: Maybe before we reform the House of Lords we should make more of an effort to understand it in its current form. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2007) The House of Lords: Adaptation and Resilience. In: Luther, J and Passaglia, P and Tarchi, R, (eds.) A World of Second Chambers. Giuffre: Milan.

Russell, M; Benn, H; (2007) Rebuilding the Winning Partnership: Proposals for Labour Party Renewal. Hilary Benn, London.

Russell, M; Bradbury, J; (2007) The Constituency work of Scottish and Welsh MPs: Adjusting to Devolution. Regional and Federal Studies , 17 (1) pp. 97-116. 10.1080/13597560701189644.

Russell, M; Johns, J; (2007) Bicameral Parliamentary Scrutiny of Government Bills: A Case Study of the Identity Cards Bill. Presented at: Political Studies Association Conference.

Russell, M; Paun, A; (2007) The House Rules? International lessons for enhancing the autonomy of the House of Commons. The Constitution Unit: London.

Russell, M; Sciara, M; (2007) The House of Lords in 2006: Negotiating a Stronger Second Chamber. Constitution Unit: London.

Russell, M; Sciara, M; (2007) Independents Holding the Parliamentary Balance: The 'Crossbenchers' in the House of Lords. Presented at: The First Annual Inernational Conference on Minor Parties, Independent Politicians, Voter Associations and Political Associations in Politics, University of Birmingham.

Russell, M; Sciara, M; (2007) Why does the Government get defeated in the House of Lords?: The Lords, the Party System and British Politics. British Politics , 2 (3) pp. 299-322.

Russell, M; Sciara, M; (2007) The House of Lords: Negotiating a Stronger Second Chamber. (The Palgrave Review of British Politics 2006 ). Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke.

Russell, M; Sciara, M; (2007) The House of Lords: Negotiating a Stronger Second Chamber. In: Rush, M and Giddings, P, (eds.) The Palgrave Review of British Politics 2006. Palgrave: Basingstoke.


Stroschein, S; (2007) Politics is Local: Ethnoreligious Dynamics under the Microscope. Ethnopolitics , 6 (2) pp. 173-185. 10.1080/17449050701344994.


van Heerde, J; (2007) Press TV—The Agenda, ‘The US Presidential Elections: How Much Does it Cost to get to the White House?’. UNSPECIFIED

van Heerde, J; (2007) Political Communication: Party Advertising in the 2005 British General Election. In: Green, J and Wring, D and Mortimore, R, (eds.) Political Communications. Palgrave: London.

van Heerde, J; Bowler, S; (2007) Parties in an Anti-Party State: The Case of California,. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties , 17 (2) pp. 143-163. 10.1080/13689880701348878.


Weale, A; (2007) Democracy. [Book]. Issues in political theory. (2nd ed.). Palgrave Macmillan: Houndmills.

Worthy, B; (2007) John Major's Information Revolution? The 1994 Code of Access ten years on. Journal of Open Government , 2 (3)

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