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Bradbury, J; Russell, M; (2005) Constituency Role of MPs and AMs/MSPs post-devolution. Presented at: Political Studies Association Conference 2005.

Bradbury, J; Russell, M; (2005) Learning to Live with Pluralism? Constituency and Regional Members and Local Representation in Scotland and Wales. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Bradbury, J; Russell, M; Mitchell, J; (2005) The Constituency Roles of Members of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly: Member Types and the Politics of Constituent Casework. Presented at: ESRC Seminar on the Constituency Role of Parliamentarians in Scotland and Wales: Comparative Perspectives on Devolution and Additional Member Systems.


Cali, B; Ergun, A; (2005) Global Governance and Domestic Politics: Fragmented Visions. In: Lederer, M and Muller, P, (eds.) Criticising Global Governance. (pp. 161-176). Palgrave-Macmillan

Coen, D; (2005) Business-Regulatory Relations: Learning to play regulatory games in European Utility Markets. Governance , 18 (3) pp. 375-398. 10.1111/j.1468-0491.2005.00281.x.

Coen, D; (2005) Managing Multilevel and Multi Institutional Regulation: A Comparative Study of Telecommunication Regulation in German and UK. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics , 20 (1) pp. 59-84.

Coen, D; (2005) Multilevel Business-Regulator Lobbying Strategies and Implementation: An Anglo-German case study of Telecoms and Energy. In: Refining Regulatory Regimes: Utilities in Europe. Edward Elgar

Coen, D; (2005) Redefining the Regulatory Space. In: Refining Regulatory Regimes: Utilities in Europe. Edward Elgar

Coen, D; Grant, W; (2005) Business and Government Strategies in International Trade Policy: Converging styles or continued difference the case of the TABD? In: Kelly, D and Grant, W, (eds.) Trade Politics: Actors, Institutions and Countries. Palgrave

Coen, D; Héritier, A; (2005) Refining Regulatory Regimes: Utilities in Europe. [Book]. (1 ed.). Edward Elgar

Coen, D; Thatcher, M; (2005) New Governance of Markets: Regulation by Non-Majoritarian Institutions. pp. 329-346.

Coen, DM; Thatcher, ; (2005) Regulation after delegation:Growth of Networks. (NewGov deliverables D01 , pp. pp. 1-18 ). EUI: Florence.


Franchino, F; (2005) Review of “Procedural Politics: Issues, Influence and Institutional Choice in the European Union” by Joseph Jupille’. EUSA Review , 18 (1) pp. 16-17.


Hazell, R; (2005) FOI hits the UK with a bang. Open Government: a journal on Freedom of Information , 1 (2)

Hazell, R; (2005) "Rebalancing the Constitution" Lecture at the Institute of Welsh Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2005) "Rebalancing the Constitution: the Continuing Dynamism of Constitutional Reform" ESRC Lecture to David Hume Institute at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2005) Westminster as a Three in One Legislature for the UK and its Devolved Territories. In: Hazell, R and Rawlings, R, (eds.) Devolution, Law Making and the Constitution. (pp. 226-251). Imprint Academic: Exeter.


Kornprobst, M; (2005) Episteme, Nation-builders and National Identity: The Re-construction of Irishness. Nations and Nationalism , 11 (3) pp. 403-421.


Meckled-Garcia, S; (2005) Neo-Positivism About Rights: The Problem With 'Rights as Enforceable Claims'. UNSPECIFIED

Meckled-Garcia, S; (2005) 'Economics and Morality'. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Meckled-Garcia, S; (2005) 'Harm'. UNSPECIFIED

Meckled-Garcia, S; (2005) 'International Justice'. UNSPECIFIED

Meckled-Garcia, S; (2005) 'Joseph Raz'. UNSPECIFIED

Meckled-Garcia, S; (2005) 'Morality and Disability'. UNSPECIFIED

Meckled-Garcia, S; (2005) 'Privatization'. UNSPECIFIED


Rowland, D; Pollock, AM; Price, D; (2005) La Unión Europa y la atención a la salud: creaci?n de un mercado de servicios sanitarios. In: Sànchez Bayle, M and Colomo Gòmez, C and Repeto Zilbermann, C, (eds.) Globalizaciòn y salud. (pp. 469-488).

Russell, M; (2005) BBC News 24. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2005) BBC Radio Ulster. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2005) The House of Lords: Adaptation and Resilience. Presented at: Le seconde camere: Un’analisi comparata, University of Turin..

Russell, M; (2005) Multilevel Politics and the Constituency Representation Role: The Impact of Devolution in Scotland and Wales. Presented at: European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR).

Russell, M; (2005) Must Politics Disappoint: Fabian Society, Pamphlet no. 614. Fabian Society, Pamphlet no. 614, London.

Russell, M; (2005) Must Politics Disappoint? Presented at: Fabian Society New Year Conference.

Russell, M; (2005) The Politics Show. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2005) Robin Cook, 1946-2005. The Fabian Society, London.

Russell, M; (2005) The Role of Independents in the Current House of Lords. Presented at: Independent Members in the House of Lords: The Present and the Future.

Russell, M; (2005) Time to Speak Up. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2005) The Westminster Hour. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2005) The House of Lords and Reform: A View from the Outside. In: Baldwin, N, (ed.) Parliament in the 21st Century. Politico's

Russell, M; Bradbury, J; (2005) The Constituency Role of Scottish and Welsh MPs and the Impact of Devolution. Presented at: ESRC Seminar on the Constituency Role of Parliamentarians in Scotland and Wales: Comparative Perspectives on Devolution and Additional Member Systems.

Russell, M; Bradbury, J; (2005) The Local Work of Scottish MPs and MSPs: Effects of Non-coterminous Boundaries and AMS. Commission on Boundary Differences and Voting Systems: Edinburgh.

Russell, ME; (2005) Building New Labour:The Politics of Party Organisation. [Book]. Palgrave: Basingstoke.


Sandford, M; (2005) Effective Scrutiny: tools and intended outcomes.

Sandford, M; (2005) External Scrutiny: the voice in the crowded room. Centre for Public Scrutiny

Sandford, M; Hetherington, P; (2005) The Regions at the Crossroads. In: Trench, A, (ed.) The State of the Nations 2005. Imprint: Exeter.

Stroschein, S; (2005) Examining Ethnic Violence and Partition in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Ethnopolitics , 4 (1) pp. 49-64. 10.1080/17449050500072655.


Vanhala, L; Landau, D; (2005) Circumventing the State? Stateless Nations, National Minorities and the EU Constitution. In: Drew, J, (ed.) Redefining Europe. (149 - 164). Rodopi: Amsterdam.

van Heerde, J; (2005) Rethinking Issues, Image and Negative Advertising:British Party Election Broadcasts, 2001-2005. Presented at: American Political Science Association, Washington DC.

van Heerde, J; Bowler, S; Donovan, T; (2005) The Politics of Electoral Systems: The Case of the US. In: Gallagher, M and Mitchell, P, (eds.) UNSPECIFIED (pp. 185-205). Oxford University Press

van Heerde, J; Dunleavy, P; Margetts, H; (2005) Freed From Constraint: London 2000, 2004 Mayoral and Assembly Elections. Presented at: Political Studies Association, Leeds.


Weale, A; (2005) Democratic citizenship and the European Union. [Book]. Manchester Univ Pr

Winetrobe, BK; Hazell, R; (2005) What has the Scottish parliament achieved, and what can it teach Westminster? In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 63-77).

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