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Hazell, R; (2003) After Hutton. Prospect

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Hazell, R; (2003) Orphan Adopted. Guardian

Hazell, R; (2003) Pole Position: What successess will the devolved government trumpet as they head for the polls? Public Service

Hazell, R; (2003) "The Role of Think-Tanks in Policy Making" Seminar to Public Administration International. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2003) Separating Powers. Prospect

Hazell, R; (2003) "Strengthening Parliaments: an international collaboration to find a cure for Westminster's defective gene" Talk at the Politics Department, University of Edinburgh. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2003) Supreme Court UK Style. Amicus Curiae

Hazell, R; (2003) "A Tale of two systems: the British and American Constitutions" Lord North Lecture, Wroxton College. UNSPECIFIED

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Russell, M; (2003) Radio 5 Live. UNSPECIFIED

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Stroschein, S; (2003) Review of John K. Glenn, III, Framing Democracy: Civil Society and Civic Movements in Eastern Europe. UNSPECIFIED

Stroschein, S; (2003) Review of Review of Raju Thomas, ed., Yugoslavia Unraveled: Sovereignty, Self-Determination, Intervention. UNSPECIFIED

Stroschein, S; (2003) What Belgium Can Teach Bosnia: The Uses of Autonomy in 'Divided House' States. Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (3) 1 -29. Green open access


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Weale, A; (2003) Trust and political constitutions. pp. 69-83. 10.4324/9780203501832.

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