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Coen, D; (2001) Business Lobbying Strategy in Brussels: A Distinct EU Big Business-Government Relationship. Global Focus - Business in the Contemporary World , 13 (2) pp. 147-159.

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Book chapter

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Hazell, R; (2001) The State of the Nations after Two Years of Devolution. In: Trench, A, (ed.) The State of the Nations 2001: The Second Year of Devolution in the UK. (pp. 255-272). Imprint Academic

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Hazell, R; (2001) Three into One won't go: the future of the Territorial Secretaries of State. The Constitution Unit: London.

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Conference item

Dunleavy, P; Margetts, H; Bastow, S; Tinkler, J; Yared, H; (2001) Policy Learning and Public Sector Information Technology - Contractual and E-Government Changes in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Presented at: The American Political Science Association's Annual Conference.

Franchino, F; (2001) Delegating Powers in the European Community. Presented at: Paper read at the Conference of the American Political Science Association.

Franchino, F; Rahming, AJ; (2001) Biased Ministers, Inefficiency and Delegation in Distributive Policies: An Application to the Ex Fisheries Policy. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Hazell, R; (2001) The Dilemmas of Devolution: Does Wales have an Answer to the English Question? Presented at: Welsh Governance Centre.

Margetts, H; (2001) The Cyber Party. Presented at: The Causes and Consequences of Organisational Innovation in European Political Parties, European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR) Joint Sessions of Workshops.

Seyd, B; (2001) Devolution to the Centre: Lessons from London's First Mayoral Election. Presented at: PSA British Territorial Politics Conference.


Greer, S; (2001) The Real Regional Health Agenda Networks, Soft Money, and Public Health in the East Midlands. UNSPECIFIED

Greer, S; Sandford, M; (2001) Regional Assemblies and Public Health. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2001) "Can you Reform the Constitution without Reforming Parliament?" Public Lecture to Australasian Study of Parliament Group in New Zealand Parliament. UNSPECIFIED, New Zealand Parliament,Wellington.

Hazell, R; (2001) "The Challenges facing our Parliaments: How can we improve their Performance?" Constitutional Centenary Lecture in Parliament House, Canberra. UNSPECIFIED, Parliament House, Canberra, New Zealand.

Hazell, R; (2001) "Devolution in Northern Ireland: A Part but Apart" Public Lecture in the Long Gallery, Northern Ireland Assembly. UNSPECIFIED, Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

Hazell, R; (2001) Do we need a Department of Devolution and Decentralisation? IPPR Seminar. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2001) The English Question. Constitution Unit Seminar. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2001) Freedom of Information: Are You Prepared? Resource Magazine

Hazell, R; (2001) "Has there been a Constitutional Revolution?" ESRC/Cabinet Office Seminars. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2001) Oral Evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution. UNSPECIFIED

Hazell, R; (2001) Shrinking Westminster. Guardian

Meckled-Garcia, S; (2001) Review of G. A. Cohen, If You're an Egalitarian, How Come You're so Rich, Harvard University Press: Cambridge, Mass., 1999. UNSPECIFIED

Meckled-Garcia, S; (2001) Review of J. Lester, Escape From Leviathan: Liberty Welfare and Anarchy Reconciled, London: Macmillan, 2000. UNSPECIFIED

Pollock, AM; Rowland, D; Vickers, N; (2001) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED

Pollock, AM; Shaoul, J; Rowland, D; Player, S; (2001) Public Services and the Private Sector: a Response to the IPPR Commission. Catalyst, London.

Russell, M; (2001) Quotas are Good for Democracy. UNSPECIFIED

Russell, M; (2001) What Next for Candiate Selection? Women and Devolution. Constitution Unit

Russell, M; (2001) Woman's Hour (Radio 4). UNSPECIFIED

Sandford, M; (2001) Regional Government. Constitution Unit, DTLR/LGA.

Sandford, M; Greer, S; (2001) Further Steps for Regional Chambers. Constitution Unit

Sandford, M; Greer, S; (2001) Regional Government and Public Health. Constitution Unit

Sandford, M; McQuail, P; (2001) Unexplored Territory: Elected Regional Assemblies in England. Constitution Unit

Seyd, B; (2001) Lessons from the UK's first PR Elections. UNSPECIFIED, House of Commons.

Seyd, B; (2001) What We Already Know: Lessons from Britian's First PR Elections'. UNSPECIFIED

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