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Angel, G; (2013) In the skin: an ethnographic-historical approach to a museum collection of preserved tattoos. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Angel, G; (2013) Atavistic marks and risky practices: the tattoo in medico-legal debate 1850-1950. In: Reinarz, J and Siena, K, (eds.) A medical history of skin: scratching the surface. (165 - 179). Pickering Chatto: London.


Bynum, CW; Eaton, N; Holly, MA; Jones, A; Kelly, M; Kelsey, R; La Gam Ma, A; (2013) Notes from the field materiality. Art Bulletin , 95 (1) 10 - 37.


Demos, TJ; (2013) The Art and Politics of Ecology in India. Third Text , 27 (1) 151 - 161. 10.1080/09528822.2013.752201. Green open access

Demos, TJ; (2013) The Migrant Image: The Art and Politics of Documentary During Global Crisis. Duke University Press: USA.


Eaton, N; (2013) Swadeshi color: Artistic production and Indian nationalism, ca. 1905-ca. 1947. Art Bulletin , 95 (4) 623 - 641.

Eaton, N; (2013) Virtual witnessing? Balthazar Solvyns and the navigation of precision, c.1790-1840. Journal of Historical Geography 10.1016/j.jhg.2013.10.001.

Eaton, NJ; (2013) Color. The Art Bulletin

Eaton, NJ; (2013) Review of Empire to Nation by Geoff Quilley. Journal for 18th-century Studies , 36 (2) 302 - 303.

Eaton, NJ; Eaton, NJ; (2013) Colour, art and empire: visual culture and the nomadism of representation. (Vol.1). (1 ed.). Book I.B.Tauris: Croyden, distributed London and New York.

Eaton, NJ; Eaton, NJ; (2013) Mimesis across empires: artworks and networks in India, 1760-1865. Objects/Histories: Vol.1. (1st ed.). Book Duke: Durham, NC, USA.


Fend, M; (2013) Allegory and Fantasy: Portraiture Beyond Resemblance. Oxford Art Journal 10.1093/oxartj/kct026.

Fend, M; (2013) Portraying skin disease: Robert Carswell's dermatological watercolours. In: Reinarz, J and Siena, K, (eds.) A Medical History of Skin: Scratching the Surface. (147 - 164). Pickering and Chatto: London.

Fend, MG; (2013) Facing Skin Disease: a dermatological watercolour by Robert Carswell. In: Carnall, M, (ed.) Conversation Pieces: Inspirational objects in UCL's historic collections. (32 - 33). Shire Publications Ltd: Oxford, UK.

Fend, MG; (2013) Begegnung mit Fingerspitzengefühl. Quentin de La Tours Bildnis der Marguerite Le Comte. In: Kunsthalle Karlsruhe, , (ed.) Unter vier Augen. Sprachen des Porträts. (140 - 149). Kerber: Bielefeld and Berlin.

Fer, BA; (2013) Exercises. In: Alison Turnbull Exercise Book. De La Warr Pavilion: Bexhill.

Fer, BA; (2013) Gabriel Orozco: thinking in circles. The Fruitmarket Gallery: Edinburgh.

Fer, BA; (2013) Inventing Abstraction, 1910-1925. Artforum , 51.10 346 - 347.

Fer, BA; (2013) Looking in Looking out. In: Rachel Whiteread: Detached. Gagosian: London.

Fer, BA; (2013) Pictorial Lamination. Parkett , 92

Fer, BA; (2013) The Pigment Drawings. In: Roni Horn 153 Drawings. (7 - 14). Hauser and Wirth; JRP|Ringier: Zurich.

Fer, BA; Bryson, N; Van Adrichem, J; (2013) Light and Dirt. In: Anya Gallaccio. (215 - 218). Ridinghouse: London.

Fowkes, M; (2013) Central European neo‐avant‐garde art and ecology under socialism. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


Gretton, T; (2013) From La Méduse to the Titanic: Géricault’s raft in journalistic illustration up to 1912. Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century , 16 , Article 9. Gold open access

Gretton, T; (2013) Calaveras and commodity fetishism: the unhallowed supernatural in the work of José Guadalupe Posada’. In: Carter, W, (ed.) Re/New Marxist Art History. (? - ?). Art Books


Hemingway, AF; (2013) The Mysticism of Money: Precisionist Painting and Machine Age America. Periscope Publishing Ltd: Pittsburgh.


Jacquin, MC; (2013) Narrative Unrest: The Politics of Narrative in Women Artists’ Film and Video. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

James, SE; (2013) Common Ground: German Photographic Cultures Across the Iron Curtain. Yale University Press: London and New Haven. (In press).

James, SE; (2013) ‘Modernism’. In: Companion to Photography. Blackwell-Wiley

Juan, RMS; (2013) Dying not to see: Anna Morandi's wax model of the sense of sight. Oxford Art Journal , 36 (1) 39 - 54. 10.1093/oxartj/kcs044.


Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) Portfolio: Hanne Darboven: Correspondence, 1967-1975. Walther König

Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) Preserved! An on-line blog about specimens. Taxidermist. The Journal of the Guild of Taxidermists , 36 37 - 37.

Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) Reclaiming Spectacle - An Introduction. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://curiouscongress.wordpress.com/papers-and-po...

Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) Sigmar Stardust and the Flying Fish of the Andromeda Cloud, exh.-cat. Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen. In: Sigmar Polke: The Multiplication of Humor. Snoeck: Cologne.

Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) Unmaking Normality. On Glam! The Performance of Style at Tate Liverpool. Texte zur Kunst , 23 (90) 242 - 245.

Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) Kellers Hundeschaft. Canine Gefährten. In: Bergermann, U, (ed.) Disability trouble. Ästhetik und Bildpolitik bei Helen Keller. (131 - 147). b_books: Berlin.

Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) Life in glass. In: Carnall, M, (ed.) Conversation Pieces: Inspirational objects in UCL's historic collections. (56 - 57). Shire Publications Ltd: Oxford, UK.

Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) Voices We Shall Never Hear. Nancy Graves' Film Experiments. In: Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen, , (ed.) Exh.-cat. Nancy Graves & Special Guests. (64 - 70). Hatje Cantz: Ostfildern.

Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) The Fugitive Kind: Sigmar Polke's Snakeskins. In: Großmann, U and Kruitsch, P, (eds.) The Challenge of the Object, 33rd Congress of the International Committee of the History of Art. (1171 - 1174). Germanisches Nationalmuseum: Nürnberg.

Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) Thomas Bechinger, Olaf Metzel, Lawrence Weiner, Gilbert & George, Bruce Nauman, Andreas Fischer, Wilhelm Mundt, Stephen Willats, Tessa Farmer. In: Lange-Berndt, P and Rübel, D and Böhm, D, (eds.) A World of Wild Doubt. Sternberg Press: Berlin.

Lange-Berndt, P; Ebenstein, J; Pilkington, M; Beebe, A; (2013) Curious Papers and Posts. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://curiouscongress.wordpress.com/

Lange-Berndt, P; Rübel, D; (2013) When in Doubt, for Doubt. In: Lange-Berndt, P and Rübel, D and Böhm, D, (eds.) A World of Wild Doubt. Sternberg Press: Berlin.

Loh, MH; (2013) Plotting the Triumphal Arch in Titian's Tomb. In: The Object as Event. Leo S. Olschki: Florence.

Loh, MH; (2013) Harmony and the Sweet Regard of History in the Seventeenth-Century Venetian Collection. In: Marx, B, (ed.) Venezia mercato dell'arte. Marsilio: Florence.


Magagnoli, P; (2013) Capitalism as Creative Destruction. Third Text , 27 (6) 723 - 734. 10.1080/09528822.2013.857899. Green open access

Magagnoli, P; (2013) “‘Let meaning disintegrate’: Digital Compression as Revelation in the Art of Sean Snyder.”. In: In Alexandra Moschovi ed., The Versatile Image: Photography in the Era of Web 2.0 (Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2013). : Newcastle upon Tyne.

Mazeau, G; Dupuy, P; Guichard, C; Taws, R; Griener, P; (2013) Cultures visuelles et révolutions: Enjeux et nouvelles problématiques. Annales Historiques de la Revolution Francaise (372) 143 - 160.

Mills, R; (2013) Response to Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's 'How to Bring Your Kids Up Gay: The War on Effeminate Boys'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://evekosofskysedgwick.net/conferences/T20-RM....

Mills, R; (2013) Talking Heads, or, A Tale of Two Clerics. In: Santing, C and Baert, B and Traninger, A, (eds.) Disembodied Heads in Medieval and Early Modern Culture. (31 - 57). Brill: Leiden.

Mills, R; (2013) Sovereignty. In: Turner, M, (ed.) A Handbook to Middle English Studies. (269 - 283). Wiley-Blackwell: Oxford. (In press).

Mills, R; (2013) Havelok's Bare Life and the Significance of Skin. In: Walter, KL, (ed.) Reading Skin in Medieval Literature and Culture. (57 - 80). Palgrave Macmillan: New York.


Rehme, S; (2013) "The Multimedia of Our Unconscious Life": Anais Nin and the Synthesis of the Arts. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Richardson, E; Lange-Berndt, P; (2013) Plastic Fantastic? Presented at: Institute of Making, Department of Engineering, University College London.

Rotenberg, L; (2013) The Prospects of “Freed” Time: Pierre Huyghe and L'association Des Temps Libérés. Public Art Dialogue , 3 (2) 186 - 216. 10.1080/21502552.2013.818454. Green open access


Schwartz, FJ; (2013) Prototypia: craft, type and utopia in historical perspective. In: Prototype: design and craft in the 21st century. (115 - 124). Bloomsbury Academic: London UK.

Schwartz, FJ; (2013) Werkbund und Öffentlichkeit: eine historische Betrachtung. In: Leben//Gestalten in Zeiten endloser Krisen. (9 - 23). jovis Verlag: Berlin.

Schwartz, FJ; (2013) The disappearing bauhaus: Architecture and its public in the early federal republic. In: UNSPECIFIED (61 - 82).

Schwartz, FJ; (2013) Aby Warburg and the Spirit of Capitalism. In: CARTER, W and HARAN, B and SCHWARTZ, F, (eds.) Re/New Marxist Art History. aRT

Schwartz, S; (2013) Between Labour and Intellect: Jorge Ribalta's 'Anonymous Work'. Philosophy of Photography

Schwartz, S; (2013) Paul Strand's Living Labor. ArtMargins , October 2013

Straine, SE; (2013) The ground of drawing: graphic operations in the 1960s and 1970s. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


Taws, R; (2013) Funerary Art and Tomb Cult: Living with the Dead in France, 1750-1870. FRENCH HISTORY , 27 (3) 474 - 476. 10.1093/fh/crt029.

Taws, R; (2013) The Politics of the Provisional: Art and Ephemera in Revolutionary France. Pennsylvania State University Press: University Park, PA.

Taws, R; (2013) Review of Philippe de Carbonnières, 'Les gravures historiques de Janinet: Collections du Musée Carnavalet', Paris, Musées de Paris, 2011. Print Quarterly , 30 (2) 66 - 68.

Taws, R; (2013) 'Ruins and Reputations' review of Nina L. Dubin, 'Futures and Ruins: Eighteenth-Century Paris and the Art of Hubert Robert', Los Angeles, Getty Publications, 2010 and Elizabeth C. Mansfield, 'The Perfect Foil: François-André Vincent and the Revolution in French Painting', Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 2012. Oxford Art Journal , 36 (3) ? - ?.

Thom, DJE; (2013) Visualising politeness and patriotism: the public sphere in English satirical prints, 1745-84. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


Wright, AJ; (2013) Tabernacle and sacrament in fifteenth-century Tuscany. In: Motture, P and Jones, E and Zikos, D, (eds.) Carvings, Casts and Collectors: The Art of Renaissance Sculpture. V & A Publishing

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