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Demos, T; (2008) "Beyond the Limits...of Photography" in Mitra Tabrizian. London: Tate Britain, 9-10. [Catalogue].

Demos, T; (2008) "Emily Jacir: Poetry's Beyond" in Guggenheim Museum Hugo Boss Prize. New York: Guggenheim Museum. [Catalogue].

Demos, T; (2008) "Europe of the Camps" in Manifesta 7: Companion. Rotterdam: Manifesta, 385-391. [Catalogue].

Demos, T; (2008) "Jimmy Robert, Cubitt Gallery". Artforum

Demos, T; (2008) "Marcel Duchamp's Cast Shadows". Tate etc. , 12

Demos, T; (2008) "Means without End: Camp Campaign" in Art in General (ed.) Camp Campaign: Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri. New York: Art in General. [Catalogue].

Demos, T; (2008) "Response to Questionnaire on Art and Politics". October , 114 72 - 88.

Demos, T; (2008) "Traveling Images: Hito Steyerl". Artforum (Summer) 408 - 413, 473.

Demos, T; (2008) "Life Full of Holes". In: Maria, LAHS, (ed.) The Greenroom: Reconsidering the Documentary and Contemporary Art. (104 - 126). Bard: New York.

Demos, T; (2008) "Sahara Chronicle: Video's Migrant Geography". In: Ursula, B, (ed.) Mission Reports: Artistic Practice in the Field: The Video Works of Ursula Biemann. (178 - 190). Cornerhouse: Bristol.

Demos, T; (2008) "Recognizing the Unrecognized: Ahlam Shibli". In: Van Gelder, HAW and H, , (eds.) Photography Between Poetry and Politics. (123 - 142). Leuven University Press: Leuven, Belgium.

Demos, TJ; (2008) Means without End: Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri's Camp Campaign. OCTOBER (126) 69 - 90.


Eaton, N; (2008) "Flexible Design? Art in a binocular empire". Oxford Art Journal , 31 (3)

Eaton, N; (2008) The art of colonial despotism. Cultural Critique , 70 (n/a)

Eaton, N; (2008) A flash of recognition into how not to be governed: Physiognomy, divination and ethnographic art in India. RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics , 53 (n/a)

Eaton, N; (2008) Johann Zoffany in India. In: Bindman, D, (ed.) The history of British Art. (118 - 120). Tate Publishing and Yale University Press: London.


Fend, M; (2008) Desk Work Traces. In: Exhibition Catalogue 'Herbert Stattler: Schreibtische/Desks'. (? - ?). Kunstverein Nürtingen: Nürtingen.

Fend, M; (2008) Knochen und Kontur: Zur Körpergrenze in der Künstleranatomie des 19. Jahrhunderts. Bildwelten des Wissens. Kunsthistorisches Jahrbuch für Bildkritik , 6 (2) 79 - 89.

Fend, M; (2008) Review of Exhibition: Figures du corps. Une leçon d'anatomie aux beaux- arts. Paris, École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, Paris. 21.10.2008-04.01.2009. ArtHist

Fend, M; (2008) Review of Todd Porterfield and Susan L. Siegfried: Staging Empire: Napoleon, Ingres, and David. Art Bulletin , 40 298 - 300.

Fer, BA; (2008) The Best Books of 2008. Artforum , 47.4 84 - ?.

Fer, BA; (2008) Color manual. In: Color Chart. (28 - 38). Museum of Modern Art New York: New York, USA.

Fer, BA; (2008) Complete with missing parts. In: Roni Horn aka Roni horn. Whitney Museum of American Art and Steidl

Fer, BA; (2008) Seeing in the Dark. In: Borchardt-Hume, A, (ed.) Rothko: The Late Series. (31 - 43). Tate: London.

Fer, BA; (2008) Time's Measure (and other vicissitudes). In: Ratibor, MFAS, (ed.) Ed Ruscha Paintings. Gagosian: London.


Garb, T; (2008) ALIBAMA The Poetry of Place. In: Berni Searle Recent Works 2007/8. (26 - 33). Michael Stevenson Gallery: Cape Town.

Garb, T; (2008) The Body in Time; Figures of Femininity in Late Nineteenth-Century France. University of Washington Press: Seattle WA.

Garb, T; (2008) Home Lands - Land Marks; Contemporary Art from South Africa, Haunch of Venison. [Catalogue]. Haunch of Venison: London.

Gretton, T; (2008) A history of the Woodburytype: The first successful photomechanical printing process and Walter Bentley Woodbury. HIST PHOTOGR , 32 (1) 94 - 96.


Haran, B.E.; (2008) The Amerika machine: art and technology between the USA and the USSR, 1926 to 1933. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Hemingway, A; (2008) 'From Cultural Studies to Visual Culture Studies: An Historical and Political Critique'. Kunst und Politik. Jahrbuch der Guernica-Gesellschaft , 10 11 - 20.

Hemingway, A; (2008) Cultural Democracy by Default: The Communist Contribution to the New Deal Arts Programs. In: Codell, JF, (ed.) The Political Economy of Art: Making the Nation of Culture. (179 - 90). Fairleigh Dickinson University Press: Madison, New Jersey.


James, SE; (2008) Making an Ugly World Beautiful: Morality and Aesthetics in the Aftermath. In: Memory of Fire: The War of Images and Images of War. (12 - 15). Photoworks: Brighton.


Lange-Berndt, P; (2008) Multiplizierte Schichtungen. In: Exh.-cat. Thomas Bechinger, Was tun mit Farbe. (25 - 27). Städtisches Kunstmuseum Singen, Kunstverein Reutlingen: Städtisches Kunstmuseum Singen, Kunstverein Reutlingen.

Lange-Berndt, P; (2008) Durch den Zauberwald des Wilden Westens. Zur Rezeption surrealistischer Filmexperimente in Jim Jarmuschs Dead Man. In: Lommel, M and Maurer Queipo, I and Roloff, V, (eds.) Surrealismus und Film. Von Fellini bis Lynch. (161 - 186). transcript Verlag: Bielefeld.

Lange-Berndt, P; (2008) "Das Zeitalter der Insekten". Künstlerische Partnerschaften mit Ameisen und Bienen. In: Ullrich, J and Weltzien, F and Fuhlbrügge, H, (eds.) Ich, das Tier. Tiere als Persönlichkeiten in der Kulturgeschichte. (133 - 143). Reimer Verlag: Berlin.

Levy, A; (2008) "A Sexual Renaissance: Secrets, Surprises, Scandals". In: Levy, A, (ed.) Sex Acts: Practice, Performance, Perversion and Punishment in Early Modern Italy. Le Lettere: Florence.

Levy, A; (2008) "Effaced: Failing Widows". In: Pearson, A, (ed.) Women and Portraits in Early Modern Europe: Gender, Agency and Identity. Ashgate: Aldershot and Burlington, VT.

Lock, L.E.; (2008) Flemish sculpture art and manufacture c. 1600-1750. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Loh, M; (2008) 'Eternal Affairs: Remakes and Double Takes in Hong Kong and Hollywood'. Journal of Shanghai University , 15 (2) 58 - 63.

Loh, M; (2008) '"Huomini della nostra eta": Tintoretto's Preposterous Modernity'. In: Falomir, M, (ed.) Congreso Jacopo Tintoretto (Museo del Prado). Museo del Prado: Madrid.

Loh, MH; (2008) DEATH, HISTORY, AND THE MARVELLOUS LIVES OF TINTORETTO. ART HIST , 31 (5) 665 - +. 10.1111/j.1467-8365.2008.00636.x.

Loh, MH; (2008) Walls Have Ears. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.manandeve.co.uk/misc/walls-have-ears-es...


Mills, R; (2008) Review of Matt Cook, London and the Culture of Homosexuality, 1885–1914 (2003) and H. G. Cocks, Nameless Offences: Homosexual Desire in the Nineteenth Century (2003). Sexualities: studies in culture and society , 11 (3) 428 - 431.

Mills, R; (2008) Theorizing the Queer Museum. Museums and Social Issues , 3 (1) 45 - 57.

Mills, R; (2008) Monsters and Margins: Representing Difference. In: Ayers, T, (ed.) History of British Art, vol. 1: The Middle Ages, 600-1600. (203 - 225). Tate/Yale Center for British Art: London/New Haven.

Mills, R; (2008) Queering the Un/Godly: Christ's Humanities and Medieval Sexualities. In: Giffney, N and Hird, M, (eds.) Queering the Non/Human. (111 - 135). Ashgate: Aldershot.


Pye, E; (2008) The benefits of access through handling outweigh the risks. In: Saunders, D and Townsend, J and Woodcock, S, (eds.) (Proceedings) Conservation and Access. Preprints of the 22nd IIC Congress. (pp. 162 - 165). International Institute for Conservation: London.


Richardson, E; (2008) On-­‐site Characterisation of Polyamide Material by Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Principal Component Analysis. Presented at: ENVIART COST Action D42,, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Richardson, E; Garside, E; (2008) The Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy as a Diagnostic Tool for Historic Silk Artefacts. Presented at: IRUG 8, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria.

Richardson, E; Martin, G; Wyeth, P; (2008) On-­‐site Collections Management: NIR Characterization and Condition Monitoring within Textile Collections. Presented at: Eastern Analytical Symposium, Somerset, NJ, USA.

Richardson, E; Martin, G; Wyeth, P; (2008) The optimisation of NIR data to differentiate and monitor the condition of polyamide material. Presented at: Plastics, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

Richardson, E; Martin, G; Wyeth, P; (2008) The optimisation of NIR data to differentiate and monitor the condition of polyamide material. Presented at: IRUG, Vienna.

Richardson, E; Martin, G; Wyeth, P; Zhang, X; (2008) State of the art: non-invasive interrogation of textiles in museum collections. MICROCHIMICA ACTA , 162 (3-4) 303 - 312. 10.1007/s00604-007-0885-x.

Richardson, E; Thickett, D; (2008) Preventive Conservation Research for Plastics on Open Display. Postprints Plastics conference 89 - 96.


San Juan, RM; (2008) Restoration and translation in Juan de Valverde’s Historia de la composision del cuerpo humano. In: Zorach, R, (ed.) The virtual tourist in Renaissance Rome. Printing and Collecting the Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae. (53 - 62). University of Chicago Library: Chicago.


Taws, R; (2008) 'Rebel Without a Cause?' review of 'Girodet, 1767-1824' edited by Sylvain Bellenger, Paris, Gallimard and Musée du Louvre éditions, 2005. Art History , 31 (2) 259 - 263.


WRIGHT, A; (2008) Review of L. Fusco and G. Corti, Lorenzo de’ Medici: Collector and Antiquarian, Cambridge 2006. The Burlington Magazine , 150 (no. 1265) 549 - 550.

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