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Demos, T; (2006) "Ahlam Shibli, Max Wigram Gallery, London". Artforum

Demos, T; (2006) "Ceal Floyer, Lisson Gallery, London". Artforum

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Lange-Berndt, P; (2006) Geschminkte Tiere, oder Signalfarben im Medienzeitalter. Zu den Combines von Robert Rauschenberg. In: Janecke, C, (ed.) Gesichter auftragen. Argumente zum Schminken. (pp. 117-144). Jonas Verlag: Marburg.

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Richardson, E; (2006) Non-?invasive Characterisation and Condition Monitoring of Textile Artefacts. Presented at: Terahertz Spectroscopy, University of Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk, Siberia.

Richardson, E; Martin, G; Wyeth, P; (2006) Collecting a Near Infrared Spectral Database of Modern Textiles for use of On?site Characterisation. Presented at: Textiles and Text, Textile Conservation Centre, Winchester, UK.

Richardson, E; Martin, G; Wyeth, P; (2006) Towards On-site Characterisation – Collecting a NIR Spectral Database of Modern Textiles. Presented at: Textiles and Text, Textile Conservation Centre, Winchester, UK.


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Stracey, FE; (2006) The Caves of Gallizio and Hirschhorn: Excavations of the Present. October , 116 (Spring) pp. 82-100. 10.1162/octo.2006.116.1.87.


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Wilson, C; (2006) "The late Gothic/Retro-Gothic: The Third Building Phase of Melrose Abbey. In: Gasser, S and Freigang, C and Boerner, B, (eds.) Architektur und Monumentalskulptur des 12.-14. Jahrhunderts. Produktion und Rezeption. (pp. 393-409). Peter Lang: Bern.

Woodcock, S; (2006) “Very efficient as a painter” the painting practice of William Powell Frith. In: Bills, M and Knight, V, (eds.) William Powell Frith: Painting the Victorian Age. Yale University Press: New Haven and London.

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