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Abel, CG; (2004) ¿Salud para todos en el Año 2000? In: Puyana, A and Farfán, G, (eds.) Desarrollo, Equidad y Ciudadanía. Las Políticas en América Latina. (pp. 219-242). FLACSO-Plaza y Valdés: Mexico City.


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Ceccarelli, P; (2004) Ecriture féminine, écriture épistulaire, parole des rhéteurs: à propos du fragment 194 KA de la Sappho d’Antiphane. In: UNSPECIFIED Peeters

Chattaway, C.M.; (2004) The Order of the Golden Tree: the gift-giving objectives of Duke Philip the Bold of Burgundy. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

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Cooter, R; (2004) ‘“Framing” the End of the Social History of Medicine’. In: Warner, J and Huisman, F, (eds.) Locating Medical History: The Stories and Their Meanings. (pp. 309-337). Johns Hopkins University Press Green open access

Corcoran, S; (2004) The publication of law in the era of the tetrarchs: Diocletian, Galerius, Gregorius, Hermogenian. In: Demandt, A and Goltz, A and Schlange-Schöningen, H, (eds.) Diokletian und die Tetrarchie: Aspekte einer Zeitenwende. (pp. 56-73). Walter de Gruyter: Berlin and New York.

Corcoran, S; Salway, RWB; (2004) "Projet Volterra" Database. [Software].

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Heller, M.; (2004) London clerical workers 1880-1914: The search for stability. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


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Satzinger, H; (2004) Women's Places in the new Laboratories of Genetic Research in early 20th century: Gender, work, and the dynamics of science. In: Women Scholars and Institutions. Proceedings of the International Conference (Prague, 8-11 June, 2003 pp. 265-294.

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Wear, A; (2004) 'Medicine and Health in the Age of European Colonialism'. In: Elmer, P, (ed.) The Healing Arts Health and Society in Europe 1500-1800. (pp. 315-343). Manchester University Press: Manchester.

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