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Armstrong, A.J.; (1998) Roman Phrygia: cities and their coinage. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


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Salway, RWB; (1998) Review of D. Schlinkert 'Ordo Senatorius und Nobilitas: die Konstitution des Senatsadels in der Spätantike; Mit einem Appendix über den Praepositus Sacri Cubiculi, den ‘Allmächtigen’ Eunuchen am Kaiserlichen Hof'. [Review]. Journal of Roman Studies , 88 209 - 210. 10.2307/300849. Green open access

Salway, RWB; (1998) Review of Le iscrizioni urbane ad Anagni by H. Solin, P. Tuomisto. [Review]. Classical Review , 48 (2) 557 - 557. Green open access

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Wear, A; (1998) Health and Healing in Early Modern England: Studies in Social and Intellectual History. [Book]. Ashgate: Aldershot.

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