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Alexander, J; McGregor, J; (2000) Wildlife and Politics: Campfire in Zimbabwe. Development and Change , 31 (3) pp. 605-627.

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Clarke, JA; (2000) The problems of evaluating numbers of illegal migrants in the European Union. In: Bruycker, P, (ed.) Les R‚gularisations des ‚trangers Ill‚gaux dans l'Union Europ‚enne. (pp. 13-22). Universit‚ Libre de Bruxelles: Brussels.

Clout, HD; (2000) Istoria Londrei. [Book]. Corint: Bucharest.

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Davies, G; (2000) Narrating the Natural History Unit: institutional orderings and spatial strategies. GEOFORUM , 31 (4) 539 - 551. Green open access

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Jones, PJS; (2000) Stakeholder participation in coastal management: horses for courses. Presented at: Atlantic Living Coastlines Conference.

Jones, PJS; Bhattachary, D; (2000) Public understanding and the building of trust. Presented at: Dealing with risk and uncertainty in coastal environments.


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