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Adams, BJ; French, JR; Clifford, NJ; (1998) Aerial photography as a source of saltmarsh channel network measurements: an analysis of errors. Presented at: Proceedings 24th International Conference on Remote Sensing..

Adams, JGU; (1998) Risks of living with hyper-mobility (2 parts). The Independent

Adams, JGU; (1998) Tax will not drive cars from the road. Letter. The Times

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Adams, JGU; (1998) Virtual risk and the management of medical uncertainty. In: Pfusterschmid-Hardtenstein, H, (ed.) Wissen WozuErbe und Zukunft der Erziehung. (pp. 358-376). Ibera: Vienna.

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Brookes, C.J. ; (1998) A genetic algorithm for designing optimal patch configurations in GIS. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

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Burgess, J; Clark, J; Harrison, CM; (1998) Farmers, conservation science and agri-environmental schemes: an actor network analysis of the Pevensey Levels wildlife enhancement scheme. Presented at: Wetlands: landscape and institutional perspectives. Proceedings of the 4th Workshop of the Global Wetlands Economics Network (GWEN). Beijer International Institute of Ecological Economics.


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Curtis, CJ; Allott, TEH; Reynolds, B; Harriman, R; (1998) The prediction of nitrate leaching with the first-order acidity balance (FAB) model for upland catchments in Great Britain. Water, Air and Soil Pollution , 105 (1-2) pp. 205-215. 10.1023/A:1005064416885.

Curtis, CJ; Harriman, R; Allott, TEH; Kernan, M; (1998) Water chemistry and critical load modelling at a network of moorland lake and reservoir sites in the British uplands: 2 Year Data Report (1996-97). (ECRC Research Reports 50 , pp. pp. 1-181 ). ECRC, University College London: London.

Curtis, CJ; Whyatt, JD; Metcalfe, SE; Allott, TEH; Harriman, R; (1998) Assessing the impact of international emissions reduction scenarios to combat the acidification of freshwaters in Great Britain with the First-order Acidity Balance (FAB) model and the Hull Acid Rain Model (HARM). (ECRC Research Papers 17 , pp. pp. 1-22 ). ECRC, University College London: London.


Davies, G; (1998) Networks of Nature: Stories of Natural History Film-making at the BBC. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

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Holmes, JA; Street-Perrott, FA; Perrott, RA; Allen, MJ; Barber, N; Fothergill, P; Ivanovich, M; (1998) Abstracts, 1st IGBP PAGES Open Science Meeting, University of London UK, Palaeolimnological Records of Holocene Drought Variability in the West African Sahel. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Holmes, JA; Waller, MP; Street-Perrott, FA; (1998) Abstracts, IBG/RGS Annual Conference, Kingston University/University of Surrey. Mid- to late-Holocene palaeohydrology and vegetational history of the Manga Grasslands (Northeast Nigeria). Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Johnes, PJ; Curtis, C; Moss, B; Whitehead, P; Bennion, H; Patrick, S; (1998) Trial classification of lake and water quality in England and Wales. (Environment Agency R&D Technical Reports E53 , pp. pp. 1-80 ). Environment Agency: Bristol.

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Patrick, ST; Flower, RJ; Ramdani, M; Kraïem, MM; Abdelzaher, HMA; Fathi, AA; (1998) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Water in the Mediterranean Area. Conference on Quality and Quantity of Mediterranean Water Resources..

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