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Adank, P; Hagoort, P; (2008) The neural bases of normalising for accented speech: A repetition suppression functional magnetic resonance imaging study. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , 123 (5) 3580 - 3580. 10.1121/1.2934685.

Ardoint, MMM; Lorenzi, C; Pressnitzer, D; Gorea, A; (2008) Perceptual constancy in the temporal envelope domain. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , 123 1591 - 1601.


Chuenwattanapranithi, S; Xu, Y; Thipakorn, B; Maneewongvatana, S; (2008) Encoding Emotions in Speech with the Size Code A Perceptual Investigation. PHONETICA , 65 (4) 210 - 230. 10.1159/000192793.


Dellwo, V; (2008) Influences of language typical speech rate on the perception of speech rhythm. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Dellwo, V; (2008) The role of speech rate in perceiving speech rhythm. Presented at: Speech Prosody 2008.


Evans, BG; Adank, P; (2008) Differences in the time-course of accent adaptation: a comparison of adaptation to foreign-accented and unfamiliar regionally-accented speech. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Green, T; Faulkner, A; Rosen, S; (2008) Estimating The Effective Frequency Of Cochlear Implant Electrodes Using Contralateral Residual Acoustic Hearing. Presented at: British Society of Audiology Meeting Short Papers in Hearing and Deafness.

Green, T; Rosen, S; Faulkner, A; (2008) Estimating the Effective Frequency of Cochlear Implant Electrodes Using Contralateral Acoustic Hearing. Presented at: Acoustics-08.

Gutiérrez Díez, F; Dellwo, V; Gavaldà, N; Rosen, S; (2008) The development of measurable speech rhythm during second language acquisition. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Halliday, LF; Taylor, JL; Edmondson-Jones, AM; Moore, DR; (2008) Frequency discrimination learning in children. J Acoust Soc Am , 123 (6) pp. 4393-4402. 10.1121/1.2890749.

Hazan, V; Li, E; (2008) The effect of auditory and visual degradation on audiovisual perception of native and non-native speakers. Presented at: Interspeech 2008.


Iverson, P; Ekanayake, D; Hamann, S; Sennema, A; Evans, BG; (2008) Category and perceptual interference in second-language phoneme learning: An examination of English vertical bar w vertical bar-vertical bar v vertical bar learning by Sinhala, German, and Dutch speakers. J EXP PSYCHOL HUMAN , 34 (5) 1305 - 1316. 10.1037/0096-1523.34.5.1305.


Kuo, YC; Rosen, S; Faulkner, A; (2008) Acoustic cues to tonal contrasts in Mandarin: Implications for cochlear implants. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , 123 (5) 2815 - 2824. 10.1121/1.2896755. Green open access


Messum, P.R.; (2008) The role of imitation in learning to pronounce. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Mok, P; Dellwo, V; (2008) Comparing native and non-native speech rhythm using acoustic rhythmic measures: Cantonese, Beijing Mandarin and English. Presented at: Speech Prosody 2008.

Moore, DR; Ferguson, MA; Halliday, LF; Riley, A; (2008) Frequency discrimination in children: Perception, learning, and attention. Hearing Research , 238 pp. 147-154.

Moore, DR; Ferguson, MA; Riley, A; Halliday, LF; (2008) Auditory processing disorder (APD) in children. Presented at: 1st International Symposium on Auditory and Audiological Research (ISAAR 2007), Centertryk A/S.


Panton, A; Marshall, J; (2008) Improving spelling and everyday writing after a CVA: A single-case therapy study. Aphasiology , 22 (2) pp. 164-183.


Sheft, S; Ardoint, MMM; Lorenzi, C; (2008) Speech identification based on temporal fine structure cues: Comparison of two speech coding schemes. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , 124 (1) 562 - 575.

Smith, N; (2008) Review of N. Chomsky "What we say goes". In: UNSPECIFIED Penguin

Smith, N; (2008) Review of Robert F. Barsky (2007) The Chomsky Effect: A radical works. Beyond Ivory Tower


Wagner, AE; (2008) Phoneme inventories and patterns of speech sound perception. Doctoral thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Wagner, AE; (2008) Phoneme inventories and patterns of speech sound perception. Nijmegen, The Netherlands: PhD dissertation

Wagner, AE; Ernestus, M; (2008) Identification of phonemes: Differences between phoneme classes and the effect of class size. Phonetica: international journal of phonetic science , 65 pp. 106-127.


Xu, Y; (2008) In defense of lab speech in prosody research. Presented at: The 8th Phonetics Conference of China and The International Symposium on Phonetics Frontiers.

Xu, Y; (2008) Multi-dimensional information coding in speech. Presented at: Speech Prosody 2008, Campinas, Brazil.


Yanagisawa, K; Huckvale, M; (2008) A Phonetic Assessment of Cross-Langage Voice Conversion. Presented at: Interspeech 2008, Brisbane, Australia.


Zhang, F; Kinard, C; Tache-Leon, C; Machizawa, M; Lisle, T; Kron, I; Lee, KS; (2008) Persistent activation of microglia and suppression of adult neurogenesis after cardiopulmonary bypass. In: (Proceedings) Society for Neuroscience Abstract Viewer and Itinerary Planner.

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