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Agnolucci, PA; De Lipsis, V; Arvanitopoulos, TA; (2018) Modelling uk sub-sector industrial energy demand. Energy Economics , 67 pp. 366-374. 10.1016/j.eneco.2017.08.027. Green open access

Alhuwaimel, Saad; (2018) Fully Polarimetric Slotted Waveguide Antenna Array. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Allard, RA; Farrell, SL; Hebert, DA; Johnston, WF; Li, L; Kurtz, NT; Phelps, MW; ... Wallcraft, AJ; + view all (2018) Utilizing CryoSat-2 sea ice thickness to initialize a coupled ice-ocean modeling system. Advances in Space Research 10.1016/j.asr.2017.12.030. (In press). Green open access

Atserias, A; Mančinska, L; Roberson, DE; Šámal, R; Severini, S; Varvitsiotis, A; (2018) Quantum and non-signalling graph isomorphisms. (In press).


Boano, C; Hunter, W; (2018) Community Architecture Landscape in Bangkok. In: Wall, E and Waterman, T, (eds.) Landscape and Agency. (pp. 164-176). Taylor and Francis: London.


Chaopradith, Dominic; (2018) Defect structure & catalytic activity of yttria-stabilised zircona. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access

Cybulska, Klaudia Aleksandra; (2018) Sulfonium Salts for the Synthesis of PET Tracers. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).


Dawson, E; (2018) Reimagining publics and (non) participation: Exploring exclusion from science communication through the experiences of low-income, minority ethnic groups. Public Understanding of Science 10.1177/0963662517750072. (In press). Green open access

Dellaportas, P; Tsionas, MG; (2018) Importance sampling from posterior distributions using copula-base approximations. Journal of Econometrics (In press).


Ekinci, A; Hanafi, M; Ferreira, PMV; (2018) Effect of sand paper grading on the shear behaviour of fine-grained sand. In: (Proceedings) 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics. (In press).


Flachenecker, Florian; (2018) Competitiveness and Climate Change Mitigation – Empirical Evidence on the Effects of Material Use and Material Productivity on Competitiveness and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Europe. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access

Fraga, ES; Salhi, A; Talbi, EG; (2018) On the impact of representation and algorithm selection for optimisation in process design: Motivating a meta-heuristic framework. In: Operations Research/ Computer Science Interfaces Series. (pp. 141-149).

Friend, Toby; (2018) A Humean account of laws and causation. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access


Gao, S; Huang, C; Lin, W; (2018) Piezoelectric material based technique for concurrent force sensing and energy harvesting for interactive displays. In: 2017 IEEE SENSORS. IEEE Green open access

Grigat, Daniel; (2018) On the Impact of Network Topology on Systemic Risk: Network Reconstruction, Stress Testing and Control. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).


Hamilton, JR; (2018) R-matrix Calculations Modelling Electron-Molecule Scattering and System Dynamics. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL(University College London). Green open access

Hueting, Moos; (2018) Cross-dimensional Analysis for Improved Scene Understanding. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access

Hylton, Rebecca Kathryn; (2018) Crystal structure prediction and thermodynamic modelling of chiral molecules. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access


Jin, B; Chung, E; Efendiev, Y; Leung, W; Vasilyeva, M; (2018) Generalized Multiscale Inversion for Heterogeneous Problems. Communications in Computational Physics (In press).


Kelman, I; (2018) Connecting theories of cascading disasters and disaster diplomacy. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 10.1016/j.ijdrr.2018.01.024. (In press).

Krammer, Philip; (2018) International trade and tourism in a CO₂-constrained world. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access

Kurylev, Y; Oksanen, L; Paternain, GP; (2018) Inverse problems for the connection Laplacian. Journal of Differential Geometry (In press). Green open access


Law, Stephen; (2018) A multi-scale exploration of the relationship between spatial network configuration and housing prices using the hedonic price approach. A Greater London case study. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access

Lee, Maximillian; (2018) Pyridazinediones: versatile scaffolds for site-selective protein modification. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access


Marx, CE; (2018) Book review: Donna Hornby, Rosalie Kingwill, Lauren Royston and Ben Cousins (eds.) 2017: Untitled: Securing Land Tenure in Urban and Rural South Africa. Pietermaritzburg: University of KwaZulu-Natal Press. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (In press).

Minervini, P; Tresp, V; D'Amato, C; Fanizzi, N; (2018) Adaptive Knowledge Propagation in Web Ontologies. ACM Transactions on the Web , 12 (1) , Article 2. 10.1145/3105961.

Mohamed, M; Yan, XG; Spurgeon, SK; Mao, Z; (2018) Variable structure observers for nonlinear interconnected systems. In: Studies in Systems, Decision and Control. (pp. 195-221).

Mohammed, Ameer; (2018) Computationally efficient algorithms and implementations of adaptive deep brain stimulation systems for Parkinson's disease. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Motherwell, WB; Moreno, RB; Pavlakos, I; Arendorf, JRT; Arif, T; Tizzard, GJ; Coles, SJ; (2018) Noncovalent Interactions of π Systems with Sulfur - The Atomic Chameleon of Molecular Recognition. Angewandte Chemie , 130 (5) pp. 1207-1212. 10.1002/ange.201708485.


Nweke, MC; (2018) Chromatography resin characterisation to analyse lifetime and performance during biopharmaceutical manufacture. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access


Ortiz, C; Boano, C; (2018) Hyperupgrading Medellín. The geopolotics of informality through spatial and discursive practices. In: Rokem, J and Boano, C, (eds.) Urban Geopolitics: Rethinking Planning in Contested Cities. (pp. 189-208). Routledge: London.

Oza, HB; Orlov, YV; Spurgeon, SK; (2018) A unified lyapunov function for finite time stabilization of continuous and variable structure systems with resets. In: Studies in Systems, Decision and Control. (pp. 223-246).


Reichhartinger, M; Spurgeon, SK; (2018) An arbitrary-order differentiator design paradigm with adaptive gains. International Journal of Control 10.1080/00207179.2018.1429671. (In press).


Tariq, M; Ianus, A; Kurniawan, N; Cowin, G; Alexander, D; Bourne, RM; Panagiotaki, E; (2018) Microstructure characterisation of fixed prostate tissue using ultra high-resolution diffusion-weighted MRI. In: Proceedings of the Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2018. International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM): Paris, France. (In press).

Turcu, C; (2018) Cities are designed around men. It's time for equality in planning. Local Government Chronicle (In press).


Vahabi, N; Selviah, D; (2018) Dimensionality Reduction and Pattern Recognition of Flow Regime Using Acoustic Data. In: (Proceedings) Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys). (In press).

Van Der Heijden, G; Starostin, E; (2018) Forceless Sadowsky strips are spherical. Physical Review E , 97 (2) , Article 023001. 10.1103/PhysRevE.97.023001. Green open access

Van Der Heijden, G; Wang, ZK; Tang, YG; (2018) Analytical study of lateral thermal buckling for subsea pipelines with sleeper. Thin-Walled Structures , 122 pp. 17-29. 10.1016/j.tws.2017.09.030.


Wojcik, A; Waitt, M; Santos, A; (2018) The use of the potential drop technique for creep damage monitoring and end of life warning for high temperature components. Materials at High Temperatures , 34 (5-6) pp. 458-465. 10.1080/09603409.2017.1384611.


Yoo, OS; Sarin, R; (2018) Consumer Choice and Market Outcomes under Product Ambiguity. Marketing Science (In press).

Yue, Y; Wang, JJ; Bai, Y; (2018) Tracing the status of silica fume in cementitious materials with Raman microscope. Construction and Building Materials , 159 pp. 610-616. 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2017.11.015.


Zhao, XW; Van Der Heijden, G; (2018) Planar dynamics of large-deformation rods under moving loads. Journal of Sound and Vibration , 412 pp. 309-325. 10.1016/j.jsv.2017.09.037.

Zhu, R; Zhou, F; Xue, J-H; (2018) MvSSIM: A Quality Assessment Index for Hyperspectral Images. Neurocomputing , 272 pp. 250-257. 10.1016/j.neucom.2017.06.073. Green open access

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