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Arthur, RI; Lorenzen, K; Homekingkeo, P; Sidavong, K; Sengvilaikham, B; Garaway, CJ; (2010) Assessing impacts of introduced aquaculture species on native fish communities: Nile tilapia and major carps in SE Asian freshwaters. AQUACULTURE , 299 (1-4) 81 - 88. 10.1016/j.aquaculture.2009.11.022.


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Costa, E; Cavalli, N; Ferri, P; Mangiatordi, A; Pozzali, A; Scenini, F; (2010) Gli studenti universitari italiani e le nuove tecnologie digitali di comunicazione. International Journal of Information Sciences for Decision Making

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DENICOLA, L; (2010) Augmented retail (Material World Blog). [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.nyu.edu/projects/materialworld/2010/0...

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Frickel, S; Gibbon, S; Howard, J; Kempner, J; Ottinger, G; Hess, DJ; (2010) Undone Science: Charting Social Movement and Civil Society Challenges to Research Agenda Setting. SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY & HUMAN VALUES , 35 (4) pp. 444-473. 10.1177/0162243909345836.


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Gibbon, S and Joseph, G and Kalender, U and Kampriani, D and Kampriani, E and Mozersky, J and zur Nieden, A and Palfner, S (Eds). (2010) Perspectives on Globalising Genomics. The case of 'BRCA' breast cancer research and medical practices. [Whole issue]. BioSocieties , 5 (4).

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Gygi, F.R.; (2010) Gendered disorder(s): 'rubbish houses' and 'women who cannot tidy up' in contemporary Japan. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


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Hollowell, DR; (2010) Perceptions of, and reactions to, environmental heat: a brief note on issues of concern in relation to occupational health. Glob Health Action , 3 10.3402/gha.v3i0.5632.

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Witeska‐Młynarczyk, A.D.; (2010) Landscapes of Polish memory: conflicting ways of dealing with the communist past in a Polish town. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

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