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Abramson, A; (2008) The method of hope: Anthropology, philosophy, and Fijian knowledge. CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY , 49 (3) 530 - 531. 10.1086/527675.

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Calabrese, JD; (2008) Clinical Paradigm Clashes: Ethnocentric and Political Barriers to Native American Efforts at Self-Healing. Ethos: Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology , 36 (3) 334 - 353. 10.1111/j.1548-1352.2008.00018.x.

Coward, F; Shennan, S; Colledge, S; Conolly, J; Collard, M; (2008) The spread of Neolithic plant economies from the Near East to northwest Europe: a phylogenetic analysis. JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE , 35 (1) 42 - 56. 10.1016/j.jas.2007.02.022.

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Doja, A; (2008) Studimi i Bektashizmit si një “Lëvizje” Fetare: II. Drejt një qasjeje kritike. Perla: Revistë Shkencore–Kulturore , 13 (1) 162 - 172.

Doja, A.; (2008) Përdorimi instrumental i kufijve midis kategorive fetare dhe metaforave gjinore në Ballkan / Instrumental borders of gender and religious conversions in the Balkans. Polis (5) pp. 101-108. Green open access

Doja, A.; (2008) Shfaqja e antropologjisë heroike në historinë e ideve. Polis , 7 pp. 131-148. Green open access

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Holbraad, M; (2008) Relationships in motion: oracular recruitment and ontological definition in Cuban Ifá cults’. Cahiers Systèmes de Pensée en Afrique Noire , 18 219 - 264.

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Pinney, C; (2008) The Prosthetic Eye: Photography as Cure and Poison. Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute

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Tilley, C; Tilley, CY; Bennett, W; (2008) Body and Image. Left Coast Pr

Book chapter

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Proceedings paper

Brown, I; Hess, M, ; Were, G, ; Robson, S, ; Ong, Y-H, ; Simon Millar, F, ; MacDonald, S, ; (2008) e-Curator: A Web-based Curatorial Tool. In: Paper 1075. : Edinburgh.

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Soligo, C; (2008) Body size and the origin of the Order Primates. In: Primate Eye. (pp. 157 - ?).

Working / discussion paper

Doja, A; (2008) Bektashizmi në Shqipëri: Histori Politike e një Lëvizjeje Fetare / Bektashism in Albania: political history of a religious movement. AIIS Press: Tirana, Albania.


Geisbusch, J.W.; (2008) Awkward objects: relics, the making of religious meaning, and the limits of control in the information age. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Joy, C.; (2008) Enchanting town of mud: the politics of heritage in Djenne, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Mali. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Naji, M.N.; (2008) Weaving and the value of carpets: female invisible labour and male marketing in Southern Morocco. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

O'Connell, R.E.; (2008) The meaning of home-based childcare in an era of quality: childminding in an inner London borough and the encounter with professionalisation. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

de Groote, I.E.P.M.; (2008) A comprehensive analysis of long bone curvature in Neanderthals and modern humans using 3D morphometrics. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


DENICOLA, L; (2008) be2z. [Software]. self

Digital scholarly resource

Napier, D; (2008) Myanmar: Post-Nargis periodic review I. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://reliefweb.int/report/myanmar/myanmar-post-n...

Journal (full / special issue)

Geismar, H (Ed). (2008) Cultural Property, Museums and the Pacific: re-framing the debates. [Whole issue]. The International Journal of Cultural Property , 15 (2).


Holbraad, SM; (2008) Review of of G. Vom Bruck & B. Bodenhorn (eds.), The Anthropology of Names and Naming (2006, Cambridge University Press). UNSPECIFIED

Igoe, J; Brockington, D; Randall, S; Scholfield, K; (2008) Lessons to be learned about migration around protected areas (eLetter). UNSPECIFIED

Mandel, R; (2008) Why We Drink Current TV, producer Ben Sanderson. UNSPECIFIED

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