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(1998) Degrees of mastery in the work of Mary Douglas. Anthropology Today (14) pp. 1-2.

(1998) Living Gods: In Defence of Euhemerus. Anthropology Today pp. 5-14.

(1998) Mental Illness as Ritual Theatre. Performance Research (3) pp. 41-52.

(1998) A Religious Interest Questionnaire for Use with Psychiatric Patients. Religion and Mental Health (1) pp. 57-70.

(1998) Special Issue: Market reforms, social dislocations and survival in post-Soviet Central Asia. Central Asian Survey , 17 (4)

(1998) Groans from a bookshelf. Journal of Material Culture , 3 379 - 388.

(1998) Comparative Ethnographies of Sexual Objectification. Theory Culture and Society (15) pp. 295-321.

(1998) Sur la nouvelle violence politique en Afrique: Le Sectarisme Seculier au Sierra Leone. Politique Africaine , 70 (June) pp. 85-104.

(1998) Jeunes Combattants Parlant de la Guerre et de la Paix en Sierra Leone. Cahiers d'Etudes Africaines , 150-2 pp. 581-617.

(1998) Stealers of Light, Traders in Brilliance: Amerindian Metaphysics in the Mirror of Conquest. Anthropology and Aesthetics , 33 pp. 225-252.

(1998) Die Gene der Göttin. Einer Urreligion auf der Spur. Das Plateau (49) pp. 4-20.

(1998) Tod und Auferstehung: Urritual der Menschheit. pro juventute , 98 pp. 12-16.

(1998) Who Owns the Rotonda? Church vs State in Greece. Anthropology Today , 14 (5) pp. 3-9.

(1998) Archaeology: the loss of isolation. Antiquity (72) pp. 691-693.

(1998) Rocks as resouces: landscapes and power. Cornish Archaeology pp. 1-53.

(1998) The biography of an excavation. Cornish Archaeology

(1998) Ordinary women and shapes of knowledge: perspectives on the context of STD and AIDS. Public Understanding of Science (7) pp. 169-185.

(1998) High Adult Mortality in Lusaka. The Lancet , 351 p. 883.

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Littlewood, R; (1998) 'Carnival, Camboulay and Calypso: Traditions in the Making.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'Charmed Lullabies' by Daniel,E.L.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'The Encyclopaedia of Cultural Anthropology' Levinson,D. (ed).

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'Food Preferences and Taste' by MacBeth,H.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'From Feasting to Fasting' by Grimm.V.E.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'Hystories' by Showalter,E.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'Mental Illness and Bodily Cures' by Braslow,J.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'Oedipus ubiquitous' by Johnson,A. and Price-Willimas,D.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'Religion and the Clinical Practice of Psychology' by.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'Shattered Shelves: Multiple Personality in a Postmodern World' by J.M.Glass.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'Speak of the Devil' by La Fontaine,J.S.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'Theories of Mimesis' by A.Melberg.

Littlewood, R; (1998) 'War and Ethnicity' by Turton,D.

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Sommer, V; (1998) Doing the weekly shop? Best go to Germany.... Evening Standard , 13/Oct pp. 8-9.

Sommer, V; (1998) Primaten: Das Geschlechter-Puzzle. GEO-Wissen (Sex - Geburt - Genetik) , 1 pp. 94-103.

Sommer, V; (1998) Wer hat die Kokosnuß geklaut? [Review of: Robin Dunbar (1998). Klatsch und Tratsch. Wie der Mensch zur Sprache fand. Munich: C. Bertelsmann. Original: Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language. London: Faber & Faber, 1996.]. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , 28/Apr

Stewart, C; (1998) [Book Review] Anthropology of Religion Handbook (Steven Glazier, ed.). American Ethnologist , 25 pp. 511-513.

Stewart, C; (1998) [Book Review] Religion: A Humanist Interpretation (Raymond Firth). American Ethnologist , 25 (1) pp. 5-6.

Stewart, C; (1998) [Book Review] The Dark Side of Humanity (Robert Parkin) and Sin and Expiation in Primitive Societies (Robert Hertz, trans. R. Parkin). Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (JASO) , 29 (3) pp. 277-279.

Tilley, C; (1998) Abbotsbury Castle. Dorset Magazine p. 31.

Tilley, C; (1998) Bronkhom Hill. Dorset Magazine p. 47.

Tilley, C; (1998) Dorset's Death Island. Dorset Magazine pp. 12-17.

Tilley, C; (1998) The Hell Stone. Dorset Magazine p. 36.

Tilley, C; (1998) Hengistbury Head. From Stone Age Camp to Iron Age Fort. Dorset Magazine pp. 20-22.

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Tilley, C; (1998) Nine Barrow Down. Dorset Magazine p. 39.

Tilley, C; (1998) Pilsdon Pen. Dorset Magazine p. 37.

Tilley, C; (1998) Wor Barrow. Dorset Magazine p. 39.

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Book chapter

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Stewart, MS; Day, S; Papataxiarchis, E; (1998) Consider the Lilies of the Field. In: Stewart, M and Day, S and Papataxiarchis, E, (eds.) Lilies of the Field: Marginal people who live for the moment. (pp. 1-24). Westview: Boulder.

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Proceedings paper

Marshall, CR; Tavar, S; Will, O; Martin, RD; Soligo, C; (1998) Taking into account the temporal ranges of unobserved species: reconciliation of fossil and molecular clock estimates of primate origins? In: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, 1998. (pp. A-326 - ?).


Homewood, K; (1998) Review of Drylands Programme publications. (IIED Pastoral land tenure Programme Evaluation Annex ). IDS: Sussex.

Conference item

Aiello, LC; Bates, N; Joffe, T; (1998) The expensive tissue hypothesis revisited. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Lorenzen, K; Garaway, CG; (1998) How predictable is the outcome of stocking? Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Robinson, R; Aiello, LC; (1998) The evolution of the human temporal bone. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Sommer, V; Mendoza-Granados, D; Reichard, U; (1998) Predation risk causes grouping pattern in Hanuman langur monkeys. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Sommer, V; Uhde, N; (1998) The importance of predation risk for gibbon behaviour and evolution. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Wood, B; Aiello, L; Wood, C; Key, C; (1998) Joint shape: a criterion for establishing the identity of 'isolated' fossil hominid limb bones. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Key, CA; (1998) Co-operation, paternal care and the evolution of hominid social groups. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Le Blanc, M.N.; (1998) Youth, Islam and changing identities in Bouak, Cte d'Ivoire. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Sullivan, S.; (1998) People, plants and practice in drylands: socio-political and ecological dimensions of resource-use by Damara farmers in north-west Namibia. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


(1998) Translation of 'Greek Wayside Shrines: a Study in Folk Religion', by Carsten Holbraad (English to Greek). Trochalia Press, Athens.

Lewis, JD; Lewis, I; Lewis, N; (1998) Massana. Moments in Yaka play and Ritual. UNSPECIFIED

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