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Aarts, S; Smith-Dennis, E; (2018) Using corpora for English language teaching and learning. In: McIntyre, D and Price, H, (eds.) Applying linguistics: language and the impact agenda. Routledge: Abingdon.


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Dart, GC; (2018) Blackwood's and the Cockney School of Prose. Romanticism (In press).

Davidson, P; (2018) Leading Russia as the new Israel: authority and authorship in Fedor Glinka’s Letters of a Russian Officer and Experiments in Sacred Verse. Russian Review

Davies, MP; (2018) “Burn, Baby! Burn!”: Paris, Watts, Brussels, Berlin and Vietnam in the Work of Kommune I, 1967. Forum for Modern Language Studies (In press).

Davies, MP; (2018) On (Not) Reading Wales In W.G. Sebald's Austerlitz (2001). Oxford German Studies (In press).

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Gibbon, SE; Kilshaw, S; Sleeboom-Faulkner, M; (2018) Genomics and Genetic Medicine. Pathways to Global Health? Anthropology and Medicine (In press).

Gonis, N; (2018) Lease of shoreland. In: UNSPECIFIED Istituto Papirologico 'G. Vitelli': Florence.

Gonis, N; (2018) Ostracologica. Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete

Graham, AB; (2018) Corruption and contractors in the North Atlantic, 1754-63. English Historical Review (In press).

Graham, AB; (2018) Technology, slavery and the Falmouth Water Company of Jamaica, 1799-1805. Slavery and Abolition (In press).

Grashoff, UR; (2018) Cautious Occupiers and Restraint Bureaucrats: Schwarzwohnen in the German Democratic Republic. Somewhat Different from Squatting. Urban Studies

Grashoff, UR; (2018) Driven into Suicide by the Communist Regime of the German Democratic Republic? On the Persistence of a Distorted Perspective. Central European History (In press).

Grieveson, LJ; (2018) Cinema and the Wealth of Nations: Media, Capital, and the Liberal World System. [Book]. University of California Press: Berkeley, California. (In press).


Hanley, SL; (2018) Legitimacy and the paradox of technocratic government in newer European democracies: the Fischer administration in the Czech Republic revisited. East European Politics and Societies (In press).

Hanrahan, MMC; (2018) ‘Time to Laugh or to Cry? “Le Rire de la méduse” after 40 years’. In: Atack, M and Fell, A and Holmes, D, (eds.) Les Femmes s’entêtent. Liverpool University Press: Liverpool.

Hasenfratz, A; Schiebel, R; Thornalley, DJR; Schönfeld, J; Jaccard, S; Martínez-García, A; Holbourn, A; ... Haug, G; + view all (2018) Mg/Ca-temperature calibration for the benthic foraminifera Melonis barleeanum and Melonis pompilioides. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (In press).

Heuer, U; (2018) The Relevance of the Wrong Kind of Reasons. In: Whiting, D and Way, J and McHugh, C, (eds.) Normativity. Epistemic and Practical. Oxford University Press: Oxford.


Kahn, LO; (2018) The Kitsur Shulhan ‘Arukh, hasidic tale, and maskilic literature as exemplars of Ashkenazic Hebrew. Jewish Quarterly Review (In press).

Kuechler, S; (2018) Differential Geometry, the Informational Surface and Oceanic Art: The Role of Pattern in Knowledge Economies. Theory, Culture and Society (In press).


Lack, RF; (2018) Lumière, Méliès, Pathé & Gaumont: French filmmaking in the suburbs, 1896-1920. In: Met, P and Schilling, D, (eds.) Screening the Paris suburbs, from the silent era to the 1990s. Manchester University Press: Manchester.

Lansley, G; Longley, P; (2018) Opportunities for retail data and their geographic integration in social science. In: Schintler, L and Chen, Z, (eds.) Big Data for Regional Science. Routledge: New York.

Laroque, G; Choné, P; (2018) On the redistributive power of pensions. Social Choice and Welfare (In press).

Lifschitz, AS; (2018) Les questions mises au concours de l’Académie de Berlin: véhicules de transferts intellectuels franco-allemands, 1745-1786. In: Gantet, C and Meumann, M, (eds.) Transferts, circulations et réseaux savants au XVIIIe siècle: une perspective franco-allemande. Presses Universitaires de Rennes: Rennes.


Mac Góráin, F; (2018) Review of R. Kania, 2016, Virgil's Eclogues and the Art of Fiction, Cambridge. Journal of Roman Studies (In press).

Mac Góráin, F; (2018) The poetics of vision in Virgil's Aeneid. Harvard Studies in Classical Philology , 109 (In press).

Marin-Duran, G; (2018) Sheltering government support to 'green' electricity: the European Union and the World Trade Organization. International and Comparative Law Quarterly (In press).

Marin-Duran, G; (2018) Untangling the international responsibility of the European Union and its Member States in the World Trade Organization post-Lisbon: A competence/remedy model. European Journal of International Law (In press).

McTernan, E; (2018) Microaggressions, equality, and social practices. Journal of Political Philosophy (In press).

Mole, RCM; (2018) Constructing Soviet and Post-Soviet Sexualities. Slavic Review (In press).

Mole, RCM; (2018) Identity, belonging and solidarity among Russian-speaking queer migrants in Berlin. Slavic Review (In press).

Murphy, ML; De Felice, R; (2018) Routine politeness in American and British English requests: use and non-use of please. Journal of Politeness Research: Language, Behavior, Culture (In press).


O'Cinneide, CP; (2018) Values, Rights And Brexit – Lessons To Be Learnt From The Slow Evolution Of Uk Discrimination Law. Australian Journal of Labour Law (In press).

O'Grady, TD; (2018) How do Economic Circumstances Determine Preferences? Evidence from Long-run Panel Data. British Journal of Political Science 10.1017/S0007123417000242. (In press). Green open access


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Quirke, SGJ; (2018) Collecting Type: the archaeologist Flinders Petrie as purchaser 1880s-1920s. [Book].


Rasul, I; Parey, M; (2018) Measuring the Market Size for Cannabis: A New Approach Using Forensic Economics. Economica (In press).

Rath, T; (2018) Modernizing Military Patriarchy: Gender and State-building in Postrevolutionary Mexico, 1920-1960. Journal of Social History (In press).

Rawlings, RW; (2018) The Strange Reconstitution of Wales. Public Law (In press).

Rideal, MEC; (2018) The erotic cloth: seduction and fetishism in textiles. In: Kettle, A and Millar, L, (eds.) The erotic cloth: seduction and fetishism in textiles. Bloomsbury Academic: London. (In press).

Rideal, MEC; Bell, J; (2018) 500 Self-portraits. [Book]. Phaidon: London. (In press).

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Shaw, J; (2018) Early Indian Buddhism, Water and Rice: Collective Responses to Socio-ecological Stress - Relevance for Global Environmental Discourse and Anthropocene Studies. In: Altaweel, M and Zhuang, Y, (eds.) Water Technologies and Societies in the Past and Present. UCL Press: London. (In press).

Shaw, J; (2018) Buddhist engagement with the “natural” environment. In: Arai, P and Trainor, K, (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Buddhist Practice. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Shaw, J; (2018) Stupas and monastic landscapes in Central India (in Japanese). In: Hida, R and Itakura, M and Miyaji, A, (eds.) Asian Buddhist Art Anthology (『アジア仏教美術論集』). Chuo Koron Bijutsu Shuppan 中央公論美術出版: Tokyo, Japan.

Shaw, J; (2018) Archaeology and Hinduism. In: Hiltebeitel, A, (ed.) Oxford Bibliographies in Hinduism. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Shaw, J; (2018) Placing the Buddha’s Body: Networks of Stupas and Relics and The Development of Monastic Landscapes in the Sanchi-Vidisha Hinterland. In: Kaul, S, (ed.) Reading Space: Meaning in Early Indian Architecture. Routledge: New Delhi.

Shaw, J; (2018) A ‘reflexive’ multi-stage survey methodology for historical landscape research in Central India: fieldwalking, local knowledge, and satellite imagery as archaeological site prospection and mapping tools in the Sanchi Survey Project. Current Science (In press).

Shuttleworth, M; (2018) Translation and the Production of Knowledge in Wikipedia: Chronicling the Assassination of Boris Nemtsov. ALIF: journal of comparative poetics , 38

Sikk, A; Koeker, P; (2018) Party novelty and congruence: A new approach to measuring party change and volatility. Party Politics (In press).

Sleeman, J; (2018) Restoring some period color to Roelof Louw's pyramid of oranges (1967). In: Applin, J and Spencer, C and Tobin, A, (eds.) London art worlds. (pp. 77-93). Pennsylvania University Press

Stevenson, EGJ; Buffavand, L; (2018) ‘Do our bodies know their ways?’ Villagization, food insecurity, and ill-being in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley. African Studies Review

Swaab, PA; (2018) Romantic Poetry and Victorian Nonsense Poetry: Some Directions of Travel. Romanticism (In press).


Taws, R; (2018) Silhouette. In: Hvattum, M and Hultzsch, A, (eds.) The Printed and the Built: Architecture, Print Culture, and Public Debate in the Nineteenth Century. Bloomsbury [forthcoming]: London.

Taws, R; (2018) The Telegraph of the Past: Nadar and the Time of Photography. In: Natale, S and Leonardi, N, (eds.) Photography and Other Media in the Nineteenth Century. Penn State University Press [forthcoming]: University Park.


Vanhala, L; (2018) Process tracing in the study of environmental politics. Global Environmental Politics (In press).

Vanhala, L; (2018) Shaping the structure of legal opportunities: Environmental NGOs bringing international environmental procedural rights back home. Law and Policy (In press).


Wengrow, D; (2018) 'Art and material culture'. In: A Companion to the Art of the Ancient Near East. Wiley: Blackwell: Chichester.

Witham, ND; (2018) Domestic Politics and Anti-War Activism. In: Kieran, D and Martini, E, (eds.) At War: The Military and American Culture in the Twentieth Century and Beyond. Rutgers University Press: New Brunswick.

Witham, ND; (2018) Autobiography, Protest and the Idea of 1968. In: Witham, ND and Halliwell, M, (eds.) Reframing 1968: American Politics, Protest and Identity. Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh.


Zalabardo, JL; (2018) Actualism and modal semantics. Acta Analytica (In press).

Zalabardo, JL; (2018) Inferentialism and knowledge: Brandom's arguments against reliabilism. Synthese 10.1007/s11229-017-1506-9. (In press). Green open access

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