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ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Bee Brooch and pendantǨ. [Artefact]. Sterling Silver. Orchard Park Primary Health Care Centre, Hull, IK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Bee brooch and pendant. [Artefact]. Stainless Steel. Orchard Park Primary Health Care Centre, Hull, IK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) The Bees. [Artefact]. Cast aluminium. Orchard Park Primary Health Care Centre, Hull, IK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Curator: New Hang for the reopening of the Usher Gallery, Lincoln. UNSPECIFIED

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Ebi and Moulgai Hachioki. [Artefact]. Cast bronze. London.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) In Some Small Way, explorations in size and scale in recent Japanese sculpture. Frieze (128) pp. 98-101.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Lincoln Tree Ring. [Artefact]. Gold leafed, sand and lost wax cast bronze ring, polished glass “ diamond”. The Usher Gallery and The Collection, Lincoln, UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Maxwells Silver Hammer. Journal of Modern Craft pp. 339-348.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Some Interesting Shell Fish. [Artefact]. Cast bronze. London.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Sun Arch: (with Time Line: one million years in Purfleet). [Artefact]. Stainless Steel. Mardyke Bridge Project, Purfleet, Essex. UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Wave Motorcycle Barrier, with Wave Shadow. [Artefact]. Stainless Steel. Mardyke Bridge Project, Purfleet, Essex. UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Wave Seats. [Artefact]. Bronze. Mardyke Bridge Project, Purfleet, Essex. UK.

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Bennion, H; Goldsmith, BJ; Clarke, G; Rawcliffe, R; Rose, N; McGowan, S; Willby, N; ... Roe, K; + view all (2010) Using novel palaeolimnological techniques to define lake conservation objectives for three Cheshire meres. (ECRC Research Report No. 146 ). Environmental Change Research Centre: London.

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