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ALLINGTON, E; (2009) Airfix Lifeboat. [Artefact]. Digital Print. Hull.

ALLINGTON, E; (2009) Apprentice Indenture. [Artefact]. Print. Hull.

ALLINGTON, E; (2009) The Lost Landscapes. In: Naoko Yogo. (pp. 1-6). Chelsea Future Space: UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2009) Some Interesting Cheques. [Artefact]. Digital print on paper. Hull.

ALLINGTON, E; (2009) lead biro. [Artefact]. cast lead. London.

ALLINGTON, E; (2009) From My Cold Dead Hand, or metamatics, the removed gesture and Louise Montalesot’s painting machine. In: Satz, A and Wood, J, (eds.) Articulate objects. (pp. 139-156). Peter Lang Pub Inc

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Addie, JD; (2009) Constructing neoliberal urban democracy in the American inner-city. Local Economy , 24 (6-7) 536 - 554. 10.1080/02690940903314944. Green open access

Agar, JN; (2009) "Hypervisibility II: Homosexualities in Contemporary Francophone Visual Cultures, University of Stirling, 25- 27 June 2008" A Report by James N Agar, University College London. (Scope: An Online Journal of Film and TV Studies Issue 13 ). Scope: An Online Journal of Film and TV Studies: University of Nottingham.

Agar, JN; (2009) review of 'Herve Guibert: vers une esthetique postmoderne' by Arnaud Genon. Modern & Contemporary France , 17 (2) pp. 226-227. 10.1080/09639480902853906.

Agar, JN; (2009) review of 'The Cambridge Companion to Michel Foucault' by Lisa Downing. Modern and Contemporary France , 17 (3) pp. 353-354.

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Aidis, R; Estrin, S; Mickiewicz, T; (2009) Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: Which Institutions Matter?, IZA Discussion Paper No 4123. UNSPECIFIED

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Allan, K; (2009) Metaphor and metonymy: a diachronic approach. [Book]. Blackwell Pub

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Altaweel, M; (2009) FERAL. [Software].

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Antonsson, H; (2009) False Claims to Papal Canonisations of Saints: Scandinavia and Elsewhere. Mediaeval Scandinavia , 19 pp. 171-204.

Antonsson, HT; (2009) Memories of the Conversion: Missionary Saints and the Christianization of Scandinavia. Presented at: 16th Viking Congress, Reykjavik and Reykholt, Iceland.

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Arena, V; (2009) Review of B. Strauss 'The Spartacus War' (New York-London, 2009). BBC History Magazine (115) pp. 63-64.

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BENNION, H; Rawcliffe, R; Burgess, A; Clarke, G; Davidson, T; Rose, C; Rose, N; ... Turner, S; + view all (2009) Using novel palaeolimnological techniques to define lake conservation objectives. Final Report to Natural England. (Natural England Commissioned Report 22 ).

BENNION, H; Rawcliffe, R; Burgess, A; Davidson, T; Sayer, C; Rose, N; Clarke, S; (2009) Using novel palaeolimnological techniques to define lake conservation objectives (Phase 2). Final Report to Natural England. (ECRC Research Report 135 ). ECRC, UCL: London.

BENNION, H; Rawcliffe, R; Goldsmith, B; Yang, H; Roe, K; Davidson, T; (2009) Palaeoecological study of two lochs: Butterstone Loch and Lindores Loch. (ECRC Research Report 137 ). ECRC, UCL: London.

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Bacle, BJPGJ; (2009) A la croisée des chemins : Maine de Biran, Samuel Taylor Coleridge et la question de la volonté. In: Bourque, Y and Mielusel, R and Pillet, M, (eds.) (Proceedings) 2009 Annual Conference of the SESDEF.

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Bakola, E; (2009) Cratinus and the Art of Comedy. [Book]. Oxford Univ Pr

Banos, R; Chaume, F; (2009) Prefabricated Orality: A Challenge in Audiovisual Translation. InTRAlinea, , Specia

Banos Pinero, R; (2009) La oralidad prefabricada en la traducción para el doblaje. Estudio descriptivo-contrastivo del español de dos comedias de situación: Friends y Siete Vidas. Doctoral thesis , Universidad de Granada.

Banos Pinero, R; (2009) Native and dubbed fictional dialogues: (In)credible spontaneity? Presented at: 3rd International Conference “Media for All”: Quality Made to Measure, Artesis University College, Antwerp (Belgium).

Banos Pinero, R; (2009) Estudio descriptivo-contrastivo del discurso oral prefabricado en un corpus audiovisual comparable en español: oralidad prefabricada de producción propia y de producción ajena. In: Cantos, P and Sánchez, A, (eds.) Panorama de investigaciones basadas en corpus. (pp. 399-413). Asociación Española de Lingüística del Corpus: Murcia.

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Bellamy, R; (2009) ‘The Liberty of the Post-Moderns? Civic and Market Freedom in the EU’. UNSPECIFIED

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