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Abuirmeileh, A; Harkavyi, A; Kingsbury, A; Lever, R; Whitton, PS; (2008) The CRF-like peptide urocortin produces a long-lasting recovery in rats made hemiparkinsonian by 6-hydroxydopamine or lipopolysaccharide. J Neurol Sci , 271 (1-2) pp. 131-136. 10.1016/j.jns.2008.04.016.

Aiello, S; Wells, G; Stone, EL; Kadri, H; Bazzi, R; Bell, DR; Stevens, MF; (2008) Synthesis and biological properties of benzothiazole, benzoxazole, and chromen-4-one analogues of the potent antitumor agent 2-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-5-fluorobenzothiazole (PMX 610, NSC 721648). J Med Chem , 51 (16) pp. 5135-5139. 10.1021/jm800418z.

Al-Jamal, WT; Al-Jamal, KT; Bomans, PH; Frederik, PM; Kostarelos, K; (2008) Functionalized-quantum-dot-liposome hybrids as multimodal nanoparticles for cancer. Small , 4 (9) pp. 1406-1415. 10.1002/smll.200701043.

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Ali, AB; Thomson, AM; (2008) Synaptic alpha 5 subunit-containing GABAA receptors mediate IPSPs elicited by dendrite-preferring cells in rat neocortex. Cereb Cortex , 18 (6) pp. 1260-1271. 10.1093/cercor/bhm160.

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Antonijević, MD; Craig, DQ; Barker, SA; (2008) The role of space charge formation in the generation of thermally stimulated current (TSC) spectroscopy data for a model amorphous drug system. Int J Pharm , 353 (1-2) pp. 8-14. 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2007.11.004.

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Ashiru, DA; Patel, R; Basit, AW; (2008) Polyethylene glycol 400 enhances the bioavailability of a BCS class III drug (ranitidine) in male subjects but not females. Pharm Res , 25 (10) pp. 2327-2333. 10.1007/s11095-008-9635-y.

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Brown, C; Hofer, T; Johal, A; Thomson, R; Nicholl, J; Franklin, BD; Lilford, RJ; (2008) An epistemology of patient safety research: a framework for study design and interpretation. Part 3. End points and measurement. Qual Saf Health Care , 17 (3) pp. 170-177. 10.1136/qshc.2007.023655.

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Chérigo, L; Pereda-Miranda, R; Fragoso-Serrano, M; Jacobo-Herrera, N; Kaatz, GW; Gibbons, S; (2008) Inhibitors of bacterial multidrug efflux pumps from the resin glycosides of Ipomoea murucoides. J Nat Prod , 71 (6) pp. 1037-1045. 10.1021/np800148w.

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