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Aaltonen, J; Laitinen, MP; Vuojolainen, K; Jaatinen, R; Horelli-Kuitunen, N; Seppä, L; Louhio, H; ... Ritvos, O; + view all (1999) Human growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF-9) and its novel homolog GDF-9B are expressed in oocytes during early folliculogenesis. J Clin Endocrinol Metab , 84 (8) pp. 2744-2750. 10.1210/jcem.84.8.5921.

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Achermann, JC; Hindmarsh, PC; Robinson, ICAF; Matthews, DR; Brook, CGD; (1999) The relative roles of continuous growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH(1-29)NH2) and intermittent somatostatin(1-14)(SS) in growth hormone (GH) pulse generation: studies in normal and post cranial irradiated individuals. CLIN ENDOCRINOL , 51 (5) 575 - 585.

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Adloff, C; Anderson, M; Andreev, V; Andrieu, B; Arkadov, V; Arndt, C; Ayyaz, I; ... zurNedden, M; + view all (1999) Measurement of D* meson cross sections at HERA and determination of the gluon density in the proton using NLO QCD. NUCLEAR PHYSICS B , 545 (1-3) pp. 21-44. 10.1016/S0550-3213(99)00119-4.

Adloff, C; Andreev, V; Andrieu, B; Arkadov, V; Astvatsatourov, A; Ayyaz, I; Babaev, A; ... zur Nedden, M; + view all (1999) A search for leptoquark bosons and lepton flavor violation in e(+)p collisions at HERA. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C , 11 (3) pp. 447-471. 10.1007/s100520050646.

Adloff, C; Andreev, V; Andrieu, B; Arkadov, V; Astvatsatourov, A; Ayyaz, I; Babaev, A; ... zur Nedden, M; + view all (1999) Charmonium production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C , 10 (3) pp. 373-393. 10.1007/s100520050762.

Adra, CN; Mao, XQ; Kawada, H; Gao, PS; Korzycka, B; Donate, JL; Shaldon, SR; ... Hopkin, JM; + view all (1999) Chromosome 11q13 and atopic asthma. CLIN GENET , 55 (6) 431 - 437.

Aeppli, G; DiTusa, JF; (1999) Undoped and doped FeSi or how to make a heavy fermion metal with three of the most common elements. In: (Proceedings) 7th NEC Symposium on Fundamental Approaches to New Material Phases - Phase Control in Spin-Charge-Orbital Complex Systems. (pp. pp. 119-124). ELSEVIER SCIENCE SA

Aeppli, G; Hayden, SM; Dai, P; Mook, HA; Hunt, RD; Perring, TG; Dogan, F; (1999) The weights of various features in the magnetic spectra of cuprates. In: (Proceedings) International Conference on Solid State Spectroscopy - (ICSSS). (pp. pp. 519-522). WILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBH

Aghion, P; Dewatripont, M; Rey, P; (1999) Competition, financial discipline and growth. REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STUDIES , 66 (4) pp. 825-852. 10.1111/1467-937X.00110.

Agid, Y; Ahlskog, E; Albanese, A; Calne, D; Chase, T; De Yebenes, J; Factor, S; ... Tolosa, E; + view all (1999) Levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson's disease: A consensus meeting. Movement Disorders , 14 (6) pp. 911-913. 10.1002/1531-8257(199911)14:6<911::AID-MDS1001>3.0.CO;2-H.

Agid, Y; Ahlskog, E; Albanese, A; Calne, D; Chase, T; De Yebenes, J; Factor, S; ... Tolosa, E; + view all (1999) Levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson's disease: a consensus meeting. Mov Disord , 14 (6) pp. 911-913.

Agrawal, R; Tan, SL; Wild, S; Sladkevicius, P; Engmann, L; Payne, N; Bekir, J; ... Jacobs, H; + view all (1999) Serum vascular endothelial growth factor concentrations in in vitro fertilization cycles predict the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. FERTILITY AND STERILITY , 71 (2) pp. 287-293. 10.1016/S0015-0282(98)00447-6.

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Al-Rashed, MH; Jones, AG; (1999) CFD modelling of gas-liquid reactive precipitation. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE , 54 (21) 4779 - 4784.

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Ali, S; Deeming, AJ; Hogarth, G; Mehta, NA; Steed, JW; (1999) Reductive coupling of alkynes to give ruthenium and osmium clusters of the type [M-3(1,3-diene)(mu(3)-X)(CO)(8)] containing mu-eta(2),eta(2)- or eta(4)-1,3-diene. CHEM COMMUN (24) 2541 - 2542.

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Alvares, D; Fitzgerald, M; (1999) Building blocks of pain: the regulation of key molecules in spinal sensory neurones during development and following peripheral axotomy. PAIN S71 - S85.

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Ambler, J; Baker, E; Bentley, D; Brown, L; Butler, K; Butler, P; Farr, D; ... Tweed, M; + view all (1999) Studies towards the identification of potent, selective and bioavailable thrombin inhibitors. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters , 9 (5) 737 - 742-737 - 742. 10.1016/S0960-894X(99)00061-X.

Ambler, J; Brown, L; Cockcroft, X-L; Grütter, M; Hayler, J; Janus, D; Jones, D; ... Wathey, B; + view all (1999) Optimisation of the P2 pharmacophore in a series of thrombin inhibitors: Ion-dipole interactions with lysine 60G. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters , 9 (9) 1317 - 1322-1317 - 1322. 10.1016/S0960-894X(99)00172-9.

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